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Found 32 results

  1. Chowmain - FREE Blustream ProMatrix Driver for Control4 The Custom Pro 4K Matrix achieves new levels of both performance and flexibility. AV installers can now easily specify their desired I/O structure and choose the additional control features required for a specific AV project. The Custom Pro Matrix has been specifically designed to operate in challenging AV environments. Its robust housing and interlocking board configuration make both installation and maintenance a seamless experience. Advanced optional features include audio breakout, simultaneous HDBaseT / HDMI outputs, RS-232 pass through, and a web browser interface module for enhanced control and configuration. Features IP / RS232 communications Full two way feedback. Full matrix switching Two way volume control / feedback EDID manipulation Audio source control FAQ What products will this work for? This driver is designe to work specifically with the 16x16 Blustream Pro Matrix. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website How do I buy the driver? This driver is free of charge Who do i contact for technical support? This driver is supported by Blustream
  2. FREE Control4 drivers for Blustream AV distribution products Blustream is the custom installation's industry's fresh new option for advanced HDMI distribution. Their products have been designed and engineered by a global team of AV specialists with over 30 years of experience. Extensive research highlighted the market need for an AV distribution brand that could deliver both industry leading performance and most importantly reliability. This has resulted in Blustream developing a range of HDBaseT and HDMI solutions that deliver advanced AV integration within any installation environment. As an official HDBaseT adopter and alliance member, Blustream is firmly positioned at the forefront of this advanced technology. Through integration of the HDBaseT chipset Blustream engineers have developed the world’s most innovative range of AV distribution products. Chowmain is proud to announce that over the past year we have been working with Blustream to bring you high quality FREE drivers that integrate their range of solutions to the Control4 home automation system. Features MFP112 / MFP72 Driver Two way IP / RS232 control Matrix switching Volume control Audio Input port selection/analog LR section control Scaler Bypass control Scaler Output Aspect Ratio control Scaler Resolution control Scaler Zoom control Signal Overscan control Splitter / Matrix mode control VGA input auto adjust picture position Ability to copy EDID from output to innput / set default MX44VW Driver Two way IP / RS232 control Matrix switching Video Wall / Matrix mode control Multiview control Multiview audio input selection CM100/IP100-RX/IP100-TX Driver Two way IP / RS232 control Matrix switching Audio Source control Input EDID control Input Reboot control Output HDR control Output Reboot control Output Resolution control PLA88/MX88ED/MX44AB/MX42AB/HMXL44/HMXL44V2/HMXL88/HMXL88V2 Driver Two way IP / RS232 control Matrix switching Volume control Audio Source for HDMI/HDBaseT Output control Audio Source for Analogue L/R and Coaxial Digital Output control Output delay control Priority Video Input Source control For more information about Blustream and to download the FREE drivers please visit the Blustream website.
  3. I have connected the HDMI output of EA-5 to a Denon Receiver. When I plug the HDMI output of Denon Receiver to the HDMI input of TV via HDBaseT, i cannot view the OSD. No signal is received. Randomly it starts working, but then it stops working if i unplug the cables and reconnect (Or even after reboot). It worked for two days without an issue and suddenly stopped working. What is the issue?
  4. Hello All, first time poster but you all seem very helpful. I am trying to send HDMI from a matrix into another room via a NEET HDMI sending kit over Cat6. That part works fine, the problem I am having is getting the IR to the room. The HDMI kit has a bi directional IR built into it (one 'line' each way if you will) and I go from the IR outputs on the HC800, into the transmitter and then out again with a bud from the receiver but the problem I'm having is that the light on the bud is permanently on. Not flashing but permanently on and I cannot get it to send any signals across. I can't definitely say why this is, but I wonder if its a problem with stereo/mono cables. The kit came with its own set which operate of stereo, however the C4 buds are of course mono. Am I misunderstanding the stereo/mono setup here? Does anyone have any idea what the cause of this might be? Might I add, the kit works fine when not connected to c4. Thanks so much,
  5. I have a KD-4x4CSX key digital 4x4 hdmi matrix with bauluns for sale.Looking to get $500.00. was installed in show home with minimal useage. Thanks Scott
  6. Currently running a 2.8.1 Control4 system with an hdmi matrix to distribute video for 8 sources, 4 zones (all at 1080p). Everything works great... 90% of the time. I'm looking to upgrade at least my primary zone/HT up to 4k... which of course gives me dread since I'm currently using the hdmi matrix and it's not feasible to upgrade every screen in every zone. I've been reading about JAP and VS and am very excited by what they seem to offer. Both seem like great systems and users of both seem to have little to no complaints. I'm having a hard time doing a direct comparison of the two, so thought you guys can help me out with a few questions: 1) Cost to install. Sounds like VS might be cheaper? Are they at least close? I can't find much by way of pricing for JAP. 2) Is one better for using a mix of 4k and 1080p sources AND a mix of 4k and 1080p displays? 3) Do both have licensing costs? VS mentions them and says that once purchased, you can upgrade for life. Is that similar with JAP? 4) Can both do PIP and/or tiling and/or a video wall? 5) Do either integrate with Control4 better? 6) Do either work better for audio extraction or down mixing since my HT is 7.1 and all other zones are analog stereo through a Control4 matrix amp? (I currently use an Atlona HDMI audio extractor on HDMI output 5 that mirrors my HT output and then feeds the analog audio to the C4 amp. More details if requested) 7) Do either work better for streaming to my phone/tablet as a wireless display? 8) Are either better suited for Distributing A/V for gaming consoles (latency, etc.) 9) Any other perks for one over the other that I haven't thought about yet? Lol. That should give you guys something to chew on! Feel free to reply about any of the above questions without needing to answer them all at once. Thanks in advance!
  7. Is there anything more elegant that you can do in Composer than triggering a manual sequence of power off and power on when you are having handshaking issues that result in no audio or black screens (intermittently)? So basically you are forced to let Control4 do the power up but then have to program a power cycle on problem component(s)? In my situation, I have recently upgraded my entire chain in my theater to HDMI 2.x, and I don't feel like I should just have to live with this annoyance. I have lots of devices, but the common ones that power up no matter what video choice I select are: Sony Projector (VPL-VW110ES) Lumagen Radiance Pro Video Processor / Switcher Marantz AV7702mkii AVR The "good" thing is I already have to wait a while for the bulb to warmup on the Sony so there is time to fool with power cycling components. Supposedly on AVS Forum, current advice is to power up the projector last, but to me that isn't ideal anyway because it already has such a large startup delay. I can power on the Radiance, and power cycle it, before the projector finishes powering up. I think the problem child here is the Lumagen as I have Matrixed AVRs in numerous rooms and almost NEVER have a HDMI handshaking issue. Technically it is still in beta but whenever something like this is brought up cabling is blamed...but since this issue is intermittent...?? Everything goes through the Radiance Pro before it goes to the projector so it should deal with the handshake and EDID. So nothing should care what order the projector is powered on (I think?)
  8. Snap Av- Binary B-300 4x4 HDMI Matrix Switcher with power supply, remote and rack ears.. $500 OBO HDMI and Cat5 outputs, no balums included unit was upgraded to 8x8, pulled in working condition
  9. Greetings all Has anyone had an issue with 2.10? I updated a clients system remotely, using the Express iOS app, enroute to the client. And now their whole system is not working. It's as if the network is flooded with commands. C4 send sends repeat commands to devices, it seems like it' gets stuck in loops. None of the rooms stick to their sources, it keeps jumping to the C4 OSD. The reason I went there is because Tune-in was jumpy, audio is consistently jolty. But I have created a much bigger problem. I've tried factory resetting the EA3 (director) and reloading. I cleared the project and created a mini project, and that was stable. But when I reload my project, same issue. My plan is to clear the project, and rebuild the whole system room by room. Or try to roll back to 2.9.1 and load the project again (it would be the project from post-firmware update, can't find previous versions) Does anyone have any other ideas? Or similar experiences? Thanks
  10. Trying to make sure I have my mind wrapped around using a Nintendo Switch in a video matrix setup. Either a HDBaseT extender or wireless HDMI right? Anybody seen any better options for wireless HDMI than this? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0092T3E3A/ref=twister_B01KOIAKD4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Prices Lowered BINARY B-520-TX-330-IR TRANSMITTER & BINARY B-520-RX--330-IR RECEIVER BRAND NEW IN BOX $300.00 BINARY B-100 8X8 HDMI MATRIX MISSING IR REMOTE (but it may still be found) $550.00
  12. It would be wonderful to have the ability to control volume out of HDMI. So I can use a HDMI audio extractor after a EA-1 to feed a analoge amplifier.
  13. Used for 2 months as a loner on builder house. Like new switcher and 4 Balons. $1,500.00
  14. This has been brought up by a few, but I figured it warranted a separate warning/thread. A recent update (1160) for afaik 6xxx, 7xxx and 8xxx series Samsung TV's seems to render it impossible to use (most?) HDBaseT distribution connection. Near as I know, an issue in the time-out of the HDMI handshake is the biggest concern here. HDBaseT is commonly used by many, many video switches, including but not limited to Leaf, Atlona, Binary, Wyrestorm, Monoprice and Gefen. PLEASE make sure you do not update, but also make sure that your TV is set to NOT update automatically or you may be stuck until a fix is in place. Note that HDBaseT is part of the HDMI alliance, indeed Samsung itself is one of the board members of HDBaseT, so this is not any intended 'bloackage' - rather an issue and failing from Samsung's side near as can be told at this point. So, hipefully a fix is due soon.
  15. Have you found the current generation of HDMI distribution difficult to sell? Are you tired of high prices on systems with no WOW factor? NetPlay Home changes everything! Demo Video NetPlay gives you the WOW factor to win jobs. Video Tiling, Video Walls, PIP on anything, Graphics and text overlays, On screen controls and feedback, and more! NetPlay dramatically lowers the cost. BYOH means it can run on existing hardware (FireTV and Sony TVs). Use ultra low cost mass market encoders. Simple connections on your home network. Lifetime software license for game changing future compatibility. Includes full source and TV IR control which doesn't require an external control system. Pricing as low as $90/TV. NetPlay Home is fully inter-operable with NetPlay Pro. Dealers have earliest access and can try NetPlayTV today. Retail customers please support our Kickstarter launch for great discounts. Kickstarter link Dealers contact sales@video-storm.com for more information or to setup an account.
  16. I got those stuff for sale , all Price is in CAD. Ship from Québec ( canada ) all stuff is in perfect condition and wokring. So U.S buyer will be happy to save 30 % 1X ; 2x2 HDMI Matrix Switch AT-HDMI-22M by Atlona ( **no remote ) 150 $ BRAND NEW IN THE BOX 1X Atlona AT-HDMI-V42 4x2 HDMI Switch HDMI 1.3 : 150 $ BRAND NEW IN THE BOX i got maybe 2 of these i need to check. 1X Atlona - 16 x 16 HDMI Matrix Switcher AT-HD-V1616M : 5,500 $ BRAND NEW IN THE BOX (or best offer ) 16 inputs, 16 outputs, HDCP compliant, EDID learning capabilities, RS-232 control option, and 9 programmable memory presets. The Atlona HDMI 16 by 16 Matrix Switcher has something for most of your professional needs. 1X Atlona HDMI 16 by 2 HDMI Switcher : 350 $ BRND NEW IN THE BOX Two mirrored HDMI outputs supporting 1920×1200, 1080p and 3D visual settings. Also supports multi-channel digital audio pass through up to Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Atlona 16 Input by 2 Output HDMI Switcher supports a wide range of devices to suit most professional needs.
  17. Hello Forum - I'm looking for a recommendation on a 4k HDMI extender running over CAT6. Here is the situation: HC-800 Controller and Denon receiver are installed in a sever room about a 60 ft run (+/- 10ft) from the TV. I just upgraded from a 1080p TV to a new 4k Samsung (KS8000). The current balun I've been using is Binary's B-320-1CAT-HDIR which works great but doesn't appear to support 4k content. I see numerous options for 4k HDMI extenders but haven't seen any that also include audio return channel (ARC). Does anyone know of a good solution for a 4k HDMI extender with ARC (preferably one which only requires external power on the transmitter side)??? As a reminder I already have CAT6 run to the TV and it's not possible to run a new HDMI cable. Reason I want the ARC support is to use the integrated Netflix app to stream UHD 4k content and push that audio back to the Denon in the server room to use the home theater. Alternatively, I suppose I can get a regular 4k extender without ARC support and purchase a Roku Ultra to stream 4k with audio. Under that scenario I'd get Netflix 4k content with audio, but I'd never be able to use any apps in the Samsung TV. Thanks in advance for your input/recommendations!
  18. I never thought I would "need" a video matrix, as they always seems way too expensive and unnecessary. I'm starting to see how useful one might be and also that there are some that aren't in the $1000's of dollar range. Any recommendations on a decent 4x4 matrix that integrates well with Control4? Thanks!
  19. Hello all ,i have some stuff thast i have either taken out of my system and replaced or bought in package deals and do not need,feel free to make offers as im shooting in the dark on prices -(1)-key digital KD-4x4 hdmi matrix with bauluns ---------------------------------$400....open to offers Netgear JG5524 24 port gigabit switch ----------------------------------------------------------$100 open to offers Please feel free to message with any questions
  20. I just had a Leaf LU642NAP video matrix installed. It has 6 inputs: 2 receivers; a Roku; PS3; Blueray player and the HC800. Instead of inputting the PS3 and blue ray player directly into the matrix, my preference was to put them as inputs into my Integra DRX-2 receiver and have the output from the receiver be an input into the matrix. My installer felt like it should work but when he hooked it up, no video would pass through. Is there any reason why this shouldn't work? Perhaps the HDMI output from the Integra receiver isn't recognized or compatible as an input into the Leaf? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  21. Hi, I have five new in the box/never used Control4 C4-HDBTEB-B Receivers. $300 CDN each plus shipping Offers on the lot Thanks for looking. .
  22. I have made many drivers before, but for some unknown reason when I now made this new TV driver for a LG TV, The HDMI does not show up as available. I have made the inputs in the driver as HDMI 1, 2 ,3. Then assign that to HDMI video. But after created it does not show. Is this a bug or is there something I have completely forgotten?
  23. I am looking for a good solution for video Distribution for my house. Can you guys recommend anythng that doesn't break the bank. Right not I have 2 TV's but in the end I will have 4-5 TV's and looking to have them all run HDMI. Thanks
  24. Good Evening, This may be more of a Denon issue, but it does involve Control4 GUI. I have an issue with a new Denon x2200 not outputting the HDMI signal from a new EA-1 to a new Sony x810c. The audio is processed just fine, so I know the input is "ok"...just no video is displayed on the TV. The EA-1 outputs video to the TV just fine without the Denon in the loop, plugged in using the same HDMI cable. Soon as the output is routed out the Denon, no picture. A brand new 4th Generation AppleTV , old Xbox 360 and an old Comcast RNG150 output through the Denon with no problems.I have changed out HDMI with different makes and versions with no success. I have having the exact same issue with an old LG Blu-Ray player from 2013. I replaced it with a Sony BDP-s1500, and I am still having the same issue. Plugged in directly no problem, ran through Denon- no picture. For a split second I will see the LG logo, then the handshake completes, and I loose the picture. Both the Control4 HDMI output and AppleTV HDMI output are 1.4. I am using a SnapAV b6 cable from the Denon to the TV and variations of b4 and b6 between the components and the Denon. I have tried the Comcast provided HDMI cable as well, no signal through the Denon. I am no HDMI version and compatibility master, but this is driving me crazy. I set up a EA-1 with a x2200 and a Samsung TV just the other day with ZERO problems, but I can not imagine it being the TV. It is also interesting to note that the Denon logo does not display on the TV when the signal is broken, I see only the Sony missing input screen. Everything has been updated , Denon, Sony Blu-Ray, EA-1. I have a sneaky suspicion it has something to do HDCP compatibility...but again, not an expert...I only know enough to get me in trouble. Obviously... Any help is greatly appreciated.
  25. Watching a movie on my LG DVD player, it works fine for awhile then the TV says HDMI signal lost? Sometimes it comes back after several minutes, sometimes I have to do a room off and restart. What the heck? My semi-reliable dealer supposedly replaced the el-cheapo HDMI connections that my original (scum) dealer installed and this hasn't been an issue for cable TV since they fixed that. Do I really need to invest more money into such an overall unreliable and quirky Control4 system?
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