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Found 2 results

  1. I just released an alpha version of a driver I have been using privately for awhile: http://c4drivers.com/realtime-event-webhook It uses the control4 device events to push event payloads to a webhook URL. Effectively - you can get event notifications at any URL you specify as soon as the event triggers. For example: If you change the light level - it will immediately send a light level event to the URL specified. This is very a alpha release - and I would love feedback. Let me know if you have questions
  2. Hi, I am a new one to write the control4 driver. I have met some questions and hope someone could help me. And because I do it by myself, is there a group or something we can talk about the driver? I would love to join it. I read the api reference document carefully and there is something about the system event. I think it is really important , but nothing else about the event function except for the "OnPip". How can I know the variable id of a device? Could I fire an event in other device? It seems that the API reference losts something. I have the SDK 2.9 API Reference Guide, and are there any other documents I need to know?
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