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Found 37 results

  1. Just a sneak preview of the new CBUS PowerTools Driver I'm developing (keep in mind, it's still in development, and certain parts of the architecture may change). It's designed for VERY fast commissioning of Clipsal CBUS Lighting Systems Features: VERY Fast commissioning of CBUS systems (5mins vs 2 hours for a standard CBUS System, with automatic group type detection). Managed drivers. YOU DON'T HAVE TO ENTER Group addresses, application addresses or even names of circuits. Less copy and paste = less mistakes Import from CBUS Toolkit (CGL / Tags XML) Built in Webserver to facilitate setup (this may change, and may be shifted to an online service, included with the driver, to be accessible online to installers, take load off the controllers, and allow better management ). I'm hoping to also support a few features missing from the standard drivers I'm hoping to complete the driver within the next month or so (however, it's dependent on access to hardware. I'm located in VIC Australia if anyone has any CBUS hardware they are hoping to sell cheap (even if it has faulty channels, that's ok for testing purposes) or can get me in touch with Clipsal for hardware. The plumbing is mostly done, and it's now simply a case of completing the comms between the gateway and Control4. If anyone has any feedback, it's also welcome.
  2. Chowmain -LIFX Wifi Lighting driver LIFX (pronounced Life-X) is a line of energy-efficient, multi-color, Wi-Fi enabled LED lighting products that can be controlled via a Wi-Fi equipped device such as a smartphone or smartwatch. The LIFX driver for Control4 allows for two way control and feedback of all LIFX products including bulbs, strips, beams, tiles and more. Features Two way control and feedback. Automatic import of lights upon customer's LIFX account login. Automatic configuration of lights. Hides unused functionality (eg Day & Dusk models will not show color sliders). Brightness control Color Temperature control Color control FAQ Where can I purchase this product from? LIFX can be purchased from various retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon or direct. https://www.lifx.com/ What hardware will this work on? This will work on all LIFX models. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website Installation Guide How do I buy the driver? This driver can be purchased from our distributor driverCentral. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? We have two support desks. One in Australia and one in the US. Click on the link below for details. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 7 day trial.
  3. Hi all, Wanted to see if there was a possibility to receive HTTP commands to actually trigger an event in Control4 so I can trigger some lighting behaviors. Basically, I have a customer that is running a billiards bar and wants the lights to turn on every time a tab opens for that billiards table. And when they close the tab for that table, then the light turns off. Any thoughts behind how I can go about doing this? I think I can get HTTP commands from the POS system/server. Let me know what you all think would be a reliable solution for this set up.
  4. I'm using the EA-1 for control in my media room. I've got half-dozen recessed lights in the room. It would be nice to add some light control to my system. I was thinking the Philips Hue system seemed like a nice, relatively affordable smart lighting system. It looks like the Hue is compatible with Control4, correct? Are there any other systems I should be considering? Thanks!
  5. Hello all, I usually get cost through a local dealer in Ontario, Canada, but they've had to shut their doors due to COVID-19. Hoping to help dealer increase sales and we've budgeted for a little kickback too! Anybody willing to help an Installer in-a-pinch out before rough-in is completed? Thank you everyone!
  6. Ought to see a LOT more of this, shouldn't have to dig here or wait for a C4 blog to reference it: http://nycesensors.com/support/control4-lighting-examples/
  7. Hi, Is the CA-1 controller powerful enough to automate lighting of an entire house (two-three floors) with centralized lighting? (Lets say we have 30 individually controllable lighting loads)
  8. Hello everyone! thanks for reading my post and lending me a hand on making a decision. My new home is currently under construction and during the Electrical tendering process I've selected the Crestron system; as time wore on I did more research and it seems that Crestron support is not as available as C4 based on where I'm at (Edmonton, Alberta) and hearing the Crestron is more geared nowadays for commercial applications. I've gotten a C4 system quoted and they're pretty much the same. However, I'm stuck on the lighting control aspect. I have two options, have my electricians do the lighting on conventional 110v fixtures and mate it with the C4 system OR kibosh all lighting (Reducing the electrical scope) and doing DMX lighting with Lumastream fixtures for a net premium of around 15 to 20k My question is, is it worth it to go DMX? or should I just stick with the conventional lighting and have it mated with the C4 system? Thank You KJ
  9. I have been able to write some voice scenes, but I cannot find a way to construct a voice scene that will allow me to turn on my dimmable lights at an arbitrary level (e.g., "Alexa, turn on the dining room lamp at 32 per-cent.") Is such a thing possible? If not, might it be available in the future? Thank you, Ken Traynham
  10. Hello guys (and gals I assume), I am using Composer HE to program my C4 system. I have a DSC alarm system integrated with a lot of motion detectors that I installed specifically to trigger events with my C4 system. One of the BIG things I wanted to do was use existing room lighting as night lights, for example. WHAT I WANT TO DO: When you walk into the kitchen (at night) for example, I want the under cabinet lights to come on for 3 minutes and reset that timer on each motion detect (there is a motion detector in the kitchen). This works fine. However, when I want the under cabinet lights on in the kitchen (when cooking for example), they keep turning off. I understand why, the kitchen motion detects motion and starts the auto off timer, etc, etc, etc.. I want to disable the auto off timer when the user presses the light switch for the under cabinet lights. So I programmed the switch to disable the auto off timer when pressed. But when the motion is detected again, it turns on the auto off timer again and the lights keep turning off. So, all I want to do is have the lights function "normally" when the user presses the switch, that is STAY ON. When the lights are turned off, either with the switch or thru some automated function it can return to motion detect functionality. Like I said - its probably simple, but outside of the scope of my knowledge. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance - Fred
  11. Hi All, Trying to figure out how to make two lighting loads on separate adaptable dimmers track each other. Only need to do this on one switch ( as the other tucked away in a control closet to make the walls look cleaner). I have access to Composer Pro. Can someone screenshot or point me in the right direction? I know how to program when top and bottom buttons are pressed - but not how to make the loads match each other is ramped. Cheers! A high tech farm
  12. Chowmain - FREE Noon Lighting System Driver Enhance everyday with NOON’s scene-based lighting system. A home’s lighting defines how people perceive the spaces they live in, and how they feel. Coordinating all the lights in a room with one-touch, NOON’s modern switches work together to transform a room’s mood or accent an activity. NOON rivals the performance of elite systems without the complexity or high-end cost. Driver Features This NOON driver is offered free of charge. Two way control/feedback (note requires active internet connection). Instant feedback if lighting controlled from switch or another application. Dimming functionality. Discovery of all loads in the NOON account. Just install the a light driver per load and bind it! FAQ Does NOON offer wholesale pricing? Yes. Wholesale pricing is available to certified NOON Pros at https://pro.noonhome.com/ Signing up to become a NOON Pro takes only a few minutes. What are the benefits of becoming a NOON Pro? Program benefits includes: Pro pricing Personal use switches. A $500+ value for signing up! Customer leads from the Noonhome.com Pro finder. Simple & reliable install: No hub or lighting programing needed.. Plus, extended 3 year warranty, free certification & no minimums. Driver Download
  13. Audrey


    Has anyone used this system for their house? How does it compare to what's already on the market? We are building a house and are looking for recommendations on house automation. Thanks. Audrey
  14. Hi Guys, We have an upcoming job in which the customer has an existing Hamilton Smart Lighting system which they want us to integrate with control4. http://www.hamilton-litestat.com/smart-lighting-control/glass-touch-controller/#.WlNQG6hl82w I have been able to find absolutely nothing online about a driver so far. The system is RS232 controlled and we do have the list of codes the system uses. Does anyone know of a driver / is there a generic serial lighting driver around that we can edit to add our own codes? Thanks
  15. Does anyone know of a driver that integrates the Luxor ZDC Landscape Lighting controller into C4?
  16. I noticed since the upgrade to 2.10 that one of our dozens of dimmer switches autodetects to forward phase (when all others autodetect to reverse phase). When I forced this one outlier to reverse phase on composer HE, then turned it back to autodetect, it chose reverse phase. Two questions: a) why did one dimmer detect a different way than all the others? Bulbs are similar and wiring done by same electrician; and b ) why does the dimmer autodetect to the phase chosen prior to putting it on auto? Matt can you help? Is this a safety issue. Also note the MAY have been the case prior to OS upgrade but noticed it only afterwards.
  17. Installed over 100 C4 light swtiches. Love them but I had a loop "nub" break -- i.e. the plastic nub on the black plastic part which goes into the plastic loop on the key cover. Do I have to replace the whole switch? This is a new multi-button wireless.
  18. Hey Guys, I'm trying to map some Philips hue led strips to my system, i can control them with C4 and change colour with hue app, using the single lamp brightness seems to give the best result, using the full colour seems to have an issue where brightness is effected by all faders and colours are all over the place? I tried to create custom scenes with an iPad but still have major problems as when i want to change colour both scence's come on at the same time preventing the colour change. is there a way to map custom macros to buttons within the lighting scenes? or will i have to have these as separate custom buttons? any help greatly appreciated. using Hue Bridge Driver OS2.9 (v0.04) Single Lamp Brightness Driver (v8.0.5)
  19. So what I want to do is have a setup to where I can turn on my ramada lights(and floods that are on the ramada in the backyard and also turn on my horse pen/chicken coop that is even farther back while in my house by the back door. What I was hoping to do is use one of the my switches and change it to the multi button switch and add 5 or 6 light setups(Back Porch, ramada lights, ramada flood lights, horse pen lights). I want to be able to stand there inside the house and turn all those lights on before I even step out of the house.
  20. I have a project with several exterior motion detectors that we are using to trigger exterior lights at nighttime. I have them triggering the lights on when motion is sensed, if nighttime, starting a 5 minute timer, and when the timer expires, turn off the lights. The client has requested that if he manually turns on the exterior lights the motion programming should be ignored so that if while the lights are on (and he manually turned them on) and the motions senses motion, do nothing. The issue right now is he turns on the exterior lights manually sometimes and wants them to stay on, but if he walks by the motion the 5 minute timer starts and eventually turns the lights off. I'm sure I can program this by using a variable and conditionals but I'm just having a hard time figuring out how to do it. Anyone have any advice?
  21. My lights have started going on randomly. I did install both and echo dot and a nest thermostat on Christmas. After those installations, the random lighting started to occur.
  22. Thinking of investing in C4 lighting. Would use zigbee (rather than panelized) as this is retrofit. Wondering: 1) does C4 play well w Dimmable leds? Assume I should use all adaptive phase to future proof? 2) anyone concerned about all the zigbee radio waves and effect on humans (suspect not a big deal given all the wifi and cellular radiation) 3) should I wait a bit? C4 came out with new lighting hardware in 2013. Suspect a new release might be coming soon? 4) any thoughts on C4 compared to Leviton dimmers (our leviton elv dimmers flicker -- wondering is c4s are better)? thanks.
  23. Hello - I was wondering if you can use a the newer 120V—C4-APD120 Adaptive Phase Dimmer with a older 2-button keypad C4-KP2-Z in a 3-way scenario?
  24. I have dimmable halogens in all of my rooms, except the outside balcony. The switch on the wall is the same C4 zigbee switch I have in all rooms. I figured the outside werent dimming because they were florescent bulbs so I went to the store and bought some dimmable bulbs. I installed them and they still dont dim. Do I have to call my installer for this basic little job also.
  25. I have a couple of WiWo wifi sockets that allow me to turn the lamps off with my iphone. I see where the belkin WeMo driver is available. Will that work with the WiWo devices or is there another driver out there that works with the WiWo drivers?
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