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Found 22 results

  1. Both of these drivers can be downloaded from our website (http://www.chowmain.co.nz). Note as free drivers they come as is and without support. Enjoy Arduino Nano This FREE arduino nano driver provides 12 dry contact inputs to your Control4 system through serial based communication. This is useful for connecting input based devices such as doorbells, motion sensors, door/window contacts, garage/gate sensors and more to Control4. A basic understanding of electronics is required to build this extremely cheap solution to expand your Control4 system. Parts Required Adruino Nano (or 3r
  2. HI guys, To celebrate our partnership with Houselogix ( are giving away a FREE Ping driver. This FREE ping driver (unlike the ping driver on the Control4 online database) performs a real ping on any device/service IP address or hostname and returns the results as a variable (percent loss) and also fires one of three events Device OK (0% loss)Device Intermittent (anything between)Device Offline (100% loss)Upon receiving these event notifications you can program the system to power cycle the device connected via IP controlled outlets (like the Belkin WeMo or APC PDU's) to bring them back to l
  3. We have just released a free driver that will allow users of Hunter Hydrawise Irrigation to use Control4 Touchscreens to call up the Hydrawise Web Interface to manage their irrigation controller. Now this doesn't allow any zone events or triggering via any custom programming but is a simple FREE solution for end users that just want the basics. For the more advanced functions you can use are paid driver. The paid driver just had a price drop to go along with our Official Partnership with Hunter the makers of the Hydrawise Irrigation Controllers https://annex4.link/drivers/hydra
  4. We are happy to announce we have released our driver for KODI control, this allows IP control of a device running KODI software. The driver will have a beta tag on it for a period of time but it has been refined over the last couple months to the point there is no issues and now we are looking at widespread usage and feedback. That said there have not been issues with control for over a month. Coming soon will be the media service portion of the driver which will also be FREE. We have implemented this as a 2 piece driver, with this being the basic communication and the coming driver being
  5. In light of our recent conversations at CEDIA we are making this driver FREE. This driver is fully supported by us, will get updates if needed, for features and or bugs. After talking to dealers that have bought other drivers and tried ours the only downside was having to pay for a driver again. Well now you don't have to!!!! We have spoke with Doorbird and as our driver is made to an open API we are fully able to promote our driver, and it's our responsibility to support our product just as any other built to their API. Pair our Doorbird driver with our LG driver for awesome no
  6. We have just released a FREE driver for the MyQ Brand of Garage door openers from Liftmaster and Chamberlain. This will allow T3 Touchscreens to open the MyQ interface and manage devices as well as open and close the garage doors. This does NOT allow any event based programming, the only supported method for doing that would be via Wink. This being a link to the MyQ webpage is not subject to any API changes. https://annex4.link/drivers/myq-webinterface Enjoy, many more FREE things coming and some new fully integrated items too. annex⁴ Team
  7. Chowmain - FREE Noon Lighting System Driver Enhance everyday with NOON’s scene-based lighting system. A home’s lighting defines how people perceive the spaces they live in, and how they feel. Coordinating all the lights in a room with one-touch, NOON’s modern switches work together to transform a room’s mood or accent an activity. NOON rivals the performance of elite systems without the complexity or high-end cost. Driver Features This NOON driver is offered free of charge. Two way control/feedback (note requires active internet connection). Instant feed
  8. Chowmain - HDANYWHERE MHUB drivers for Control4 (FREE) Chowmain Software & Apps releases HDANYWHERE Control4 drivers for the MHUB range of products. The drivers support the MHUB PRO (4x4) 70, MHUB PRO (4x4) 40, MHUB (4x3+1), MHUB MAX (4x4), MHUB PRO (8x8) 70, MHUB (8x6+2) and MHUB AUDIO for full two way control, feedback and discovery of the devices. One of the best features of the majority of the MHUB devices (excluding MHUB Audio) is that they can utilise the expand Control4's IR outputs for upto 17 IR outputs per matrix! The drivers are sponsored by HDANYWHERE and as s
  9. Chowmain - Anthem STR integrated amplifier / pre-amplifier driver for Control4 (FREE) Chowmain software & apps is proud to release a FREE driver for the Anthem STR series of amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. This driver (sponsored by Anthem) provides full two way control and feedback including the ability to change presets via any Control4 navigator display (with dynamic feedback of what the preset names are and what preset is currently selected). Features include IP & RS232 control (19200 baud no flow control) Commands Volume Up/Down/Set Mute On/
  10. annex⁴ is happy to announce the release of 3 drivers that work with the Epic Sky Technology Star Ceiling and RGB Controllers. http://www.epicskytech.com/rs232.html http://www.epicskytech.com/STAR-PANEL.html Features RGB lighting color matches button binding color Star Dimming and Special Functions Light Drivers for Independent channel control Color Cycle Button Bindings RS232 Pass-through for complete control via a single serial port Various preset modes These drivers can be downloaded from our portal for free now. https://annex4.link/dr
  11. Overview The all new C-Series subwoofers take performance and style to a new level. With a front-firing Cerametallic™ active woofer powered by a BASH digital hybrid amplifier, the C-308ASWi and C-310ASWi uses side-firing passive radiators to optimize output and low frequency extension while mimizing cabinet size. The hand polished piano gloss finish allows it to live as high end furniture in any listening environment. The FREE driver developed by Chowmain will integrate the C series of Klipsch subwoofers via IP for full two way control Driver Features Experience buttons allow
  12. Overview The Jamo JDA-500 offers legendary Jamo power and performance in a sleek, high-tech, 1 rack unit solution. The JDA-500 offers 500W of class G/H power, for clean, dynamic power in any type of install. From small residential systems to massive commercial installs, the JDA-500 is designed for maximum install flexibility - offering low impedance and 70V/100V compatibility for distributed line applications. The DSP also provides presets for almost every Jamo speaker on the market - optimizing acoustic performance and power handling for these products while greatly reducing overal
  13. Overview The Klipsch KDA Series DSP Amplifiers offer legendary Klipsch power and performance in a sleek, high-tech, 1 rack unit solution. The KDA- 500 offers 500W of class G/H power, for clean, dynamic power in any type of install. The Klipsch KDA-1000 DSP Amplifier powers larger arrangements to deliver incredible performance from a 1000W, single-rack unit solution - all completely customizable through the web-based DSP menu. The DSP also provides presets for almost every Klipsch speaker on the market - optimizing acoustic performance and power handling for these products while grea
  14. We love our local Aussie Control4 Community. To show our support we have just released a FREE automatic Foxtel channel update driver. No more modifying channel lists when Foxtel updates it channel numbers or adds/removes channels. Get it now from http://www.chowmainsoft.com
  15. So we are looking for ideas for a driver to develop over August 26-27 the development will be live streamed and YOU he community can participate in by asking questions, suggesting features, testing, or just watching how it happens. So what we need are suggestions of what driver to build, the API needs to be Open or if you suggest a device an have access to the API send it to us. If anyone has any contacts with product manufacturers if they are willing to provide the API this is a chance for some free development. We will add suggestions to the poll, provided there is a open API or w
  16. I have 2 hc-300 with rack mount that are going to the trash unless somebody wants them and want to pay just for the shipping.
  17. Hey guys, @seth_j and I were talking about april fools the other day. I thought it would be cool if we could have some fun with our Control4 equipment so i made a Magic 8 Ball driver. This driver will work with T3 touchscreens and EA series controllers and will provide 20 randomised results. It is a free driver which you can download via our website. Hope everyone has a fun april fools day:) http://control4.chowmain.software
  18. As our way to give back to this amazing community this holiday season we are going to be giving away some amazing gifts including one customer's complete order! Only at Homeation.com 15% OFF ALL Control4 Drivers use the promo code: Happy2017
  19. Any of our free official partner drivers can now be downloaded without the need to login to our LiNK portal. This includes the drivers for Oppo and Anthem
  20. Hi guys, We just released a FREE Control4 driver that updates your Sky pay tv channel icons automatically. Will only import the channels that you have a subscription to (requires username and password). No more media list updates when Sky changes its channel numbers, adds/removes channels or the account holder adds/removes packages from their service. All we ask in return is that you check out our other drivers on our website. We are passionate about Control4 and there are a lot of cool drivers that add functionality to Control4 which you may like. Note as a free driver it co
  21. Hello, I have some C4 items available for free if you pay the shipping costs. All items were in working order when I took them out of service recently. If you live in the Bay Area, I am good to meet somewhere in the middle and you can skip the shipping costs all-together. Items were purchased around 2009-2010: 1) HC-300 2) C4 thermostat 3) 3 Kwikset lock modules See pictures for more details. If you have questions, just ask. First come, first served. Thanks, bfmorgan@hotmail.com
  22. Hi guys, For years i have been using the free DynDNS service for various systems. Recently DynDNS has decided to shut off its free services. As an alternative i have selected Duck DNS. Duck DNS is a free service which will point a DNS (sub domains of duckdns.org) to an IP of your choice. This is great for internet connections with dynamic ip addresses. Not all routers however support dynamic dns services and pretty much no router (at least without a 3rd party firmware) will support Duck DNS. As such i have written a small free driver that will automatically update Duck DNS with the IP a
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