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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, Wanted to see if there was a possibility to receive HTTP commands to actually trigger an event in Control4 so I can trigger some lighting behaviors. Basically, I have a customer that is running a billiards bar and wants the lights to turn on every time a tab opens for that billiards table. And when they close the tab for that table, then the light turns off. Any thoughts behind how I can go about doing this? I think I can get HTTP commands from the POS system/server. Let me know what you all think would be a reliable solution for this set up.
  2. Hi there, I am trying to write a small driver that allows me to call the LIFX smart bulbs API to activate/deactivate light scenes. Unfortunately, the damn API wants to receive PUT requests. In the driverworks documentation I only see support for GET and POST. Does anybody know if there's a way to send a PUT request from LUA code in a driver? Maybe someone has some code to share? :-) Other than invoking curl on the controller, of course... Thanks in advance, Rick
  3. I've created a server in my driver using C4.CreateServer. The OnServerDataIn function is invoked when the director receives data on the port. Right now I'm sending it a HTTP POST request, but don't know how to extract only the body from the "strData". --[[ Invoked by Director when data comes in on an open Server Socket. ]] function OnServerDataIn(nHandle, strData, strClientAddress, strPort) -- TODO: Parse body of POST from strData end Right now when I send it a POST request that looks like: POST / HTTP/1.1 Content-type:text/plain host:example.com content-length:5 test str
  4. Hello everyone, We have integrated our Honeywell cameras (Model No. HWCCALIPD1AI36VP) with C4 automation system using RTSP H264 Stream URL. The streaming is working fine but we still require the links for Snapshot URL & HTTP MJPEG Stream URL for complete integration and to enable display in on-screen navigation. We have tried iSpy and other links online but test failed. Any suggestions?
  5. Hi, Is there a solution available that would let me interact with a Control4 system from either the web, or at the very least from a PC on the same network at the Control4 system? What I'd like to do is to write custom code, either in the cloud or on a networked PC, that can send commands into a Control4 system. One-way communication would be fine, where an incoming command is surfaced as an event in Composer. I can then program against these events to have Control4 do stuff. Thanks for any pointers.
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