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Found 13 results

  1. HC800 IR 1 output > Binary HDBaseT Transmit input > C4 HDBaseT Receiver with flasher. I can't seem to chase this IR issue. I recently had to replace my C4 HDBaseT Receiver with a Binary HDBaseT Receiver. IR seems to not be passing correctly. I have tried mono mini and stereo mini between C4 and Binary Receiver. C4 HDBaseT Receiver IR Flasher out. Flasher seems to run hot as it lights up, and has a little flash. Any suggestions on what to try? My TV is too old to do LAN control.
  2. Hi. Complicated situation. House runs on an HC800 installed years ago. We wanted to upgrade to OS3, and since we only use the on-screen navigator in the master bedroom, we added an EA1 for more IO, as a ZAP, and navigator. We also have a DS2, WALL7, and a TT7. The problem is, we don't see the native "Intercom" on the OS3 app. Apparently, it's because the director is an HC800 (is this accurate?). The DS2 rings on Intercom Anywhere, but I understand it'll stop working for OS3 devices in the next month. First... is this right? Or do we need to tweak something to get "Intercom" working on the native OS3 app running off an HC800. Now, second: if not, would it be possible to "switch" directors? It's a small project, and I believe the EA1 can handle it. But what would the process be to change the director from the HC800 to the EA1? Maybe I'll use an EA3 instead of the HC800 int he future, but for now... Any tips? Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. Hi Guys, I have a few items listed for sales, Most all of them are brand new in boxes and will send out pictures if needed. I can also do a video chat if before final purchase. Buyer pays for shipping and all are in CND$ Happy shopping!
  4. I'm selling some used Control4 equipment. Included is: 1 x HC800 Controller1 x HC300 Controller1 x C4-16AMP3-B Multichannel Amp6 x CCZ-T1-W Thermostats5 x c4-TSWMC7 Touchscreen Controllers This was a complete, fully functioning system in my house for several years and is in good working condition. Make an offer if you're interested.
  5. I've been noticing programming issues lately (changes not seeming to take effect or save), then I noticed my 6GB of memory (in Composer's media tab), is full. I've ssh'd in a couple of times and removed some of the image folders for the media (movies & music cover art - I guess). But, I'm looking for a long term solution as this seems to become an issue every couple of days or so. I have a couple of C4 media players, a secondary hc800 and an old Sonos ZP90, if that matters. If possible, could I use the 2nd controller as just the media server? Worst case, I'd be willing to purge the media for now (so I won't be able to play my movies & music library via C4), if that helps to stabilize my situation.
  6. Sorry, I'm new to the AV side of composer. I want to plug my amp into the audio-out of the HC-800 using a red and a white cable, and have the Amp play they music that's coming through those red and white cables. Is there a way to play mp3's through the 'AUDIO OUT 1' STEREO connection of the HC-800? Do I need a driver to load the MP3s? Is it even possible to play music through the AUDIO OUT 1 Stereo connection? I feel like this should be very simple, but it looks like everyone else has the controller controlling another device that contains their music. Thanks
  7. I have a client that we updated to 2.10.6 and now have lost all audio out of the controller. (announcements, digital music, streaming music) Any Ideas?
  8. Hi to everyone, I would like to ask you some questions about the difference between the HC800 and the EA5 controllers. We have already used the HC800 controller, with success for years and the technician suggest us to replace it with an EA5 one, and the HC500 with an EA3. What we will gain more with that transition? If we replace it, for how many years will the new ones last? If we don't replace it will we have problems in the everyday operation on the whole system? Do you believe that will worth that transition? I'm looking forward for your observations.!😎 Thank you in advance, Dimitris
  9. I have a strange issue going on. My HC800 runs as my director and I cannot get any IR/ data (Napster,Spotify) to work correctly. So here is what I have noticed. 1. If I reboot the HC-800 I get NO link light on REBOOT 2. If I run the command killall -9 ioserver the LINK lights comes on immedietly and everythiung will work, except DATA portion such as napster, tunein, spotify, etc. 3. If I run inspector from putty I see this [ FAILED ] verify the MD5 checksums for files owned by package ioserver :: test_package_checksum_ioserver() DNS,IP, HE connections are all working fine so network is good Has anyone else scene or expierenced this type of issue?
  10. I have a HC-800 and HC-250s (total of 3 available) for sale. I also have a recharging station for a C4 remote and a Door Station. EVERYTHING IS USED BUT IN GREAT WORKING CONDITION. Only shipping to the 48 US states. HC-250 Controller (total of 3 available), C4-HC250-BL-1A, PRICE: $200 obo HC-800 Controller (1 available), C4-HC800-BL-1, PRICE: $450 obo Control4 System Remote Recharging Station, C4-SRRS, PRICE: $35 obo Door Station (Satin Nickel), C4-DSC-EN-SN, ONLY includes door station hardware, screws. Mounting bracket NOT included, PRICE:300
  11. c4Forums Member 0 3 posts Report post Posted September 9, 2016 Hi I have a spare HC800 I bought to keep as backup if my primary controller ever stops working. I have tried the factory default method and the network reset but cannot get connection on Ethernet. The green light stays on regardless if a Ethernet cable is connected or not and the yellow light (data) never comes on. The GUI indicates that all the tests it does are ok and sits on connecting to director. On the front of the controller the Wifi stays on RED which makes me think it is stuck in wifi. Has anybody seen this or had similar issues as this is driving me crazy!!!
  12. I have a refurbished HC1000 still in box. The HC 800 works but will not do audio - it needs to be repaired - I am told that it will cost $400.00 to repair it no matter what is wrong. I am willing to let either or both of these go to the best offer I get quickly - Bill King 254 289-6699 is my cell phone. Call me and let me know what your interest is. Bill
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