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Found 23 results

  1. I usually get a long delay and then Alexa saying, "The device is not responding." When this happens, there is a chance that Control4 will respond. I've run discovery and checked the customer.control4.com portal, etc. Just not very consistent and wondering why? All my other Alexa skills are running full speed. This only seems to be a Control4 issue.
  2. Is there a limit when adding multiple amazon echo plus devices for a single project?
  3. I'm not super techie when it comes to A/V systems, so go easy on me... Thanks to the recent drivers/integration, I can now play Amazon Music (Prime, playlists, my music, etc.) over my C4 system if I use the app on my phone. I can also ask Alexa/Echo to do a few things with my C4 system. What I really want to figure out is to string it all together so I can say to my Echo/Alexa: "Alexa, play songs by The Beatles from my Amazon music using Control4 in the Gameroom." Ideally in fewer words than that, but you get the idea. I have four C4 speaker zones. I want to be able to ask Alexa to play specific Amazon music on a specific C4 zone. Any way to do that yet? We're still just listening to our Amazon music over our Echo device instead of over the C4 system most of the time because it's so much easier to do it that way. But it's a bummer for the system to be going to waste... Thanks!
  4. Anyone else noticing previous working Epic Driver commands not working all of the sudden? I'm getting: Front Gate or Fountain or Living Room Shades etc "Doesn't Support That".
  5. I'm starting a new thread about this because the other one got hijacked and is not current and is 14 pages in length. I bought a 6-pack of the 2nd-gen. Echo Dot and had the dealer guys over to work out some kinks. I am their first to use the new drivers (or any voice control) so they had a learning curve. They had to re-do a lot of tags on devices to make it more intuitive with voice control. It is controlling my lights well and my Haiku fan. Also got hunter-Douglas shades integrated into the Control4 system. So far, this is very fun. It will turn on the theater and select inputs, haven't figured out how to change channels with voice command yet. Issues: I have hidden the Dots above cabinets in the kitchen and living room. They hear me very well except when music playing, then I have to repeat like 3 times to get a command through (ususally, "Echo, STOP!"). I don't have a spare cable running from the kitchen to the matrix to connect audio. For now I am still using Chromecast Audio as I use Google Play for all my music and am happy with that. It would be nice to have native support for Google Play + Control4. Echo will turn on and off different rooms' audio, but that's of limited utility since I am going to my cell phone to control my music anyway. I'm thrilled that Control4 offers this capability, I hope Amazon adds a feature where I can hook up an additional Dot at the audio matrix and tell the Dot in my kitchen to play all music through the one connected to the matrix, without adding another wire.
  6. I've just bought an Echo Dot, and I've linked it with my 4Sight account and can control the lights and volume. I'd like to use it to turn on music and perhaps wake up scenes. Can I do any of that in HE, or do I need a dealer? What does the Epic Driver add that C4 doesn't? I don't have heat or blinds, only music, lighting and video in multi-zones, so I'm not looking for anything over the top. The Dot is going in my daughter's room, where she has a speakerpoint. It's not set to local; can I plug the echo into it and have it play through her speakers? Also, if I bought another one, could I plug it into my amp or HC800 and have it stream through the house? Thanks, Toke
  7. Is this new or did I just miss this? I just created a routine in Alexa and the app asked me which device, "The one hearing it" or I got to choose. This was great because I created a Good Morning routine and told it to use the bedroom echo. Works great and is ignored on other devices. But now I can't create any more and chose the device... bummed. What am I missing? Would have been better to name a routine, such as good morning and then added steps under each of my devices.
  8. Origin Acoustics introduces Valet AmplifiersThe world’s first and only premium amplifiers purpose-designed to combine the voice control genius of the Amazon Dot with the performance and ergonomics of the finest in Custom Installationhttps://www.valetamplifiers.com/
  9. Hello, I've recently programmed a few voice scenes for my A/V system using Alexa. However, I can't keep the C4 remote synced to whatever I've activated through voice scene programming. If I want to use the remote, I have to push the same buttons as if I've not used the voice control. Does anyone know what programming I can do to keep the remote synced to whatever voice commands I've used? Thanks!
  10. Epic Systems has just released our driver for Google Home! If you have used our driver for Amazon Echo, you will feel right at home. It works in a very similar fashion, with some added benefits: -Does not require any actions from within composer in order to discover devices. Just link the Google Home to our driver once, and then after that, any new triggers or removed triggers will automatically synch with the Home in a matter of a second or two -Side benefit of using Google Home - it has much fewer restrictions on reserved words. I have successfully implemented trigger phrases such as "shades", "blinds", "CNN", "ESPN", several other channel names, several individual Artist names, etc. -Another side benefit - Google Home responds with "Sure, turning the <trigger name> On/Off", instead of just "okay". The driver can be purchased now on www.epic-systems.com I recorded a video showing how easy and quick it is to setup and program the driver (embedded on the product page for the driver). As with our Echo driver, no 4sight license is required, and no 3rd party cloud-based services are required (other than what Google Home itself needs to operate itself). As a result, it is extremely fast, and extremely reliable! Enjoy!
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-MW46WB-Introducing-Echo-Show/dp/B01J24C0TI/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=14-18-20&linkId=67c7e39762a6f045f326cdb575081011 Seems this thing can look at live video from Arlo and Ring. Wish Control4 would get some drivers for that.
  12. Is it possible to run an event that automatically connects a bluetooth device (iphone or amazon dot) via wireless bridge? I am trying to create an event "listen to living dot" or "listen to iPhone"- that will turn on receiver to wireless bridge and automatically connect echo/iphone.
  13. Sorry for this being a repeat form category, but I've scanned through the posts and didn't see my questions. Is there a way to use the Amazon Echo to do tasks such as turning on the TV and/or a specific channel, playing music, etc. Also, anything that allows the Siri to do the same? I've seen the videos on You Tube where this is done, but can't find any directions or info on how.
  14. Hi, I have a Dot in my kitchen and I've run the RCA cable to my basement when I have the C4 amp. I've plugged in the RCA to input 7 and it has been binded. I have speakers in the kitchen that are also run to the C4 amp. The question is, when I ask Alexia a question, how do I get the audio to play on the kitchen speakers and only the kitchen speakers? Basically anytime I ask Alexia something I want it answered over the kitchen speaker. I understand that if I play music, I can add the Dot to other rooms as a source to hear the audio. Thanks in advance, Ryan
  15. Hi, did anybody try to integrate Amazon Echo (Alexa) with C4 in Canada?
  16. Since unveiling Josh.ai at CEDIA a few months ago we've received numerous requests for a C4 driver. I just wanted to post here that the driver is almost ready and we're quite happy with how it's turning out. If you're not familiar with Josh.ai, check out http://josh.ai to see a video and get some info. Happy to answer questions here or by email at alex@josh.ai. Right now we're very much focused on the high-end of the market in terms of dealers and pricing (typically 8-10,000+ sqft homes), but we'll be unveiling a number of new products in 2017 we're pretty excited about. For now we're very happy to integrate nicely with C4!
  17. I'm running c4 version 2.9 and I'm trying to setup custom voice commands with amazon echo dot gen 2, but I'm not having any luck. I've figured out how to add voice scene but I can't get the echo to execute the command in c4. I've setup the voice scene to execute a command, but something isn't going through. Does any body have any advice or tips on how to do this? Thanks for any Help!
  18. I followed the advice below and purchased the LINESO 3.5mm Stereo To RCA Red White Audio Balun Extender Over Cat5 from Amazon and connected the dot to my C4 8 channel AMP. My problem is the audio is too faint or inaudible. I tried to adjust the gain but it was not helpful. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can hear the audio, but barely and only when I turn the volume up loud. Once I get the audio working then I'll move to programing. It would be great to get the audio out from the dot for music but also audio books. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving! I used the: LINESO 3.5mm Stereo To RCA Red White Audio Balun Extender Over Cat5 Anyone else doing this? I connected the dot to my C4 8 channel AMP (input 4). Haven't setup programming yet until I fix the volume. The audio is barely audible. Am I missing something? I checked the amp and there doesn't seem to be any help from adjusting the gain. 0 Quote Edit
  19. Hi, Im trying to trigger playing intune radio stations via control 4 using Alexa voice control (using Epic Systems driver). I can trigger internet radio in control4, but cannot see how to program intune - Is it possible?
  20. How do we deal with multiple homes? It works great but she gets confused. Thanks
  21. Previous Alexa threads are getting very long so I thought I'd start a fresh one for discussing overall approaches. I have 2 Echos and 1 Dot in my system. All three are registered to different Amazon accounts (echoBedroom@myemail..., echoKitchen and echoTheater) Using the Epic-systems driver, each Echo will only send commands to the triggers in its driver. This way I don't have to have 3 different trigger names for each TV, shade or light. In the bedroom I say, "Alexa, turn on TV" and that Echo knows I'm referring to the bedroom TV. If I say the same thing in the theater, THAT echo knows I'm referring to the Theater TV. It sounds like only a tiny difference but multiply that by dozens less trigger names. Now I can reuse "Window shade" in each room instead of having to call one "bedroom window shade" and another "theater window shade" (I forgot, is it 'window shade bedroom' or 'bedroom window shade?'...) This becomes VERY handy for changing TV channels. Without the separate accounts, I would have to say "Alexa, turn on CBS Bedroom" and "...CBS Theater" Now I just say "Turn on CBS" and it's always the TV I'm watching because the echo that heard that command is only controlling that TV.) I also have, "Alexa, turn on Gate Camera" which switches to the Navigator on whatever TV is in that room and displays the gate camera. When I say, "Turn off Gate Camera," it switches that TV back to whatever was previously showing. Works much faster than I thought it would when I was coding it. There are a few downsides to this multi-account approach. One is we no longer have a single shopping list. Amazon lets you only combine 2 Amazon accounts together to share a list. The work-around is to only add to the shopping list from the either the bedroom or kitchen areas, not the theater. The other downside is triggers that are not room-oriented ("..Turn off Entire House") have be added into each echo driver. Not a big problem - just create a macro with the actual coding and have the 3 triggers in each driver just call the macro. I changed the answer word in the theater from "Alexa" to "Echo". So if I someone says "Alexa..." too loud in the kitchen, the echo in the Theater won't hear it and turn on stuff in that room also. We just have to remember to use the different trigger word when in the theater. We bought a remote for the theater's echo which I usually hold when I'm watching TV in there. The remote REALLY makes using Alexa easier. No need to say "Alexa..." and it hears you EVERY time. Just, "Turn on CBS", "Turn on pause"... I recommend getting the remote highly. How are you guys (and girls) setting up your triggers? I'd love to hear other ideas to streamline stuff and/or do things a better way.
  22. Epic Systems has released version 110 of our Amazon Echo Driver! This version includes some valuable enhancements: 1) Addition of a "Set" event type which is auto-generated for each trigger word/phrase that you define (in addition to On, Off, Up, & Down events). This enables you to tell Alexa to "Set <trigger name> to <value between 1 and 100%>, such as "Alexa, set living room to 70". This can be used for setting levels for volume, lighting, TV channels, thermostat, and more. 2) Removal of current 30-trigger limit. You can have as many triggers as you want (although Echo may complain during discovery, they will be discovered just fine - Echo bug...) 3) Print triggers Action button - for printing of list of triggers for jumpstarting of documentation, if desired. Version 110 can now be downloaded from the Echo Driver product page on our website. In addition, we have created 2 short (approximately 10 minutes) videos showing how to setup and program the driver. Download Links (Driver & Documentation): http://www.epic-systems.com/products/amazon-echo-driver-for-control4 Videos: http://www.epic-systems.com To celebrate the release of this new version, we are offering a limited time promotion to receive 20% off of the driver. Use code EPIC20 at checkout to receive the discount. Enjoy!
  23. The performance of the new EA series is a nice improvement but is anyone else seeing sales of controllers getting pressured by the Echo? We have had a few prospects recently decide to just go with an Echo and have us add some other functions rather than an EA-1. We still got some of the business but Amazon's system has been making it that much harder for us to defend the value proposition of our C4 systems. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
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