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Found 21 results

  1. c4 Gurus - Need some assistance getting a c4 switch and keypad working in a 3-way scenario to power a half-hot outlet. I think for the purpose of this discussion (unless I am wrong) we can ignore the outlet is half-hot. The diagram below shows how I installed the switch and keypad. The switch is working fine - it is controllable from c4 and the outlet works as expected. The problem is with the keypad. It doesn't seem to power up and it doesn't control the outlet as expected. I'm sure I have something wrong in the wiring. What's wrong? Could you offer me pointers please? Second question - is there any specific composer pro programming required for the keypad? THANKS in advance.
  2. I have an EA-5 controller running version: Composer Home Edition 2.10.5, Build 554601-res Director version: Oct 12 2018 12:11:15 I am trying to use the volume up on my "Ensuite" keypad to do the following: If the Ensuite is on, turn up the volume. If the Ensuite is off, join another room, in the priority of "Master", "Kitchen", "Theater", and "Living Room" to either the digital media or the current selected device. I then want the volume set to 50 I have gone through these forums and the script below seems like it should work. I do not get consistent results. The volume up always works if the room is on, so that is not an issue The add zone does not work until I turn the master on and then execute the script (I usually do this from Home Composer). Once I do that, I can turn both the Ensuite and Master off and the script will work as expected with all other priority rooms. Once playback is done and all zones are turned off, it won't work again. When I turn a zone back on again and try to have the ensuite join it with this script, it doesn't do anything. I had the conditional statements built to include 2 more rooms, but I couldn't get that to work at all. Is there a limit to how many conditional statements that Control4 is able to handle? Am I doing something else wrong? I appreciate your time for reading this and any advice would be welcome. Please let me know if any other information would be relevant.
  3. I have 8 LSZ-3W1-A 2 button keypads that I have had in my "just in case" inventory for a long time. They are still on embernet. I was going to convert them to Zigbee Pro, but thought I would offer them up if someone still needs embernet. Please let me know if anyone is in interested in buying them. Thanks, Doug
  4. On OS 2.91 how can I program one of my C4-KD120-WH buttons to cycle through 3-4 stations for my wife? for example... 1st push turns on 98.1 2nd push turns on 101.1 3rd push turns on Sirius channel 8 - 80's on 8 (I have a tuner not OS 2.10) 4th push --> starts the cycle back over and selects 98.1 again... Thanks all!
  5. -1 C4-APD120-SW -1 C4-KD120-SW Both brand new in the box. Both Snow white.
  6. Hi, I need old style thermostat (used?) and new style keypad (used?) thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, Im looking for some Configurable Keypads or numerous button keypads(1/3/6), Wireless dimmers and any remotes for Control4 you have to sell. 220-230v Rated please. Thanks AJ
  8. Here's the thing. I went ahead and prepared the house thinking about Control4 Panelized Lighting, with keypads in the rooms and main areas. The problem is that at first they were gonna be wired, but since the zigbee mesh for other products could use a little more nodes, I went with wireless. The problem is that I forgot to mention it to my architect and they only wired CAT6 to be used for wiring the Keypads to the BUS, and didn't add electrical wiring to the wall. The walls are concrete and the walls have been finished and painted already, so I'd like to avoid chiseling away. Would it be TOO bad to run LINE/NEUTRAL/GROUND through the CAT6 cable to power the keypad? The cables run all the way to the rack closet (about 50m away). Thank you in advance for any help or insights.
  9. I have Lutron keypads integrated into my control 4 system. Is it possible to program the double tapping in Control4 environment?
  10. Looking to purchase two C4 Keypad Dimmer - C4-KD120-WH. Prefer new but would consider used. Thanks!
  11. I have a light which I don't need or want to dim, but I have and extra dimmer (c4-APD120) I would like to use just for an on / off switch. Is this possible?
  12. Hi there, sorry for the n00b question that follows. I am trying to control two dimmable WIFI bulbs with a single button of my 3 button wireless keypad. If I bind one of the bulbs to the keypad, I automatically get on/off and dimming via press-and-hold. But of course you can only bind a single light to a button so I thought to use advanced lighting scenes to do the same, so that I could control the two bulbs with the same button. So I created a scene, added the two bulbs as the load, set it to ramp to 100%, then I created the toggle counterpart that ramps down to zero. If I activate/deactivate the main scene the bulbs turn on and off as expected. I set each bulb to be tracked (when on in the main scene, when off in the toggle scene). My problem comes when I try to bind the keypad button to the scene. I tried to bind the button to the "toggle" virtual button of the main scene ,and when I click the button the lights turn on correctly, but I cannot turn them off with another click. Also I cannot press and hold to dim them. What am I doing wrong? By the way, the idea here is to use only a single button to control the scene.... Thanks in advance for your help, Rick
  13. In need of an HC250-BL-1 the most Plus: KPTK1-M-WH Tabletop Kit Wireless (2/3) button keypads KP(2/3)-Z LOZ-5D1 Wireless Outlet Dimmers LOZ-5S1 Outlet switch DIM1-Z-WH or LDZ-102 or LDZ-101 Wireless Dimmers TSWMC7 7" Touch screen Shipping to Canada
  14. Looking to get some sort of solution for the tabletop kit (kptk1) - I have control4 in my house and dealer friend who installs for me, but to get just the tabletop kit shipped out to Canada costs more in shipping than I'd like to spend. I also can't seem to find any that are reasonably priced and ship to Canada on eBay. Basically my question is - can anyone think of any other solutions to having a tabletop keypad without that specific tabletop kit? A box or another company's that I might be able to get? It needs to look good, because it's obviously sitting out, plus be able to hook up the wiring through it. Thanks in advance!
  15. I had a keypad dimmer working fine. We did a major remodel and the KD was uninstalled and re-installed. The new fixture is a candelabra with three bulbs. I bought LED's that are "dimmable with ELV dimmers". The keypad functions are working but the light will not turn off. Not sure if it is the LED's, the KD is broken, or there is a wiring problem. Advice? Scott
  16. Hi, I'm having issues with keypad buttons programming. I have 20 zones C4 matrix in the house and need program "Music" buttons on 20 keypads to simply play radio channel from integrated TuneIn. If I play music in one room and press button in another it will stop play in previous room. Any ideas how to program this properly or where to find some help? Is there possibility make dedicated TuneIn for each room maybe? Thanks Y
  17. hey guys! I had my electrician wire a dimmer and keypad side by side. I believe they charge the same power. Everything is working fine but I have an intermittent problem. Every now and then when I operate the dimmer, by entire system turns on. This happens whether I operate the dimmer manually or through my iPad. I have gone through 2 different dimmers with the same results. Any idea what my electrician could have done incorrectly? thanks for your help! Joe
  18. Has anyone have any ideas or products you can use as a outdoor wireless keypad? The keypad would be used to open and closed garage door with a code, disarm garage alarm security system I wanted to have it mounted outside garage door.
  19. Does anyone know where I can get engraved keycaps for the old six-button keypad? Thanks, Ken Traynham
  20. I'm looking to buy new/used white 6 button keypads (C4KP6ZWH). I thought people upgrading to the newer style might be interested in selling used ones.
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