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Found 10 results

  1. Looking for a HC-300 or HC-800 in working condition for upgrade from embernet to zigbee pro. Must be on 1.8 or lower or able to reset to same. Please PM with price. Thanks!
  2. I have 2 hc-300 with rack mount that are going to the trash unless somebody wants them and want to pay just for the shipping.
  3. Hi, just in case, I got HC-300 with faulty power supply. can I use any external power supply? what out put voltage should it have? as I can see it provides 15 watt but voltage, didn't find it yet. Nothing urgent for me, just in case anybody knows.
  4. Hey, folks - I'm purging some backup gear I have, starting with two HC-300 controllers: HC-300-B is fully functional: http://r.ebay.com/wLxr9m (comes with a used SR-250 remote) HC-300-B which works, but the Zigbee radio is dead: http://r.ebay.com/hNrGVe Both have been reset to OS 1.8 and have been un-registered as a controller in my account. Bids have already been placed, so I can't take offers here, but happy bidding - hope one of you can put these to good use! Feel free to PM or reply here with questions.
  5. I'm probably not going to explain this correctly so any clarification you need please let me know. For starters I just had a EA-5 installed and all components as well as my HC-300 updated. When I now go to play steaming audio through the HC-300 such as pandora ect.... the sound is so quite that you must turn the receiver all the way up and its still barley audible at the point.... any help??
  6. Hi, My system has 3 HC-300 controllers. Once every few weeks I need to reboot the controllers (main reasons are I need to rescan my media and composerME only works once after boot, and power failure from my not so trusted power company...). Boot time can take up to half an hour (for the whole system to be responsive, ssh and ping to controller work after a minute or two). This is very annoying. When the dealer installed the system and this was the situation he blamed it on the fact that my system is very complicated. Since then I've come to realize that he's not very professional and so I doubt that statement. He continues to offer me to upgrade to HC-250 but I refuse to work with him. So to my question: I'm attaching here a picture of what I see in my composer ME screen. Under the stored section you can see multiple instances of my Drobo (a NAS device) as a DLNA /Fuppes server. Also you can see old devices (RoyNotePC and sanDisk USB). As I use my Drobo just a file server (and I have a Dune 101 TV to stream my dvds stored on the Drobo) I want to remove those from the Control4 project. This is mainly because I am a programmer and it bugs me to see redundant stuff. I also hope that it will help the controller wake up faster. Can I do this as a end user? I don't see a "delete source" in my composer ME (2.5.3 version)... I don't hacking at some xml file if that's the way to go (after proper backup of course). If not is there a dealer here who can do this remotely? do I have a chance to make my system boot faster with this change ? I can give more data on my system if that will help, thanks, Dror
  7. 4 HC-300 Controllers running 1.7.4 2 Speaker Point Amplifiers 1 16 Channel Amplifier 1 Dual Tuner w/XM 7 RCZ-SRC2-B Remote Controls 1 HC-300 Controller w/bad power supply running 1.7.4 $1250.00 or best offer, you pay all shipping. 16 channel amp and tuner have original boxes 2 of the controllers have original boxes Everything is sold...
  8. Greetings! I have an HC-300 with what appears to be a dead power board. Does anyone have parts for an HC-300, or alternatively a *dead* HC-300 that I could try to scavenge from? I haven't tested the motherboard yet - no sense doing that if no parts are available. Details: Model Number: C4-HC300-E-B I can provide a picture of the board if that helps narrow down the production lot.
  9. I have an HC300 running 2.06 in perfect running condition. I am in Canada and can ship anywhere.
  10. I would like to start out with a small control4 system and would like to get some advice, recommendations and/or opinions. Here is what I have/want: Great Room Samsung TV - Serial Control (via Ex Link) - LocalDirectTV Genie Client C41 - IP Control - LocalAppleTV - IR Control - RackMaster Bedroom Samsung TV - Serial Control (via Ex Link) - LocalDirectTV Genie Client C41 - IP Control - LocalAppleTV - IR Control - RackFor control I would like to have a hard remote that could be used for both rooms (SR-250) and be able to use the control4 app on my iPhone and iPad. So here are some questions: Would a HC-300 be able to work for this? If not, would a HC-250 work? If I added a dimmer to each room and a thermostat would they still be able to handle it. Are there any integrators on the board who would do the install remotely? I work in the industrial automation industry programming and installing PLC's so if a problem arises I should be able to help them. Thanks!
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