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  1. So we will be developing driver for the UniFi line of Network gear from Ubiquiti, we already have a number of ideas on the drawing board, but if anyone has suggestions for cool and interesting features feel free to let us know here, or on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/annex4/ There is no timeline yet but once we have more information we can share you can be sure we will post here.
  2. Hi, huuuuge problem, internet is going to be faster and faster. WiFi ac- not good anymore as I can see. WiFi 6, does anybody know any good WAPs for it? I worked with Ubiquity, not sure they are in the picture now 😬
  3. Hi, We used Ubiquiti WAPs Ap- Ac Pro.,for a while. It worked not bad so far. They have pretty bad support, but I almost never called them. So good so far,. Till download speed was under 150-200 Mb. Now all new clients (and old as well ) get higher speed internet, They mentioned, they can't get higher than 180/220 Mb. download speed. I tried to connect cable coming from switch to my comp and I got proper numbers, but WiFi connection 2 meters from WAP still 180-220 Mb. I checked with my comp, checked with iPhone, checked with clients comp. I can assume 2 things, 1. My and
  4. Hi, got some issue with Ubiquity WAPs. We have some projects we used ubiquity waps AC-Pro, I have controller installed on my comp. How some another tech with different computer can access system and how can he do any changes with out factory resetting all waps??? I tried to contact Ubiquity tech support, WOW they have worst tech support I ever seen. During C4 integrations I used contact different tech supports, to make stuff working with C4, usually they helpful, Ubiquity- hopeless.
  5. Hi, got some question about high speed network client updated his services to 500 mb internet, but he has old network equipment. I probably will use Ubiquity Waps, but what can I use for router? Apple one? system is not very big (hc-800, 2 hc-250 and 8 zone amp) I need 1 router and 3 waps or 1 router with WiFi and 2 waps Don't want to use ISP router.
  6. The discovered tab of composer pro indicates that the driver for LILIN NVR3216 is available. But when i try to add it i get an error message saying that the driver is not available. Please refer to the attached image. Please can someone help?
  7. This switch can power your whole c4 install and be the center piece to your home network. $550 shipped. Runs silent with upgraded Noctua fans.
  8. This list is straight from the Control4 Knowledge Base. * It's highly recommended for dealers to use properly configured Pakedge network equipment installed by a PCNA certified administrator. Otherwise, both dealers and end users should only consider approved/proven "Control4 rated" networking equipment with the following settings adjusted as noted below. DO NOT USE list is at the bottom. Dealer's may lose support for using such devices while others (end users included) may have success without any notable issues in smaller systems. QUICK ACTIONS Disable ·
  9. Brand new, never taken out the box, Pakedge WX-1-C. This is the CEILING MOUNTED version of the WX-1. This is for small business/light commercial or heavy duty residential applications. Dual-band wireless AC, 3x3 Mimo, Not sure what these are going for so just shoot me a reasonable number. Emphasis on the reasonable.
  10. I am trying to add my FreeNAS server to Control4 but I keep getting a "Unable to connect to the network share" The share is a SMB. And I am trying to access by IP and the URL is working in explorer on w10 laptop.
  11. Hi all, I've ran into this twice with a few high end products from Sony that include their TVs and projectors. After trying to integrate the ip control to some of the Bravia / xbr and some 4k projectors, after a while these connections actually disabled the internet. I spent hours trying to troubleshoot and I finally got an answer that there is a bug with the android system that causes an issue and they recommended that I use wifi and or disable Android in the "Pro settings". As for the Sony 4k projectors, if you run into this, they recommended updating the firmware to the la
  12. I have an unused WK-2 for sale. All in original packaging. DM if interested. Thanks.
  13. I am trying to upload a new announcement .wav file but I am getting a "network path not found". I am running trough VPN directly to site, and have set the network as private, in case there was anything with that. But still I am getting this error. Is there another way to manually uploade the file trough Putty / WinSCP?
  14. Hi Guru's Busy trying to decide on the layout of a new AV rack, and welcome any feedback on the proposed layout below: (Made it in lucidcharts if anyone want to know)
  15. Hi, I am wandering if anyone has any experience with getting a HikVISION NVR to behave with Control 4 and have some questions about the correct network structure. I currently have a Hikvision NVR with with the updated firmware. It has 16 inbuilt POE ports for the cameras. HOWEVER, I am currently not using the inbuilt POE ports and have configured a separate POE switch for the cameras. The cameras are currently on a separate VLAN from the NVR. The NVR is configured on the "home" network but has access to the cameras too, via the switch. My question is, will this
  16. Building a C4 network from scratch, I was going to go with ERPoe‑5 so that it would power up to 3 Ubiquiti AP's and attach the router to my 24 port unmanaged gigabit switch. I can't find an updated "Approved Router" list -- and the last one I found has no routers from UBNT (or I missed it if it does.) Pakedge RE-2 at $420+ seems very excessive for a router.
  17. Greetings all Has anyone had an issue with 2.10? I updated a clients system remotely, using the Express iOS app, enroute to the client. And now their whole system is not working. It's as if the network is flooded with commands. C4 send sends repeat commands to devices, it seems like it' gets stuck in loops. None of the rooms stick to their sources, it keeps jumping to the C4 OSD. The reason I went there is because Tune-in was jumpy, audio is consistently jolty. But I have created a much bigger problem. I've tried factory resetting the EA3 (director) and reloading. I cleared the
  18. I am facing an issue with EA5 controller connected to Cisco Router Model RV04. My Cisco Router RV04 with dual WAN have two INTERNET CONNECTION with following configuration: WAN 1: Fiber connection 35MB (Default connection) WAN 2: Broadband connection 16MB (Backup connection) And Dual WAN is configured on Smartlink Backup configuration. Now the situation is: When the router is connected on WAN 1. EA5 is connected to all online services and working fine. (e.g. TuneIn, Deezer) When WAN 1 goes down, router will switch over to WAN 2 and all EA5 online services
  19. Set up a local network with an EA-1. Can not connect to director. I can connect with system manager. I have tried using DHCP and static. I'm able to ping the controller and use putty to connect to the controller. I have swapped routers. I have even tried setting static on my laptop and the controller and just using a switch. I have set up several controllers on local networks with no internet access, but this one has got me stumped. Tech support was no help. They just said it was a network issue and swap the router, but that didn't work. any ideas what may be going on? I've never had this prob
  20. Price drop! Asking $1500, or best reasonable offer. Shipped. PM me with offers. I ship FedEx US/Canada for free. I get a hearty discount on shipping to EU also, but I'll have to have to the shipping address to know for sure. All of this is demo equipment except the switch, which I got new. The rest is like-new -- I have it installed and am currently using it. The switch was a week old at the time of this post. XWC-1000 Two XAP-1510 AC1900 Dual-Band Wireless Aps Sold as a set by Luxul as XWS-2510 http://luxul.com/xws-2510 (less the PoE injectors) Will sell this
  21. Hi; I know that there is a KNX Network driver which allows us to control KNX System. But i'm really curious about how the driver make a connection with KNX IP device. I did some research and found that need to send "connection request" to IP device. First, i created a connection with C4:CreateNetworkConnection(6001,my_ip_address,"UDP") Second, i connected to device C4:NetConnect(6001,3671), and got some feedback related that i have successfully connected to device. But after that, i suppose i need to send some connection request which is a hexadecimal data to send
  22. Demo unit, only used for a demo and repackaged. [Link: luxul.com] $200 You pay shipping
  23. I have a few networking parts for sale. Not using or extra. - Luxul ABR-4400. Brand new in the box never opened. $225 - Luxul 1500 waps. These were installed. i have three total. $100 each. Added 3/20/17 - two Wattbox ip power strips. Brand new never opened. (maybe just for pictures) Model 400-IPCE-8. $200 each Can post pictures this afternoon.
  24. Hi, My company just bought a Control4 controller to manage televisions and lights in our new cafeteria. Our Control4 dealer made the configuration of the devicebut was never able to connect the device on our network. He was able to connect to the device using a small home router but when he connected the device on our network I was not even able to ping the device. My network consist of 6 VLAN managed by a Cisco Catalyst 3560. The Control4 is connected on a VLAN with a class B subnet (172.18.X.X and a subnet mask of The DHCP server on that subnet is a Windows Server 2012 an
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