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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have a large music collection properly curated with metadata on a NAS Drive (WD 4TB) . I have had the dealer configure my C4 System (Smart Home OS 2.10.5) to scan the NAS drive on daily basis to pick up new media and update the index. I have noticed that almost once or twice a year, the scan stops working. The dealer has to login to my system (albeit can be done remote) and has to reconfigure something to restart the scan. My dealer doesn't seem to know the root cause and is not always available to fix the issue. It's just an annoyance that keeps cropping up once in a while. Has anyone else dealt with this problem? If so, your kind advise to resolve this is much appreciated. Thanks, Ram
  2. Noob here - first time on the forum 🙂 A while back, my C4 installer told me that I couldn't play my MP3s collection via Sonos, so I bought a NAS and moved my music there. All was good... until I tried to add more music. He claimed to connect the C4 to the NAS so all I need to do was to drag it to the folder in Windows File Explorer, but that doesn't work. He's been a bit of a jerk, saying that it's not his issue and that I have to talk to a PC networking expert. Before I do that, I wanted to check here for ideas. Here's the situation: NAS ia a Western Digital My Cloud Home Set up as a Z drive I see the NAS listed as a local disk, below my other drives I see the NAS listed under "Network" as DESKTOP-XXXXXXX I see the new music in the "Music" folder I created in both the local disk location and the Network location I see my old music on C4 under My Music I can't find any of the new music in the NAS when I look for it via My Music Any ideas?
  3. Ok, I'm ready to throw this thing through a window and be done with all of the frustration. I have tried everything to play anything but .iso's through the media player. Every other "supported" media kind can add without any glitch to the Network File Storage section in Media and it will even display under my movies section of Control4. But when attempting to play the media it fails – 100% of the time. Why is this happening? Why do I have to call a freaking dealer to come out to tell me they don't know and charge me $200 to do so? This system is a joke! Control4 needs to make this consumer accessible and remove the middle man. It's like having to call a car dealer every time your tire needs air. – Enough ranting though, does anybody out there have an answer as to what I can do to get the other video files recognized and playable? (i.e.: MPG, MP4, MOV). (Also I'm a devout Mac user so limiting your answers to the above listed formats is preferred – and don't get into the Mac vs. PC garbage, there are other arenas for that conversation; this is not the place.)
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