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Found 11 results

  1. Chowmain - Ultimate Hikvision Driver for Control4! Hikvision, who is a popular surveillance manufacturer, produce a range of PTZ and NON PTZ based IP cameras for a range of residential and commercial applications. As one of our top requested drivers we felt that we needed to create the ultimate Hikvision driver for Control4. This driver pushes the integration of Hikvision by offering functionality that allows the cameras to push the boundaries of security and home automation. This means that surveillance is no longer just for security but can also be used to trigger motion-based programming like lighting. Features Control4 OS 3.0 Support Remote control simulation / Hikvision onscreen control over IP for I series NVR and K series DVR (via customised firmware) Supports PTZ & Non PTZ Cameras on the local network or connected directly to a NVR View live camera stream on Control4 interface PTZ control (Up, Down, Left, Right, Preset, Zoom) Control4 Push Notification Snapshot Support (push notification photos to mobile phones) Live Events Auto-sensing and re-connection of alert stream loss Auto import of events including VMD (video motion detection) Tamper Detection Disk Full Disk Error Line Motion Field Motion Video Mismatch Region Entrance Region Exiting Unattended Baggage Attended Baggage Licence Plate Detection (for supported cameras) Ability to bind events to contact drivers in Control4 (eg motion sensor driver) Licence Plate Number Variable (for supported cameras) Programming commands Day Night Mode Goto Preset Auto Flip Back to origin One touch patrol Reboot camera Auto Setup of Camera You can set camera resolution configuration for best performance for Control4 via a single button press from Composer You can set the current position as either a preset or home from Composer Auto binding of Camera driver to NVR driver for easy configuration FAQ What about Hikvisions NVR and DVR range? The driver supports cameras connected to the rear of NVRs for live view of cameras along with PTZ and events. It also supports onscreen navigation for certain NVR and DVR products.. The following models provide onscreen navigation via a customised firmware developed by Hikvision in partnership with us. TurboHD DVR - 72xxHUHI-K2 series Network Video Recorders - 76/77/96xx I Series NVR What cool things can we do with this driver? The driver's Auto setup functionality makes configuration of the cameras quick and easy. This driver provides the ability to attach snapshots to Control4 Push Notifications (4sight required). Tie this in with the camera's motion events and your customer can get notified (with an image) if the camera detections motion. This camera provides live feedback of events which is useful if you want to tie in lighting to motion and other events. View the Hikvision NVR and DVR onscreen display via its HDMI output and control it via IP. This is compatible with I series NVR and K series DVR products using a customised firmware that Hikvision developed for us. Certain cameras have the ability to detect licence plates. These cameras provide events in Control4 along with variables on the detected plate number. Use it to open gates and garage doors automatically! What products will this work for? This will work with Hikvisions range of IP cameras, DVRs and NVRs. Some manufacturers OEM Hikvisions cameras and rebadge them as their own so it will also work with those cameras. Please test prior to licence purchase. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website
  2. When I view the cameras on the C4 app they show as SD by default. How do I change them to default HD? This was the same on the Hikvision app but their was a toggle to change from SD to HD. Thanks
  3. Totally confused on main stream and sub-stream (I think) Here's my setup: 4 Hikvision/Alibi IP cams (8MP). Camera Settings (via web interface) I setup the cameras using their assigned IP via the camera webpage. When setting mainstream to all max settings and resolutions - Blue Iris app and program displays beautifully and the Hikvision Camera's webpage display is outstanding. I played with Sub-stream settings but I don't see anything in other (C4 or Blue Iris) settings to select which stream to use/view. In order for these cams to show up on T3's, I have to reduce resolution and FPS to the point the cams are operating at 1/3 of capability. How can I force the touchscreens to use the SUBSTREAM? Control4 Setup Added 4 Cams to project using Hikvision Driver (static) driver. Driver doc says add via SDDP - but the cams don't show up (not a biggie as I added via IP). Driver doc also says it's for PTZ but I assume the doc is same for both PTZ and Static drivers. Camera setup for the mainstream I set at 10-12fps, 1920X* and medium quality (which looks terrible in Blue Iris by the way). This is the only setting that will display on the touchscreens (T3's). It passes the camera test in the driver. Higher settings will not pass. How can I force the touchscreens to use the SUBSTREAM? Added Blue Iris Static driver (which is pretty old btw) and added ONE camera to driver via drop down and will pass MPEG but not h264 test. Changed resolutions and FPS repeatedly. Blue Iris camera will not display on touch screen at all. I don't know which way to go here. Documentation says it should populate some info about the cam via LUA, but none of the "action" buttons seem to do anything although it does show a list of cameras on the drop downs. Blue Iris All cams setup in Blue Iris and displaying fine on Blue Iris mobile app. Mainstream looks terrible (little exaggeration) with settings that will display on C4 touchscreens (T3's). Side note: Blue Iris is surprising powerful and more capable than an dedicated NVR in my opinion. I'm using a dedicated Lenovo Tiny M92p 2.9Ghz 16GB RAM and 500 GB HD with Win 10 Pro. I was able to pick that up for $165 and another $60 for Blue Iris program. Mobile app was $10 so I have $235 vested in what I consider to be a really nice NVR capable of quite a bit (outside of Control4 with the Hikvision driver or ideally with the Blue Iris driver) There's a paid third party driver Blue Iris driver - which adds overlay capability - probably should look into that. What I'd like to have is the Mainstream at max resolution for the Blue Iris app AND the Sub-stream to the Touchscreens and C4 mobile app.
  4. Can someone recommend some good Hikvision NVR models compatible with Control4?
  5. We are pleased to announce the release of our Hikvision and OEM Doorbell driver. You can use the 21 Day trial to ensure the driver works for your model of Doorbell. Please ensure you have updated your device to the manufacturers latest firmware. https://annex4.link/drivers/hikvision-video-doorbell
  6. I have 8 Hikvision IP camera with Hikvision NVR. When navigating to any camera through the security menu on the TV Navigator, I get this error message. Is there a resolution setting that I need to change in the composer or the driver setting?
  7. I purchased a few HIKVISION IP Cameras under the premise there are working drivers. I've purchased DS-2CD1131-I and DS-2CD2142FWD-IS (both of which are supposed to be supported) and can't get them to work. While I can access the cameras with a browser connecting to the IP address, whenever I use the driver it fails to communicate to the camera. It has the latest firmware and everything looks like it should work, but can't communicate. The documentation also indicates it should be recognized via SDDP - but that doesn't seem to work either. As the case with most Chinese products, customer support is non-existent. At the end of the day I just need some inexpensive IP security cameras which work. Any recommendations on getting these to work or other options?
  8. Hi, I am wandering if anyone has any experience with getting a HikVISION NVR to behave with Control 4 and have some questions about the correct network structure. I currently have a Hikvision NVR with with the updated firmware. It has 16 inbuilt POE ports for the cameras. HOWEVER, I am currently not using the inbuilt POE ports and have configured a separate POE switch for the cameras. The cameras are currently on a separate VLAN from the NVR. The NVR is configured on the "home" network but has access to the cameras too, via the switch. My question is, will this be compatible with Control4. I.e. C4 having only direct access to the NVR and NOT the cameras? or should i just use the POE ports on the NVR to connect the cameras? The only thing i want to do is view cameras via the C4 interface. (not too concerned about confining the NVR via C4). would appreciate any advise as not too sure?
  9. I'm looking for a few people that are interested in beta testing a Hikvision camera driver. I'd like to get a few people testing it so we can confirm it works on various models and firmware. I've added support for both the HTTP server and alert stream for monitoring events. I've noticed that some cameras will have one, both, or neither available so I've included both in the driver. Sometimes the associated NVR will have support for monitoring events on behalf of the camera, but the camera itself will not, the driver will support this as well. The driver behaves similarly to how the Control4 one does with the Contact Sensor bindings for each event trigger. I've simplified it a bit more and added some optimizations so that the http server will ignore and not even subscribe to events unless you want it to. I've also included programming events directly for the more common camera events. The MJPEG, H.264 and Snapshot URL's all work and can be used through a NVR or connected directly. The driver will also automatically configure the camera sub stream for you to make sure it matches up with what Control4 expects (no green bands) If interested please send me a PM or comment here with your camera model.
  10. Hi, I am new to this forum, this is my first post. I am located close to Dubai (Muscat, Oman), and am soon going to be the 2nd Control4 dealer in the country. I have been looking around and researching, and noticed that nest cams don't work with control4. I am a little stumbled on this point; I have to decide what CCTV company would work best with control4. I have the option of becoming a Hikvision reseller (I buy any Hikvision camera from the local distributor in the country, at cost price, no margins), or I go with Lilin which is a control4 partner. What would be the better choice? Thanks,
  11. Hi all, I am looking for 8 channel hikvision NVR driver. Any comments where can I get it? Thanks
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