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Found 23 results

  1. Chowmain - Generic TCP Command Driver Control4 allows for you to easily integrate infra red based audio/visual devices but it does not give you the ability to integrate TCP/IP based devices easily. This is where the Chowmain generic tcp command driver comes in. With customisable actions you can now easily fire off TCP or HTTP commands to any device or service contactable from your network. Features Everything is programmed from the actions tabHTTP commandsSupports URL encoded usernames, passwords and ports eg for HTTP GET and HTTP PostSupport for HTTPSAscii based TCP commandsDefinable IP Address, Port and CommandCommand can contain special character delimiters such as carriage returns or line feeds (eg \r\n).Ascii based UDP commandsDefinable IP Address, Port and CommandCommand can contain special character delimiters such as carriage returns or line feeds (eg \r\n).Wake-On LAN commandCan be used to wake up a sleeping or powered off device that supports wake on lan (eg computers or NAS drives).Can be used to quickly integrate devices not normally integrated within Control4’s driver wizard by adding tcp commands to their events page.Frequently Asked Questions Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver? * This driver is useful to fire commands to shut down NAS drives, fire off camera triggers, fire off commands to your PC using event ghost. * This driver can be used to access HTTP Post services such as SMS gateways, push notification services such as prowl and pnotify.com * This driver can be used to send Wake on Lan packets to supporting computers and NAS drives to turn them on from sleep or off modes. Are there any other cool things we can do with this driver? * You can also create quick simple IP based AV devices by firing off commands on the AV event. Though this is not substitution for a real IP driver it allows non driverworks developers to create simple drivers for their jobs where they cannot afford to hire a driverworks developer. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Download Installation Guide How do I buy the driver? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 48 hour trial. This is activated once you add the driver to the project. No additional steps are necessary.
  2. Has anyone successfully implemented the LG OLED77C8PUA [IP] driver? (https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?q=OLED77C8PUA) This model runs webOS 4 and I am aware of the Annex driver, but would like to get the certified driver above working before asking for more $$. When manually entering MAC & IP (wired, wireless, both) the 'Connect to Network' property remains false. When using the action 'Get MAC Addresses', it is unsuccessful. HC250 (2.10.x), the TV is on the network otherwise as it can utilize web content via factory remote.
  3. Trying to access my EA-3 controller via browser and IP address. Cannot determine the password. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. I am looking for an IP driver that will power on/off and control the volume for the Samsung 6 series tv's. Any advice is welcomed! Thanks The specific model number of the tv is the UN50NU6900.
  5. First of all, I'm proud to be part of such a cool group but people can get to install some of the most awesome automation system there is. I've been programing control 4 for about 6 years now and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on basically every trade that it has to do with. Whether it goes from wiring air conditioning units to controlling a thousand-watt chandelier to automating a 36 television with Alexa voice control. There are not many things that I can't figure out especially with the help from this forum. But for the life of me this third generation Fire TV is kicking my ass. Unfortunately these fire TVs no longer have a ethernet port forcing us to purchase a $12 directly from Amazon ethernet adapter for it. Which is fine I understand It comes with the cost the customers understand wired is always better. But for the life of me I cannot keep a consistent IP connection with this device. Now there have been other posts on this forum that explain how to keep it alive using me an ADB command. Even in the latest driver there is a disable sleep timer action now. But neither of these seem to actually do what they say. Has the operating system updated to a point where this code no longer works? I'm turning to The Experts here because this is honestly like my most difficult thing to deal with it. It causes constant truck rolls for no reason I would love to be able to find a way to nip this problem in the bud.
  6. Hey all, just wanted to share this with you. Seems to be one of those things that works great for some, and barely works for others. I'm definitely in the "barely works" category. Since a bunch of my customers keep requesting them, I can't just turn a blind eye to it. Nor am I a big fan of the USB-IR adapter. So after weeks of working on this, I think I figured out a way to resolve this and wanted to share my results with everyone. This has been tested on both Fire TV Stick and Fire TV box. The main issue seems to be (or at least from what I've noticed) is if the Fire TV falls asleep, the Control4 IP driver can no longer communicate with it. So I then went on the journey of trying to figure out a way to keep this awake since Amazon for some reason does not provide any options to keep it awake. Could have went the Control4 route and setup a timer to hit the "up" button on the driver ever hour, but that could cause some unwanted distractions during viewing (and it's not a very elegant solution) Also looked into sideloading an Android app (like KeepAwake or RedEye) on to the Fire TV to keep it awake, however this seemed to produce mixed results and even appeared to add a performance hit to the Fire TV Stick. I was about to give up until I stumbled upon this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireTV/comments/4jc22o/nonroot_prevent_sleep_on_fireos5/ I can proudly say after settings the sleep_timeout value to 0, both the test Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Box have stayed awake and responds to Control4's command every time we pickup the remote. Now after that whole intro, some instructions on how to get this done. 1. Disconnect the Control4 Fire TV driver during this process. If it's occupying the ADB session, you can't perform the following tasks so this is key. 2. Install ADB - https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools.html#download (You really only need the platform tools that provides the ADB executable) 3. Find the IP address of your Fire TV, run adb from a command prompt/terminal as followed (without quotes) "adb connect fire_tv_ip_address" 4. If you received an error, check your network connections and check to make sure you have the proper IP of your Fire TV (and it's awake). You can also try turning ADB Debugging OFF then back ON to clear the sessions (this is done from the Fire TV). If no error was received, enter in "adb devices". It should show the IP of your Fire TV and after that "device". If it says "offline" after the IP, make sure Control4 is disconnected from the Fire TV and also try turning ADB Debugging OFF then back ON from the Fire TV. 5. Now type in "adb shell" and it will then provide you shell access to the Fire TV and change the prompt on the screen. 6. Type in "settings put secure sleep_timeout 0" and hit enter. Then type in "settings get secure sleep_timeout" and confirm the value returned in 0. If it doesn't return that value or gives you an error, make sure you are typing the command in properly. 7. Type "exit" or "quit" (can't remember offhand) to end the shell session, the prompt should change back to your normal command prompt/terminal prompt. Then type in "adb disconnect" to kill the ADB session. 8. Add the IP address back in to the Control4 Amazon Fire TV IP driver. Just remember, don't add quotes to any command when typing them in to a command prompt/terminal. I hope this helps those out that have continued to have control issues with Fire TV.
  7. We are looking for testers of a Vizio IP driver, you will need to have a 2016+ Vizio Smartcast TV. If you are interested please respond and also include your TV model.
  8. Hello everyone, I would like to monitor the power that we are consuming in our house. Is there any energy meter available that can be used and has a driver for Control4 which will allow me to see the energy consumption on the touchscreen? Any help would be appreciated. Best Regards,
  9. HI Guys, am chasing if it existing a driver for the Gefen CU-Lan video over IP products... Has anyone used?? Cheers
  10. Hi everyone, how are you? I need a driver to Geovision IP Camera, the specific model is GV-Fisheye IP Camera H.264. I have HC800 controller, Siera NVR and 14 geovision cameras. In the webpage of the camera, it does not show me where it saves the snapshot and the mjpeg url is not clear. I try to ispyconnect url of geovision GV-FE2301 cameras but not work, i try to generic ip driver of yatun developer with http port and rtsp port but not work, i try with compatibility ip camera driver but de mjpeg is for rtsp:// and not work. https://content.etilize.com/User-Manual/1028092862.pdf https://www.ispyconnect.com/man.aspx?n=Geovision# http://www.yatundev.eu/drivers/generic-fixed-ip-camera https://dealer.control4.com/dealer/knowledgebase/article/1666 I want see the camera in live mode in the navigator or movil c4 app, nothing else. Someone can help me to create a new driver for this camera model o try something else? Thank you Ale
  11. I am using a KNX IP Router from HDL KNX and when I type the address in the composer pro, it says connected. After that when I add the driver for the dimmer and the switch they make the connections as well automatically. But when I enter the group addresses and try to control the light from the navigator (touch screen) nothing happens. Kindly help.
  12. Hi; I know that there is a KNX Network driver which allows us to control KNX System. But i'm really curious about how the driver make a connection with KNX IP device. I did some research and found that need to send "connection request" to IP device. First, i created a connection with C4:CreateNetworkConnection(6001,my_ip_address,"UDP") Second, i connected to device C4:NetConnect(6001,3671), and got some feedback related that i have successfully connected to device. But after that, i suppose i need to send some connection request which is a hexadecimal data to send telegrams to IP device with C4:SendToNetwork(). But i can't figure out how to use hexadecimal data in C4:SendToNetwork() function. For example; the KNX Network Driver gives that output while it sending a connect request: -----> CONNECT_REQUEST 06 10 02 05 00 1A 08 01 C0 A8 05 3B 8A 3D 08 01 C0 A8 05 3B A4 3A 04 04 02 00 And get that response <----- CONNECTIONSTATE_RESPONSE [8] 06 10 02 08 00 08 08 00 I want to send this data "06 10 02 05 00 1A 08 01 C0 A8 05 3B 8A 3D 08 01 C0 A8 05 3B A4 3A 04 04 02 00" with C4:SendToNetwork() to specific binding. Thank you ! Any help is appreciated.
  13. Anyone familiar with a way to suppress the SONY TV software update diag box? The TV menu seems to give the option for prompted or automatic updates, but not NO updates. The problem we are having is that all updates reset the TV IP addresses and then they loose the system. We use them purely as displays - I'm guessing the updates are truly for folks using the android features etc. If I could do everything over - I'd have purchased displays from sharp or NEC. Willing to try custom firmware or anything. It has my partner wondering why we spent so much on an automated system he cant control (not understanding that the TVs are not C4's problem).
  14. Hey Guys, Would really like to see native integration with Nest Cam streams for security, other than using blue iris as a workaround!
  15. Chowmain - PJLink Universal Projector driver PJLink is a new unified standard designed to make communication interfaces and communication protocols that have been different from one projector manufacturer to another uniform and common. Several Japanese manufacturers have adopted the PJLink standard for their projectors. With this PJLink driver for Control4 you can control multiple projectors via IP with 2 way feedback. Supported manufacturers include (but not limited to) NEC, Casio, Canon, Sharp, Sky, Seiko Epson, Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi and Ricoh. Features IP Control Control Power On / Off Input Switching Volume Up / Down Mic Volume Up / Down Freeze / Unfreeze Video Mute / Audio Mute Feedback. Projector Name Maker Name Model Name Other Info Serial Number Software Version Lamp Replacement Model Number Filter Replacement Model Number Filter Usage Time Lamp Hours Current Power Status Current Input Input Resolution Recommended Resolution Error Status – Fan Error Status – Lamp Error Status – Temp Error Status – Cover Open Error Status – Filter Error Status - Others FAQ What manufacturers use the PJLink standard? The following manufacturers utilise the PJLink standard NEC Display Solutions, Ltd CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD Canon Inc. SHARP CORPORATION Sky CO., LTD SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION Sony Corporation Panasonic Corporation Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. RICOH COMPANY,LTD What projectors will this work on? The PJLink website has a list of projectors that make/models. Please see link below. http://pjlink.jbmia.or.jp/english/list.html Note that this is not a definitive list. What is Class 1 and Class 2? Projectors support different versions of the protocol. Our driver supports both Class 1 and Class 2. Class 2 is an expansion of the Class 1 PJLink protocol which provides the following additional functionality. Serial Number Software Version Internal Resolution Recommended Resolution Volume Up Volume Down Mic Volume Up Mic Volume Down Freeze On Freeze Off Replacement Lamp Model Replacement Filter Model Filter Usage Time Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver? IP Control means that you can eliminate IR buds from your projector and also make ultra long cable runs unlike RS232. Get two way feedback on important information such as lamp hours, filter usage time and various projector errors. Combine with the Chowmain Notification Suite and notify yourself when your clients projector has a fault or requires a replacement filter / lamp. Proactively support your customers! How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website Installation Guide How do I buy the driver? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 48 hour trial. This is activated once you add the driver to the project. No additional steps are necessary.
  16. I'm very new to this. I have a denon avr-s710w receiver. I can't find a certified driver on the control4 website. I've searched this forum and other places on the internet and can't seem to find a definitive answer. Is it possible to use this receiver with control4? I've read that it can be connected via IP. I don't know what that means. Does it change the functionality of the receiver? I've also read that a receiver with similar features' driver can be used. Does anyone know which denon receiver driver would work best? I want to be able to request my installer set it up right the first time. Thanks!
  17. If you have multiple Yamaha receivers running IP drivers, this post should interest you. I have spent the better part of the last few weeks trying to learn everything I could about this. This problem will seem familiar to some of you - there was a patch for 2.5.3 that supposedly fixed a problem where a Yamaha receiver would randomly drop off the network if you were using the IP driver when there were multiple Yamaha receivers in the project. In addition to the C4 patch, newer versions of the Yamaha drivers were required. Some reported that using a different network port on the receiver instead of the default 50000 solved the problem. Although there are some threads mentioning specific models of receivers, the actual model doesn't seem to matter. Others with different models see the same issues I do. The problems were intermittent until 2.8 and now 2 of the 3 receivers drop off the network at least once a day, sometimes every few hours, but will no discernible pattern. All my receivers have the latest firmware and the project has the most current versions of the Yamaha drivers (July 2015 seems to be the latest). My main controller is an HC-800. Lowering the keep alive threshold on the properties page has no practical impact. A while back, C4 posted a dealer memo that suggested changing the default network port of the receivers so that all the receivers have a unique port number. When this was done with the firmware/drivers at most current levels, this created/exposed another problem for the receivers not using the default of 50000 - in addition to trying communications on the new port (say 50001) which succeeded, it would also try on the default port (which obviously failed). This caused C4 to see the receiver as off the network, even when it was still connected. As long as the receiver was on the network, C4 would mark the device back online, but at the default driver settings, the receiver was unavailable to C4 for about 10 out of every 30 seconds. Commands to the receiver were eventually processed, but resulted in a noticeable lag between when the user did something and it actually happened. Restoring the network port to the default 50000 stopped issues with one receiver. In addition, I found info in the logs that seems to expose a logic bug in the driver - when C4 can no longer communicate with the receiver, the driver flags the device as offline but continues to stack/send the keep alive requests required by the receiver. I think the driver should stop sending the keep alive pings once the network connection drops (goes to false) and restart them when status goes true again. The driver seems to flood the receiver with all the "missed" requests once the receiver comes back online, causing the controller to back up. (Not really sure if this is what's happening, just seems that way). If you catch this quickly and power cycle the receiver, the queue will clear fairly fast and C4 control resumes. But, if some time passes (an hour?), the entire system becomes sluggish (thousands of errors in the log) and the main controller needs to be rebooted. Note that no other devices drop off the network. There are three different non-managed switches (different makes/models). If I power down the HC-800, the receivers always show on the network when using a network scanner or the Yamaha application. When the receivers were Onkyo, Yamaha and Denon, the Yahama never dropped. The network gear involved hasn't changed since the beginning of the project. The Yamaha receivers: Living Room RX-A750 Newest addition. Has been rock solid. Only started dropping once default network port was changed. Problem seems to have gone away once network port changed back to default 50000. Early pictures of this receiver showed a serial port. Mine doesn't have one. Driver is very new (July 2015) Theater RX-A3030. When this was the only Yamaha in the project, it never dropped. When the other receivers were added (prior to 2.8), it started dropping from time to time. After 2.8, drops were far more frequent. Using the RX-A3030 certified driver or the newer/similar RX-A3050 driver makes no difference in the results. The newer driver works fine, as long as the receiver is on the network. This has a serial port, so I plan to have this changed to serial control. Master Bedroom RX-S600 No model specific driver. Was running older RX-A820 driver, now running same driver as LR receiver. Driver works fine as long as the receiver stays on the network. Does not have a serial port (slim form factor). Problem is almost certainly some combination of issues between the receiver firmware (all of the receivers are close enough where I suspect they use the same network code), the Yamaha IP drivers (ditto network code) and C4 2.8. I am using the Chowmain Ping driver to detect when C4 can't communicate with a receiver to alert/take corrective action (the EV Ping driver was too unreliable). It would be a lot easier to react if the Yamaha driver exposed the network connectivity flag visible on the properties page so an event could be triggered when the state changes. Control 4 support told my dealer: 1) Read the bulletin 2) This shouldn't be happening. 3) Use serial control instead (completely ignoring that it's not an option for 2 of the 3 receivers) 4) We won't work with the customer unless a dealer is onsite. (With no indication of what would be done differently than looking at things remotely) I have asked my dealer to request a better action plan from C4 support to address the root cause. There is a C4 interface person at Yamaha (who I think I found), but if C4 doesn't drive this I suspect nothing gets fixed. I know some with the problem have gone to serial control and/or swapped out receivers. If there is anyone that has multiple Yamaha receivers using the IP drivers, please post receiver models, drivers/levels, whether you see problems/patterns and what release of C4 you are running. Any Yamaha and/or C4 dealers - if you can add anything to the above, please do so. It would seem that both Yamaha and C4 would like to see this fixed. I'm hoping to get them as much info as I can to try and make that happen.
  18. I don't have any external cameras yet, and don't even know what brand I'm purchasing yet, but I'm concerned about tampering and vandalism. Ideally, I want my outdoor speakers to play and turn on lights if a connection is lost because a loss of signal occurs (hopefully this won't invite too many false alarms). Is anyone doing a tamper feature successfully either as a default function of the driver or through programming? What about the Blue Iris and its C4 driver?
  19. The FMP-X10 media player, which streams Netflix 4K and is supposed to support Amazon 4K, had a firmware upgrade recently that adds IP control. This player also had the restriction lifted that limits it to being used with Sony products. It looks like there is already a Control4 IP driver available for it. The previous model, the FMP-X1, never got an IP driver that I know of. I'm looking forward to trying it out. BTW: Daredevil on Netflix in 4K premieres Friday...
  20. Has anyone been able to come up with an IP Driver for the FireTV since now they have an IP controlled app available?
  21. I have an LG 52ld550 this was one of the last LG smart TVs that doesn't have ip control capabilities, I've configured my HC250 with an IR flasher and it isn't responding. The TV has a serial port but the driver for my 250 doesn't have a serial input in the software. Any recommendations on how to get this tv to respond
  22. Hi A customer recently purchased a Flir Security Package. they are all IP Cameras. they work great on his PC and with the DVR. Surprising great quality and easy setup. However C4 does not have drivers for these. Please let me know the best place to have a driver made up for these IP Cameras. Any help in appreciated. Thanks
  23. I've got a DirecTV DVR dying. I've still got a lifetime DirecTV TiVo sub from the early 2000's. Is it possible to integrate that into Control4 with either serial or IP (not bothering with IR)? I'm not too worried I can't share programs between native DirecTV DVRs and DirecTV TiVo's, etc. I have everything on a matrix and if anybody in the house doesn't want to use TiVo they will have at least 2 other DVRs to choose from. I know EV's driver doesn't work, and since this isn't a true TiVo the regular Control4 TiVo talk is probably irrelevant.
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