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Found 29 results

  1. Recently installed a DS2 and am having several issues. First, trying to wire the existing lighted doorbell has been impossible. Have attemted to utilize the elk 930 transformer and still had no luck. Anyone who has successfully done this I would love to see your configuration. Second, I have not been able to get the call to pop up on any T3 screens. You cn see the DS2 camera and intercom and can initiate the call from a T3 but it will not initite when someone presses the call button on the DS2. Again, anyone who has installed this successfully I would love to hear any issues you had or success resolving them.
  2. I have recently had a door station installed (3 months old), and recently downloaded the intercom app. I am having a weird problem that the door station does not connect with the intercom app (it is present on the list of devices in the intercom app but greyed out). I have 2 other devices, (2 lcd screens) which i can call, and call from to my intercom app device perfectly fine. What do i need to do to allow the door station to connect to my intercom app. I have created new user accounts etc, and also have composer home (if that helps)??
  3. Hi, got an issue with DS 2. HC-800 runs 2.9.1. Luxul xbr4400, Buffalo gigabit switch.There are 4 infinity 7" touchscreens. there is a video coming from doorstation to touch screens, but no audio. But audio is coming to doorstation from any touchscreen. one way audio communication. C4 tech support wasn't able to help factory reset, update driver, move close to controller (interesting solution for doorstation, it is per definition should be far from switch/router), 1 hour o the phone. no result, but..... if I call from any touchscreen to doorstation there is a sound !!!! I did RMA, but I suspect there is a another issue here.
  4. Hey everyone, I have the DS2 door station installed along with the touchscreen and the EA-1 Controller. When in the living room, everything is fine as I can hear the touch screen whenever somebody is at the door. I also have the application on my phone as well. However, when I am upstairs since the touchscreen can't be heard upstairs, I have no idea when and who is at the door. Is there any way to get notified on the phone when somebody is at the door, like getting the same call on both my phone and touchscreen or any other way? Best Regards,
  5. Hi C4 forum people Im busy putting a quote together for a client that wants to put an intercom system in his live in helps room. I tried to suggest something like a touch panel or a DS2 or even a door bird but hes shot all the ideas down as too expensive. Is there a cheap way to get an intercom connected to the system where all it needs to do is call through to his helpers room from a touch panel or from the app on his phone. No need for video feed or even a callback function for the helper persons side. Any advice is welcomed
  6. I'm having a mysterious issue with our intercoms defaulting to the microphone muting when initiating an intercom call. We use this feature a lot and it's very frustrating to have to unmute the mic for every call. I have an EA5 running firmware that was updated in December 2017 (I'm not sure how to check the version using HE) and have the T3 7" touchscreens in all locations. When I initiate an intercom call to another T3 touchscreen, the microphone on the initiating touchscreen defaults to muting the microphone (see pic). At each touchscreen in the house (and in Composer HE), I verified that the intercom settings on all devices are showing "Monitor" is set to "on" and the default mic value not set to zero (See pics). Interestingly, when I initiate an intercom call to a door station, the mic volume does not default to mute. Does anyone have any ideas how to "unmute" the mic for default intercom calls?
  7. We recently installed a C4 door station intercom and security keypad for our external pedestrian gate. This works well from the internal C4 touch screen but what would really complete the functionality is the ability to converse with the person at the gate from my phone, if we are not home to decide if we want to let a delivery guy in or not. We have a C4 anywhere subscription so can do most everything else remotely. Why is this not possible and does anyone know when C4 will deliver this neccessary functionality?
  8. Hello there, I connected C4-DS2FM into my project and in the communications agent, I add the touch screen to the devices. Now when I press the call button, nothing happens and I am unable to see the camera also from the touchscreen. Any idea what am I doing wrong here? Best Regards,
  9. Hi, I have a fairly recent control4 home and would like to add a front gate intercom. I am looking for minimalistic modern stainless steel look, with camera, microphone and keypad. Something similar to "2N Helios" one: http://www.2n.cz/en/products/intercom-systems/analog-intercoms/helios/ Will this work well with C4? Is there anything specific I need to be looking for in intercoms in order to have them properly integrate with Control4 home? Any advise will be highly appreciated and as I don't want to get something that won't be compatible with C4. Thank you.
  10. Control4 Doorstation Integration Driver by Cinegration now available! Features: SIP integration with Control4 touch panels Doorbell announcement Allows Control4 to play a special sound in the speakers of the home Unlock a Control4 smart doorlock from the touch panel or DoorBird app directly! Answer and unlock the door from a Control4 touchscreen! IP camera integration See the camera like a normal security camera in Control4 NVR support of the DoorBird camera Remotely communicate with someone at the gate and allow entry, all without changing apps on the phone Adjust the DoorBird microphone and speaker level Customer can “see” who pushed the doorbell button last at any time through the Control4 app Unlock any gate, doorlock or motor connected to Control4 from the DoorBird app Why DoorBird and not Ring? Well, for starters, the Control4 integration by Cinegration. We spend quite a bit of time customizing the driver and the DoorBird API for maximum integration. The DoorBird is a fantastic doorstation or doorbell replacement for any Control4 customer. Here is a breakdown of some of the advantages and differences in current technology: DoorBird (with Cinegration Driver) Ring Doorbell Control4 Doorstation Answer the door from a smart phone X X Customized doorbell sound X X Unlock the door from a touchscreen X X Unlock the door from a smart phone (while talking to the doorstation) X PoE setup X X Communicate with the doorstation from a Control4 touchscreen X X DoorBird wants you to know: “Are you interested in selling DoorBird in your region? If you would like to join DoorBird’s partner program, please register on their website at www.doorbird.com/partner. The price of DoorBird starts at $349,- (MSRP) and, of course, you as a partner would get a fair discount. For more information about DoorBird, please visit their website www.doorbird.com or send an email to media_us@doorbird.com” Interested? Please contact your Control4 dealer for more details. http://cinegration.com/driver/doorbird/ Thank you, Driver Team at Cinegration www.cinegration.com drivers@cinegration.com
  11. Hi, new driver for Invixium smart biometric products includes Voice Intercom function with T3. Available from Australian distributor smartidentity.com.au
  12. I have installed Holovision Model100 viking phone only doorstations before with Control4 but never the full intercom models since the C4 door stations were great. Once C4 switched to those HUGE and ugly, only 1 finish with large black pointless square in the middle units, we decided to switch to the Holovision. Installed the first one yesterday and here are the PRO's and CON's based on my experience. Model installed was the MODEL120-Viking-SIP-IP Camera PRO - looks gorgeous and tons of finishes available. PRO - Faceplate build quality and size are awesome PRO - Feature rich if you can get it to work and configured within the Control4 environment. CON - Expensive! CON - Even though we were told single CAT capable, the unit actually requires 2 CAT's. One for the cam and one for the viking card. We ended up splitting the only CAT into 2 four conductor cables for pins 1,2,3,6. We ended up having problems getting POE over both cables for some unknown reason. Both tested fine but could only get POE to one device or the other using any outputs on the switch. CON - Units can be tricky to get into back box based on tracer board layouts behind the unit. All the contacts on the tracer board are exposed and its tricky to maneuver around the back box screw terminals to get the unit into the back box. I worry I'm going to short something out on the metal box. The boards really aren't in the best location behind the unit and tend to be on a flimsy metal arm. CON - Unit is NOT plug and play like the Control4. This for me was the toughest part. I don't do SIP and related every day like the engineers who built this thing, so although it is likely easy for them, it really wasn't for me. What should have been a 1 to 2 hour install dragged on all day and ended with the unit going back to the office. CON - Too many people involved in making this work. First, you need to buy the Holovision unit from Holovision. Then, viking driver and IP camera driver from Houselogix. Then, you need to run NetCam installer to find the camera. This isn't on the Holovision site anywhere and the only way to get as far as I can tell, is Holovision has to email to you. Then, you need to configure the SIP card with Viking IP software. Again, not on the website anywhere so yet another call to Holovision. Another issue is the Viking with IP instructions aren't on Holovisions site either. The unit shipped with a small piece of paper but not clearly written. There was also a 2" CD but those only work in pop out disc trays. I'm not sure who still uses those! I couldn't load it so I have no idea what was on it. If you're not familiar with all these areas, one you get in there and start having problems, you end up bouncing from company to company looking for support and they all point at each other. CON - Third party SIP and Communication agent are buggy with Control4! As they state, its not supported. I added the Holovision to the intercom group 3 times with no luck. Fourth time I removed the driver and re added with another power cycle and it worked. Definitely not confidence inspiring. At the end of the day, I was expecting plug in and connect via SDDP or similar and be off and running. Although I was able to get the touch panel to ring once and the camera on the network, I was never able to get it all going at the same time. The programming drop down and events were confusing to figure out for the holovision unit. There was no "when the only button on the unit is pressed" event, instead there was a drop down list of about 10 things. Most of them made no sense. I'm sure I could have figured it out eventually, but 6 hours into a 1 hour install and many hours of hold music later, I finally gave up and requested an RA to send the unit back. I think if companies like Holovision are going to offer a compatible product to Control4 dealers, or Crestron or Savant or whomever, its not just the actual product that needs to be engineered for us, so does the installation and support. That all needs to be factored into the design, cost and delivery. Pointing fingers to the driver manufacturer or company who made the camera etc isn't going to work, especially when there are a bunch of options out there and more coming daily. If third party software is involved, then have it right on your site under the product downloads section with instructions. I'm sure your company doesn't want to get tech support calls all day on this stuff, so make sure the tools we need are right there. I'm not sure I would consider trying one of these again in the future. Perhaps in a more controlled environment at some point at the office. They really are nice looking and feature packed. But, it definitely was a much different experience than installing the Control4 DSC exterior door stations.
  13. Hello friends Is there a way to pick alternate camera using programing in composer For example: I want to pick left driveway camera, when a car enters there for my door station and make an auto call to all T3's in home, after 30 seconds switch to door stations camera. will appreciate your thoughts
  14. I have 24 Grandstream cameras in my project. I tried everything I could but couldn't register the cameras with EA5 SIP Proxy. It says invalid user or device I really want to use it, I have see a template for Intercom Proxy in Driver Works 3.0 which seems new. Did any tried to create a driver using the proxy where one can register the cameras with C4? This would be great help
  15. So Amazon launched the new update that enables Alexa on fire tablets. Has anyone tried to control their C4 through the tablet's Alexa (voice commands)? The plan is to mount one of these in every room (I have 6000 sq ft + and it will be cheaper than buying just two C4 wall units), load skype or similar for intercom and being able to control my C4 through app and Alexa in every corner of the house. That being said, does anyone see any issues with the setup? Will appreciate any input. I'm planning on seting skype to auto pickup, thus theoretically I should be able to call any unit at any time. Hopefully skype supports group calls as "page all" function is very important for me as well.
  16. Hello, i have a TSMC7 touch screen. Can i use it with my newest intercom on DS2 door station ?
  17. I have a DS2 door station and I have 8 v2 touch screens and 2 v3 touch screens. The video feed from the DS2 stopped feeding to the v2's after the call button is pressed. I can see the DS2 camera on all the v2's. C4 tech support keep telling me to do the same thing over and over. the customer wants me to pull out 8 v2 if i cant get the video to feed because that was the main reason for them. this problem popped up right before I upgraded to 2.9. Any Ideas??
  18. Hi All the new controllers seem to have a free intercom license - When last I asked my delear; the intercom license was an extra cost - Is this no longer the case?
  19. Hi there, I'm new to control4, one is being installed this week. We have a front gate that will electric when it's finished. I'm looking for options that will let us see who's at the gate, talk to them and open the gate for them. I'd like to be able to do this from my phone, since that's the device that we always have on our person. Can you folks suggest some options that will integrate nicely with the control4 please?
  20. Selling two 7" In-Wall touch screens with cameras. They are in like new condition...even still have the screen protector film on them. Both come with back box/ power supply units. Ended up buying more than I need. Would like to get $375 each.
  21. In my office I have an EA3 controller programmed in Composer 2.8.2 and two TW7CO wall panels. Tried installing the Intercom agent but it no longer exists. Tried adding Communication agent and I get a pop up message stating that "this agent cannot be used with Legacy devices and I can find drivers in search without the word Communication in the title". No drivers exist in search for this and the Knowledgebase article link in the pop up points to a non existent page. I tried opening 2.6 to add the Intercom agent there so I can run the migration wizard and I get an error that the EA controller cannot be run on older Composer. I'm basically in purgatory here. I have to imagine this issue has a very high potential to pop up since there are still a number of older wall panels floating around and all the controllers are in transition. Ideas? Thanks in advance.
  22. osa

    Intercom app

    I'm just getting the system installed, so I'm not at all familiar with how it all works. I need to be able to communicate with 2 of my kids through intercom. I first thought to go with 2 touch screens, but now I'm wondering if I'll actually need a 3rd one on my end to call from or can I just call them using the control4 app on my phone? Which brings me to the next question. Given both kids would have ipads in their rooms, could I push-call them (pressing "answer" not required) from a 3rd smart device using control4 app? And no, I can't use facetime since that's purposely disabled on kids ipads. Thanks!
  23. Hi, I have some question about door stations (intercom). I'm wondering are there some different gears I can use instead "doorstation" and integrate is with C4? Thanks.
  24. So I am trying to set up some programming to allow me to initiate a broadcast call from the couch. Here is how I would want this to work. Press Green Button on SR250 in Living Room: - if Living Room TS is in call session: - end call session (or end broadcast) - stop - if Living Room TS is not in call session: - initiate broadcast to ALL touchscreens I tried programming this but it doesn't seem to work. The screen initiates the broadcast call correctly, but I cant get it to hang up the session (even tried creating a macro to "End Call" on all of the TS, but that didnt work either). I am on 2.7.2 and these are IE 7" Touch Screens with the new communication agent. Anyone have any ideas?
  25. Hello all, I am new with C4 systems, and I'm sure I'm missing something, I already looked for the forum, searching everywhere, but nothing.. I'm asking your help, please. I have a small installation composed with Infinity Edge 7", HC250 and a C4 DoorStation, under Composer 2.7. I have an Android app CSipSimpl with an Asterisk server on a NAS QNAP. I already configured the Communication* Agent on Composer and added the Universal SIP Phone driver, the 3rd Party one being obsolete for my project. My problem is : On the I.E when I touch the Intercom, I have the red screen with "Initializing intercom, please try again later". Plus, when I double-clic the intercom driver, nothing happened when I clicked "Call selected group". I'm lost, and i'm sorry if what I miss might be obvious. Thanks in advance !
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