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Found 24 results

  1. I recently upgraded to an EA3 from an HC250. Post upgrade I noticed my IFTTT Maker driver is not working. Per Composer, it states Trial Expired, Invalid Key. I suspect the original key does not transfer license on upgrading, meaning the original key is unique to the previous HC250 hardware. Wondering if there is a way to make this transfer or do I need to purchase a new license for the EA3. I no longer have the HC250 in my possession.
  2. Hi everyone, Saw a steal price on a "for parts" hc-250 on eBay. Was cheap enough that I thought it would be a fun project to see if I could breathe some life into it. The unit boots up, wifi light blinks yellow continuously (my working one turns blue after a few seconds), but nothing comes up on the screen (and the ethernet lights don't turn on when connected to switch). I cracked it open and saw what I believe is a serial port (4 pins). Does anyone have any experience dialing into these units? Could this port possibly be used to fix it ? I was thinking of getting this to see if I could get anything back from the unit. Could be a wild goose chase, but hoping to learn something and have some fun Edited to add some information I found online about the port:
  3. Hi all, Complete newbie here. Just started using Control4 with a company and have done my associates installer cert. I have been given a used HC250 to start my career. First thing I did was put it back to a factory restore (by the pin reset on the back) to get rid of the old dealers information. It got set back to OS Since restoring it I haven't been able to connect to it properly via ComposerPro. I am using the correct version (2.5.3). The issue I am getting is "could not connect to director on [IP ADDRESS] on the secure port." it then says that the common cause for this is that the time is wrong on the director or my PC and allows me to connect to it on the unsecure port. Which is lovely, but useless as it doesn't allow me to make any edits to the project. I get the error message "project locked. the system is most likely being updated. modifications cant be made." I know the system isn't updating as when it connects on the unsecure port it warns me that I wont be able to make modifications to the project. I have connected to the director on system manager 2.10.5 and set the time to be correct and it matches my PCs time, there may be possibly up to a 1 second difference. the reason for using SM 2.10.5 instead of 2.5.3 is that 2.5.3 doesn't allow me to change the time on the director. One issue I have found is that I am unable to change the time out of "GPS/Other local time server" any time I try and change it to "internet" or "legacy" I do the reboot to sync the time settings and when I load back up and reconnect it is back on "GPS/other local time server". In the "server hostname/ IP address" box it says "Invalid ntp argument config (start|stop|restart|config_server|config_client)" and whenever I have put any known working NTP addresses in the box, again, after a reboot it goes back to saying "Invalid ntp argument config (start|stop|restart|config_server|config_client)". settings also do not save even if I just disconnect and reconnect from the controller. Unless there is some form of saving function/button that I am not seeing/doing. Another thing that I feel like I should probably mention is that when I connect to the director on any version of SM the out put window always shows the following message: "Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold | Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed |/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)" I have also tried to register the unit to see if this helps but when I go to account services and click register after inputting the 10 digit code I get and SSL error also. I have also tried the SSL patches ComposerPatch2 and C4_update_manager_patch which were what have come up when I've searched SSL issues on the C4 knowledge base. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Desperately want to get this unit up and running so I can get myself up and running on C4 T.I.A!!
  4. recently I went to reinstall an hc250 driver for a project, but since that day I had problems that the zigbee network falls, I'm not sure if it is because it is in 2.9.1, but it does not work for ethernet I have to connect it via wifi , and in the same way any variation in the network disconnects the controller, and when it enters the network the zigbee does not work, that is the whole problem the other services work normal ... if someone could help me with this problem
  5. Cleaning out some extras. (3) C4-SW120277 Control4 Switches NIB, $100/each or all 3 for $240 (1) Wirepath WPS-100 DVR 8 channel DVR $60 (1) EA1 processors $290 (1) Control4 AMP108 8 zone amplifier NEW!!! Make an offer (1) Luxul XAP1230 (1) Brightsign XD1030 (1) Sonic Wall NSA 220 Network Piece (2) Control4 Ipod dock 30pin connectors (1) Niles AC3 Brand new (1) Niles MSU440Z IR controller Shipping to be paid by purchaser. Prefer US shipping. Thx
  6. I have a HC-800 and HC-250s (total of 3 available) for sale. I also have a recharging station for a C4 remote and a Door Station. EVERYTHING IS USED BUT IN GREAT WORKING CONDITION. Only shipping to the 48 US states. HC-250 Controller (total of 3 available), C4-HC250-BL-1A, PRICE: $200 obo HC-800 Controller (1 available), C4-HC800-BL-1, PRICE: $450 obo Control4 System Remote Recharging Station, C4-SRRS, PRICE: $35 obo Door Station (Satin Nickel), C4-DSC-EN-SN, ONLY includes door station hardware, screws. Mounting bracket NOT included, PRICE:300
  7. Cleaning out some extras. (2) EA1 processors $375 obo (NIB) (1) HC250 processor $200 obo all plastic on unit, never powered up out of box, with all cables. (1) AMP108 8 zone Control4 amplifier (NIB) (1) Luxul XAP1230 (1) Brightsign XD1030 (1) Onkyo TXNR-414 Edited to add items Shipping to be paid by purchaser. Thx
  8. Hi folks, I please need help reconnecting my HC250. I disconnected it during the evacuation of my home for Hurricane Harvey. I my haste, I did not make record of how things were connected. I believe my Pioneer SC-81 was connected to the HC250 and components connected to the receiver are: TV , Apple TV, cable box - all hdmi Is there any reconfiguring or a reset necessary once it is all connected? Thanks
  9. My HC 250 can't connect to the composer cannot see in the internet. I follow the PDF of HC 250 reset section. But the HC 250 didn't had any reaction.I use LAN port to connect the HC250 but still same Any Help Please! Kent
  10. I was attempting to update to 2.9 last night. I have two controllers in my system. An hc250 and An EA3. the HC 250 updated just fine but the EA3 failed with an error that there was insufficient storage and a USB flash update was necessary. Any one know how to do this?
  11. My HC300 recently died (lost the media folder and it won't re-create it). Looking to replace it with a 300, 200, or 250. Prefer if in Canada to avoid the exchange and higher shipping costs.
  12. Hello everyone - Working to resolve an issue with my dealer and trying to get our arms around this. I just moved and had two HC-250's hard wired at the old place that now need to (at least temporarily) be wifi in the new place. When Tom (the dealer) enters the information to connect to the wireless network, it can connect to the wireless, but there seems to be a problem with the IP address. To troubleshoot: - When we connect with a hard coded IP address, it connects to the network just fine but is unable to communicate or identify - When we connect with DHCP, it connects to the network but times out on obtaining an IP address This is happening with both HC250's. There are a number of other devices both hard-wired and DHCP in the house that aren't having any issues at all. The current diagnosis is that both HC250's now have bad wifi cards. Which I doubt completely, given they both have the same issue. Has anyone else seen this before or can maybe lend a little guidance? Thanks as always. Will
  13. 4 Sale make reasonable offer and it yours 1. (1) Drobo B810n with 16TB of SAS and SSD- This unit is brand new and never turned on. Comes with Disk and power cord. I had to open up box to make sure all disk was there -SOLD 2. (2) USED HC200's with 2.8 on them. 3. (1) USED HC250 with 2.8 on it - SOLD 4. (1) Brand New CardAccess WCS10A-2-ZP Wireless Contact Sensor 5. Epson PRO G6470WU WUXGA 4500LUM NIB - $2200 All is Free USPS shipping and guaranteed NO DOA! MAKE OFFER! For some reason pics are uploading so will be happy to send but everything is in great shape or new
  14. In need of an HC250-BL-1 the most Plus: KPTK1-M-WH Tabletop Kit Wireless (2/3) button keypads KP(2/3)-Z LOZ-5D1 Wireless Outlet Dimmers LOZ-5S1 Outlet switch DIM1-Z-WH or LDZ-102 or LDZ-101 Wireless Dimmers TSWMC7 7" Touch screen Shipping to Canada
  15. Is there a way to have Netflix be accessed/streamed through a C4 HC250? Right now I am running it through my smart TV WiFi and therefore the audio does not come through my surround sound system. thanks,
  16. For Sale Licenced HC250 with Rack Mount HC250 has original box with most original hardware, operated in clean pet and smoke free house. Includes Rack Plate + 4 screws Licenced HC250 on version 2.8.2 Back Plate Connection Block Some IR buds and ferrite cores Power Cable 3.5mm to RCA cable $300 including shipping to lower 48. Will ship elsewhere but you would be paying for that.
  17. So, here is the deal... AVR in the living room and 3 Sonos amps in 3 other rooms, 4 audio zones in total, control over hc250. Client comes to me and asks to have "one wall button" with which he can start playing whatever is playing in living room in other 3 rooms. By whatever he means cable tv, media player, Chromecast, local music, TuneIn...the works. My idea is to have AVRs second zone preout split into 3 and feed it to Sonos amps, they are located in the same rack as AVR. So when "that wall button" is pressed i just turn on Sonos amps and set them to Line-in input. They should start playing whatever is coming out of those 2 zone preouts. My questions are, can i select Line-in on Sonos to start playing automatically and how.... and for that preout splitter, can i just solder 3 RCA stereo cables to one or do i need some sort of RCA stereo splitter. I mean will the "solder" variant exhibit any loos in signal or whatnot? Thx
  18. Example... Im listening to music trough TuneIn on hc250. Then i switch to NVR which is connected to another HDMI input on AVR and normally music stops because of how AVR handles inputs. Can i somehow resume listening to the music by going back to hc250 as a source? Both are connected to AVR, NVR with HDMI and hc250 analog audio out to analog audio in.
  19. Hey all, I'm looking to upgrade my system from an HC-500 (with HC-300 secondary) to an HC-250 (With either the HC-500 or HC-300 as secondary). My question lies with the MyHome license that now comes with the new HC-250s and allows for up to 50 handheld devices to run the Control4 App/Interface. 1) What is the official name of the license these days? Has it changed over time? I am a cheapskate and have been skimming the ebay to see what my options are. Honestly, getting hardware that way, doing the physical install myself, then having the dealer come out to program is about the only way that I've ever been able to afford Control4 in the first place. That being said, at least my dealer gets a programming job which sounds like will be $500+ alone since all of my equipment (dimmers, etc) needs to go through a lengthy updating if I want OS 2.8 all around. 2) What is the difference between the C4-HC250-BL-1 vs C4-HC250-BL? I appears that if I buy a C4-HC250-BL on ebay, I'll be boned because I'll have to pay another $500 to get the app license from my dealer when they come to program it. 3) If I buy a C4-HC250-BL-1, does it simply come with a download code or something that would activate the license for my home? Finally, it seems that the C4-HC250-BL-1 has been discontinued and now simply every HC-250 and HC-800 come new with a license. In which case, if somebody else had an install of an HC-800 AND an HC-250, they would have two licenses for their home and likely only need to activate one of them. In which case: 4) Can I buy an extra license from somebody that got multiple from multiple controllers that they don't need? Thanks all for helping a poor guy out!
  20. Hi All, Summary: Set temperature for my CCZ-T1-W is being changed automatically (?) to values other than what I explicitly set. Long Description: I bought a new townhome about a year and a half ago, and it came installed with some basic Control4 automation (door lock, Samsung IP camera, HC 250 directory, thermostat, touch screen control in master bedroom, lights control for ~4 rooms, etc). To be honest I haven't used some of the features, but it's a nifty concept. The past week or so I've been experiencing issues with the thermostat, a CCZ-T1-W. As the summer gets warm, I will set the AC on and target temp of 76 or so. Four times out of five, it would automatically reset back to a target of 82 degrees after some delay in minutes (once in a while, it doesn't). It would do the same thing if I explicitly turned on the circulation fan. Now today the same is happening, except the target is being moved down to 72 out of my control. I've tried removing the thermostat battery, pause, re-assemble. Reset (middle button 15 times). Reset the director unit (pull plug, count 30, plug back in). A few months ago the upstairs unit would show internal temperature as 120 degrees - by googling I found to reset the thermostat, which seemed to fix that issue. The [thermostat] LCD screen backlight would also come on occasionally without prompting. I haven't done any custom programming or anything, when the technician came out to complete the installation, the only methods of access/control given to me were the HC250 through TV, the touch screen upstairs, and the C4 app for remote access. I'd like to learn more details and customization about the system, but since it's a dealer installed set I do not know if I am allowed. I'm picking up a new battery for the thermostat tomorrow, on the off chance that is causing me issues. Beyond that I've heard suggestions of picking up a cheap thermostat unit to replace the CCZ-T1-W, so I can at least control the temp during this summer heat, and trying to dig out documention on who actually installed the system in the first place. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Josh
  21. The screenshot shows two almost identical controllers. I wasn't able to connect to the controller through composer, but I could connect through putty, and I found that 90% of the CPU was being taken up by the Director and two '-sh' commands. Does anyone have an idea of what would cause this? Or what the -sh means? These are both HC250s with approximately the same amount of switches, contact sensors, and motion sensors connected. Thanks! Eric
  22. Hi, I am new to Control 4, just getting my first system set up. So far, I have 2 HC250s each controlling Samsung flat panel TV's and dedicated AV receivers. There is also a 4 zone matrix amp feeding speakers throughout the rest of the first floor. All the hardware is on 2.6 software. I like the system, but it still has a few holes. One is distribution of my personal music share. To play songs from my Windows PC where my MP3 files are located, the dealer recommended a Sonos Connect. I researched it and liked what it brought in terms of music services in addition to my share, so I agreed. They installed it today, but were unable to distribute the Sonos feed from the main HC250 to the other one upstairs. They said the quality of the music was very poor due to a known issue with Sonos, but that other analog sources would work fine. This makes no sense to me, analog should be analog, correct? Anyway, comments on what the dealer is telling me or suggestions on a cost effective way to provide access to my music share in the master bedroom would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  23. Dear All C4 Gurus, I am very new to Control 4 system. I got the following three units: 1) Home controller HC-250 2) 8 Channel Adaptive Dimmer C4-DIN-8DIM-E 3) 8 Channel 0-10V Dimmer C4-DIN-8TV-E First of all I read the instruction manual for the two dimmers it stated that each unit must have a 20A circuit breaker installed in front on the unit. Is is necessary? Currently I am not going to install it but to put it on a power board to test the compatibility of some led light? What other solutions are their to wire it so that you can just plug it straight into a power socket and test lights on the dimmers? Secondly, how are the dimmers controlled? I understand that they need to be hooked up into a internet port for each of the dimmer and the controller unit. The problem is how do they communicate with the controller unit? What is needed to be configured ? ( Sorry I am very new to this device ) Lastly are there other important things that I should keep in mind when I install the three devices together? Looking forward to hear from all the experts / gurus / etc Best regards, Jason
  24. Hi, I have a system with 2 hc250, they are all set up, but one of them keeps disconnecting from the network for no reason. The one that disconnects is not the master. What should I do? The controllers are all one DHCP, should I change to fixed IP? So I have one hc250 that is installed in the rack and one hc250 in the master bedroom that keeps disconnecting, after I restart the hc250 he works but that is not very nice. Any sugestions?
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