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Found 6 results

  1. We are happy to announce open beta testing for version 2 of our popular Wink Driver Pack. This version is a major overhaul with greatly expanded device support and will be a free update to everyone who currently owns the driver. Features Ring Doorbell button press detection Ring Doorbell motion detection Arlo, ArloQ, Nest Cam and Ring stick up cam motion detection Blind support Door lock support MyQ and other Wink garage doors Dimmers and binary light switch drivers supporting Z-wave, ZigBee, Philips Hue, Lutron and others Sensors including leak detectors, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, motion sensors and others Read access to any device in your account through a new generic Wink device driver Greatly simplified driver structure and easier installation with drop down lists of device names How do I get it? The open beta can be activated by having your dealer install the driver files linked to below and activating with the key “BETA”. Download How can I help? We are interested in any feedback you have. We are especially interested in hearing from users with blinds and door locks. What happened to the old drivers? The older drivers for different devices such as spotter, refuel, garage doors, etc. are discontinued in favor of a simpler driver structure. Now all these devices can be represented with a single generic Wink device driver. This driver will automatically configure itself upon linking with your account and setup all the appropriate variables, relays and contacts. This allows us to support many more devices and reduces the number of drivers that have to be maintained. We still have the binary switch and dimmer drivers in order to provide the appropriate UI experience in navigator. Your other devices can also be displayed in navigator by linking relays and contacts to the appropriate control4 generic device drivers. Details are provided in the documentation. Limitations and requirements This driver requires OS 2.9 or later Video on cameras and doorbells is not supported Wink is in the process of updating their integration with Rachio. We will try to add support for sprinklers when this is completed. We have not yet implemented a thermostat specific driver. It’s the next thing on the roadmap for this driver.
  2. We have just released a FREE driver for the MyQ Brand of Garage door openers from Liftmaster and Chamberlain. This will allow T3 Touchscreens to open the MyQ interface and manage devices as well as open and close the garage doors. This does NOT allow any event based programming, the only supported method for doing that would be via Wink. This being a link to the MyQ webpage is not subject to any API changes. https://annex4.link/drivers/myq-webinterface Enjoy, many more FREE things coming and some new fully integrated items too. annex⁴ Team
  3. Looking for some clarification on this. I have a MyQ garage door opener. I have heard since 2.0+ security (which mine have) that you cannot wire a relay directly into the opener or the wall controller. It causes it to lock and not open or close. I have seen a spare remote opener used with the contacts soldered to cat5 and run back to the controller (ea5/hc800/etc). how do you wire this up so the Garage Door controller UI driver can trigger the door to go up and down. I have the sensors in place so it knows when the door is closed and it shows status fine, it's only getting the relay to trigger the garage door remote. I know that a houselogix driver or others are possible but I'm looking for a non-cloud based connection and I already have the remote and cat5 in place... Thanks, Sorry if this is a newbie question and has been answered in a previous post.
  4. Hi, I got Issue with MyQ driver. just stopped working. I can operate garage gates with LiftMaster App. works good, but C4 stopped working at all. So, I found here EDS_MyQ_Chamberlain.zip driver, doesn't work as well. Did any body got it working?
  5. Hi, have got some issue with "Houselogix" MyQ driver and Cardaccess mini remote I installed MyQ driver for "LiftMaster" (with gate way) garage gates motor and made stuff working, it works with C4 TS and app on iPhone. But when I tried to program Cardaccess mini remote it worked very unstable. I checked mini remote by reprogramming, it worked good with lighting and controlled tv well, but not with MyQ. Does anybody have idea about it?
  6. This week, HouseLogix released the LiftMaster / Chamberlain MyQ device driver for integration with the MyQ-enabled product family. This includes MyQ garage doors, as well as, lighting controls. MyQ is a cost effective solution for adding additional lighting or tying in a garage door over IP, without hacking and soldering remotes and relays together. The LiftMaster MyQ driver is tested and supported by HouseLogix. You can find more information at our website.
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