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  1. Hi, I have been configuring and programming Control4 systems for my local customers and now I am offering my remote services to others. I have experience in both residential and commercial including small and large homes, retail and restaurants. My work is guaranteed and my rates are reasonable. If I can't resolve the issue, there is no charge. My services include: - Network Setup, Configuration, and Management (Network Engineer/PCNA Certified) - Adding Rooms and Drivers - Configuring Current Drivers - Advanced Programming including whole home lighting, single room lighting, audio video, shades, HVAC and security - Troubleshooting issues - Fully integrate Alexa, Google into your Control4 System - Clean up of system including Navigators, devices, rooms, and watch/listen screens - System Updates - Driver Updates - Adding and Configuring Zigbee devices and network - Adding any new physical hardware and configuring into C4 System - Configuring Favorite Channels and Stations - Adding new agents including Wake/Sleep, Announcements, ect... - Configuring Digital Media and streaming Happy Programming, J3
  2. Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well during this Coronavirus Pandemic and are staying safe. Seen as I have some free time on my hands now, if anyone needs any control4 support please let me know. Im located in the UK, but i'm available pretty much 24/7 (A very light sleeper) I can do anything from upgrades to adding new drivers etc... Iv’e helped some users on this forum in the past. Please PM if anyone needs any help! For all of my US folks out there I now have Venmo [emoji4] You guys can now contact me direct through WhatsApp using this link: https://wa.me/447803464444 Thanks Muj
  3. Hello, Looking to hire a programmer/dealer to develop an IR or TCP driver for the Monoprice Blackbird 4x4 HDMI switch. Also build by Lindy. Codes are here - https://www.lindy.co.uk/downloads/1459947591Command_codes_for_LINDY_38152.pdf Full docs and test app are here: https://www.lindy.co.uk/drivers_and_manuals/search/38152 Need it wrapped in a driver. Please send me a PM if you can assist. Thanks
  4. I have been doing a lot of remote programming for people on this forum and otherwise for the past 5 years or so...without having officially posted about it. Well, here it is! I am an experienced, certified Control4 technician, with over 20 years of software development experience to back it up. My company, Epic Systems, also develops and sells drivers for Control4 (most notably, the Amazon Echo driver - www.epic-systems.com) I have installed and programmed hundreds of Control4 systems over the years, always making sure that my customers are happy (I'm sure several of the folks on this forum can chime in and verify). I am extremely responsive (usually within minutes or hours), and get things done quickly and done right. I have experience integrating Control4 with just about every system out there, including (but not limited to): -Voice Control (Amazon Echo, Google Home) -Music Services (Sonos, Autonomic, Fusion Research, HEOS, etc) -Networking (Pakedge, Luxul, Ubiquiti) -Cameras (Lilin, Wirepath, AMCrest, Panasonic, Nest, etc) -HVAC (Control4, Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell, Carrier Infinity, etc) -Shades (Lutron, Somfy, Hunter Douglas, QMotion, etc) -Security (GE, DSC, Honeywell, etc) -Lighting (Control4, Lutron, Vantage, Vera, etc) -Door Locks (Kwikset, Yale, August, etc) -TVs (Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, VIZIO, etc) -AVRs (Sony, Denon, Yamaha, Marantz, Onkyo, Integra, etc) -Contacts/Relays (Card Access, NYCE, Axxis, etc) -several other 3rd party drivers from DriverCentral.io, HouseLogix, Annex4, DriversLab, etc. Please PM me with the details of what you need done, large or small! Thanks Ari Chopra ari@epic-systems.com http://www.epic-systems.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/arichopra
  5. G'day guys, Developing a driver in LUA, and was wondering if anyone knows of a way to add additional C4i or C4z files to a project programmatically (which I could then edit it's properties externally), similar to Sonos Network (which automatically adds extra players). There must be an API function to do it, but unable to find it Thanks, Andy
  6. Hello all, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's! I have an 16 channel C4 audio matrix that I would like to feed into the (I think) CD input of my receiver in order to expand what can be played in that room. I'm struggling with how to program the receiver to come on and select the input. What driver would I need to have loaded into the room in order for the zone show up in my media sessions window so I can add the room and have the receiver start automatically playing at the appropriate volume. Thank you,
  7. Just to introduce myself to the community and a bit of info about me. My name is Kavil Gajipra, and my company is Lotus Smart Homes. We are based in north London, UK, and have been running as Lotus smart homes for about 5 years now with a successful sister electrical company called RDG Electrical services that's been running for 10 years. With both teams we are able to easily offer first fix and second fix, programming and design at very competitive rates. We have worked on some huge projects, including Temples, Bars, Universities, and museums. But we also love working on smaller projects, working directly with clients and getting to know them, and their requirements inside out! We offer Remote programming, UK and Europe Design and install, and full packages of other services. We would be happy for anyone to contact us with any inquiries, or assistance needed with any projects.
  8. The scenario is this, I have created a Media Scene called "Deck Music" Under Programming, When Scene is activated I select the audio source for the Room. As long as this is an audio source that is "already active i.e. Satellite OUTPUT etc" the sound works perfectly, and the Audio Zone comes on. What I want to do is be able to select Deezer as the Audio Source and get it to play my Deezer Flow ... but when you select Deezer manually as the source, you have to select either "Start Flow" or pick an album or playlist. How do I program it to select the "Start Flow" command after selecting Deezer as the Audio Source? Essentially to get it to Auto Play my Flow on Deezer for me when I Activate the Scene? EDIT: There are Deezer Specific Device Actions: SelectAlbum, - you can specify an album - and set it to shuffle SelectPlaylist, - same as album, StartFlow, BUT none of these ACTUALLY turn the ZONE ON.
  9. Hi, The action pane is not active, does not allow me to change anything in this section. Any ideas what am I doing wrong. Thanks in advance
  10. So my work schedule changes daily based on where I need to travel to...I'm looking for a way to trigger a good morning routine based on when I get up. I thought about a pushover notification based on a calendar event but I have yet to get it to work. I'm open to any ideas because there is always more than one way to skin a cat. I don't have a T3 screen so the chowmain scheduling driver is out. Thanks everyone!
  11. Hi my system is currently running 2.8.2 . i have an HC800 as the director, a HC250 in the media room and SR250 i have 4sight and HE but can’t use this without the update Anyone able to help?
  12. I understand that the C4 keypads support single, double, and triple press events. Can the controller understand HOLD events? For example, click to turn on the lights, then hold to dim them progressively? Thanks!
  13. Is there any comprehensive guide to what the values of the system variables represent? I want to write a piece of code that is fairly simple in that it will send me a notification regarding the battery levels on my SR260's. I'm a bit confused because, as an example, the current "battery_level" variable one of my remotes is reading 4. The icon in the display window of the remote shows an overwhelmingly charged battery (roughly 90%). Does the 4 represent the LOSS on the battery (i.e. 4%)?
  14. Trying to figure out a way to have a gate ip camera populate on a tv when the call button is pushed. We will be using a ring monitor with a relay to ea5 to trigger the macro, just can’t figure out how to populate the specific ip camera image. I essentially want to use this as like a doorbell audio interupt service. Any thoughts or ideas appreciated. Need this process of Red 4 for on screen>security>specific camera. In theory I could just program the button presses but I’m wondering if there’s a more fluid and quick way to do this? Ill also be using conditional logic to determine which of three TVs based on room power to populate the camera feed on.
  15. Are there any documents or books for advance programming? Other than the "user guide"? I'm using HE to do all my home programming and done a lot.
  16. Hey everyone, Is there a way to schedule when access control is active in a project? I need to lock my kids out of watching tv in the early AM hours but I can't figure out how to schedule when the pin number is required. It's either active or not. Thanks!
  17. On OS 2.91 how can I program one of my C4-KD120-WH buttons to cycle through 3-4 stations for my wife? for example... 1st push turns on 98.1 2nd push turns on 101.1 3rd push turns on Sirius channel 8 - 80's on 8 (I have a tuner not OS 2.10) 4th push --> starts the cycle back over and selects 98.1 again... Thanks all!
  18. Hi Guys, As the successful AV/IT Installers based in London, we are looking for an engineer who can help us with programming and installations of Control4, mainly we do projects in Hamstead, Fulham, Kensington. Experience with the installation of Home Cinema Systems, Home Automation Systems, Networking and Cabling, as well as experience with the installation of Lutron and Control4 is also essential. This is an ideal opportunity for an experienced AV Installation Engineer who is looking for the next step in their career. If you feel this is the right role for you, please APPLY NOW Lukas Electrosoft
  19. Hello, I am experimenting with When-Then to trigger more functionality when i click certain buttons. I had hoped to be able to "double click" a button to start certain music playing. When i go to the WhenThen setup the only choice i have is to trigger a radio station (AM, FM or digital). The selection i get is just my "stations". What would i need to do to start a Tidal Playlist for example? Note i do not have HE. Do i need to get that to set up more extensive audio / scene programming. many thanks
  20. Looking to gauge interest in doing a series of how to videos for composer Home edition. I am looking to format the videos around dispelling myths and misconceptions of what can and cant be done, with a completed control 4 project. I want to keep these videos entertaining short and to the point regarding, programming, drivers, and overall automation of the project. So what I would like to know, does any one care or want this type of content? Secondly what topics would you like me to cover? So let me have it!
  21. Hey all, I am curious to know if there is a proper way to troubleshoot code in order to debug certain issues. I am familiar with Crestron where I can implement a piece of code, run the code, and look at every variable and state affected by that piece of code. This allows me to see if certain variables are getting set properly and to check and see if and when conditionals are met. Does Control4 have a tool for this? Thanks!
  22. Hello All, My first post . Is there a way to make Navigator select an item/driver in the "Listen" field after the audio has changed for that room.
  23. Anyone have 'must have' option buttons suggestion(s) or recommendations for which buttons to program them to on the SR-250 ? With all the TV apps and settings etc. it would sure be nice to have more then power on/off and volume up/down ?
  24. I have two Control4 environments (two homes). For the second house I just want to use the Control 4 remote as a universal remote to control (turn on/off multiple pieces of equipment via IR; music; TV/stereo, Sonos, PC/projected thru TV...). I had this previously working at another house and now I moved all the equipment to a new house and due to having new network/wireless router, cable etc. I need to reprogram the IP etc for everything to work again. I am not using any Control4 licenses to do this/nor needed. Mainly just using for IR control through Control4 as a universal remote. Probably overkill I know but I have the equip and loved having the C4 Universal Remote be used for everything vs having to use multiple remotes. Hope this makes sense. Can I do this on my own or do I need to hire someone to come in a program for me again? If I have to spend ~$400 for a C4 provider to come in a program things I might as well just buy a Universal remote I think. Hoping I can just do this myself. Thanks for input/advice/instruction. Mark P.S. Connected equip includes; C4-IOX-E-B, C4-NC200-E-B-NR, Intellinet 5-port Gigabit Switch(es), Intellinet Wireless 150N Access Point, Sonos Bridge, Sony Blue Ray BDP-S470, Samsung TV UNC46C6500
  25. Is it possible to run an event that automatically connects a bluetooth device (iphone or amazon dot) via wireless bridge? I am trying to create an event "listen to living dot" or "listen to iPhone"- that will turn on receiver to wireless bridge and automatically connect echo/iphone.
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