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Found 7 results

  1. I cannot call my DS2 front door intercom using the Intercom app on my iPhone. Is this a known bug, or some other issue? I can receive intercom calls from the DS2, but if I attempt to call it I momentarily get the "Calling..." screen then the app closes. Any thoughts on this behaviour? I am running the latest version of everything!
  2. Hi, just wandering. Can C4 be integrated with Siri (home Kit) ? I made it working (Siri, open Garage, Siri Close garage and ETC.) But I "cheated" system. is there any driver (like driver for Alexa), that can work?
  3. Hello, We have a client who we installed Control4 touchscreen and door station. Everything is working fine except the application. He has an iPhone and an iPad in his house. Whenever I try to log in to the Control4 app through his customer account, it gives me an error saying to purchase the 4Sight subscription. I checked multiple times that he is connected to the same network, his cellular data is off too but every time we try logging in, we face this problem. On the other hand, if I do the same process on my Android phone, it works smoothly. Can anyone tell me what is wrong here? His Control4 application version is The iOS is 11.2.2
  4. Just one of those questions to pose because I know there are some C4 employees on this forum, but are we going to get a proper iPhone X update? Your clientele likely skews a little bit Apple and they obviously have a little bit of money to upgrade to the newest phone. Was hoping that the "app" I've spent far and away the most money on in my house/life would take the time to push out an update to take advantage of the new screen real estate. It more just kind of looks bad when all the apps I haven't spent as much money as one does on a C4 build have found the time to make it look nice on my fancy new phone. Rant ends now. Sorry.
  5. Is it possible to run an event that automatically connects a bluetooth device (iphone or amazon dot) via wireless bridge? I am trying to create an event "listen to living dot" or "listen to iPhone"- that will turn on receiver to wireless bridge and automatically connect echo/iphone.
  6. In a few projects, the system AirPlay disappears randomly. It's all instances of the driver. Other AirPlay devices like HT Receivers and AppleTVs still work properly. Network hardware is generally a Mikrotik Routers with Ubiquiti APs.
  7. Hi all, I posted about a couple of other drivers I wrote and unfortunately I have not been getting much interest in them. If anyone knows of a better place to find beta testers for drivers please let me know. Anyway, hopefully this is something more people will be interested in. It's a driver that uses the "Find My iPhone" service from apple to detect your location and trigger events. You don't have to run any software on your Apple device other than the built in Find My iPhone service so there are no settings to mess with on your iPhone, iPad, etc. Events can be triggered when you arrive or leave up to six different locations per device. For example you can trigger lights to turn on when you arrive home and turn off when you leave home. You could also trigger the heating or cooling to turn on when you leave from work so the house is comfortable when you arrive home. Let me know if you are interested in helping me test it out. Phil 1/12/14 UPDATE: The driver is now available for sale at Synapse Home Automation. There is a free trial as well.
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