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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone know if the 'coming soon' connected version will integrate with C4? https://www.kwikset.com/obsidian.aspx?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Interest&utm_term=Obsidian2&utm_content=Square2&utm_campaign=Obsidian
  2. I am fitting a front door in a new front Control 4 house installation and having a little disagreement with my installer. in essence what I wish to achieve is a Yale lock on the door (no keypad), just a lock barrel. To the side of the door on a fixed panel I wish to have the Control 4 keypad entry (with camera/bell button/keypad). I’m being told I need to have a keypad button lock on the door also, but to me this will be two keypads on the front door and will look silly. ideally the door lock will have and electric strike door release mechanism so that when the keypad code is entered, this releases. Also the door can be opened manually with a key in the barrel. Can anyone let me know if this is possible, I think we need a compatible electric strike door release mechanism. what I don’t want is the compatible locks as they all have keypads on them. I just want a plain circular chrome lock.
  3. I am new to the forum and to control4. I have had a Control4 system installed in my house and mainly using it for lighting and media control. I would like to use it to control my schlege zwave locks. In researching this, it appears the vera controller may be the better option. I have the Composer HE and was able to have my installer add the extra vegetables vera driver to my project. It seemed to connect and on the LUA page in composer, i could see the driver receiving information from vera. Since I only have the composer HE version, I am limited in what I can do. What other items do I need to install to get the composer to recognize the locks using zwave? I also saw an extra vegetable lock driver. When I click on the vera driver in the program mode in composer , there are no options or choices. Do I need to have the door lock driver added to recognize the locks, or are there some other steps to take? Thanks, M Hawley
  4. Do we know if the Kwikset Premis locks that are compatible with the Apple HomeKit are also compatible with C4? I've been looking in here, and online in general and can't seem to find a solid answer.
  5. Hello, Yesterday I installed a new Yale door lock and it is working fine in the system. Now when I tried to install the Yale manager app. Every time that I hit update from my touch screen from the 4store my 800 would reboot. Now when I go into apps it has no icons and when I tap on the app it just is a blank screen with the background and the standard bars at the top and bottom. When I try to open it via MyHome PC I get no Icons when I click Apps but all the text is there. If I click on where the app is I get the same thing as the touch screen. I have attached a screen shot of the MyHome PC. Has anyone seen this? I am running 2.6 and the latest driver for the Yale and firmware 33 on the lock. Thanks.
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