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Found 48 results

  1. Hi, I have been configuring and programming Control4 systems for my local customers and now I am offering my remote services to others. I have experience in both residential and commercial including small and large homes, retail and restaurants. My work is guaranteed and my rates are reasonable. If I can't resolve the issue, there is no charge. My services include: - Network Setup, Configuration, and Management (Network Engineer/PCNA Certified) - Adding Rooms and Drivers - Configuring Current Drivers - Advanced Programming including whole home lighting, single room lighting, audio video, shades, HVAC and security - Troubleshooting issues - Fully integrate Alexa, Google into your Control4 System - Clean up of system including Navigators, devices, rooms, and watch/listen screens - System Updates - Driver Updates - Adding and Configuring Zigbee devices and network - Adding any new physical hardware and configuring into C4 System - Configuring Favorite Channels and Stations - Adding new agents including Wake/Sleep, Announcements, ect... - Configuring Digital Media and streaming Happy Programming, J3
  2. I noticed that these remotes are dirt cheap on eBay and was wondering up to what SmartHome OS It’ll work on.
  3. Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well during this Coronavirus Pandemic and are staying safe. Seen as I have some free time on my hands now, if anyone needs any control4 support please let me know. Im located in the UK, but i'm available pretty much 24/7 (A very light sleeper) I can do anything from upgrades to adding new drivers etc... Iv’e helped some users on this forum in the past. Please PM if anyone needs any help! For all of my US folks out there I now have Venmo [emoji4] You guys can now contact me direct through WhatsApp using this link: https://wa.me/447803464444 Thanks Muj
  4. I have been doing a lot of remote programming for people on this forum and otherwise for the past 5 years or so...without having officially posted about it. Well, here it is! I am an experienced, certified Control4 technician, with over 20 years of software development experience to back it up. My company, Epic Systems, also develops and sells drivers for Control4 (most notably, the Amazon Echo driver - www.epic-systems.com) I have installed and programmed hundreds of Control4 systems over the years, always making sure that my customers are happy (I'm sure several of the folks on this forum can chime in and verify). I am extremely responsive (usually within minutes or hours), and get things done quickly and done right. I have experience integrating Control4 with just about every system out there, including (but not limited to): -Voice Control (Amazon Echo, Google Home) -Music Services (Sonos, Autonomic, Fusion Research, HEOS, etc) -Networking (Pakedge, Luxul, Ubiquiti) -Cameras (Lilin, Wirepath, AMCrest, Panasonic, Nest, etc) -HVAC (Control4, Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell, Carrier Infinity, etc) -Shades (Lutron, Somfy, Hunter Douglas, QMotion, etc) -Security (GE, DSC, Honeywell, etc) -Lighting (Control4, Lutron, Vantage, Vera, etc) -Door Locks (Kwikset, Yale, August, etc) -TVs (Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, VIZIO, etc) -AVRs (Sony, Denon, Yamaha, Marantz, Onkyo, Integra, etc) -Contacts/Relays (Card Access, NYCE, Axxis, etc) -several other 3rd party drivers from DriverCentral.io, HouseLogix, Annex4, DriversLab, etc. Please PM me with the details of what you need done, large or small! Thanks Ari Chopra ari@epic-systems.com http://www.epic-systems.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/arichopra
  5. I am moving and going to sell all of my Control 4 equipment all in good working order and no damage. Listed is the items I have to sell. Prices do not include shipping and are negotiable. I also have a paid 4Sight subscription through Jul 2020. HC 800 Controller $150 HC 250 Controller $50 Remotes x 2- $25 per remote 7" touchscreen $100 Door station $50 4 Zone Matrix AMp $150 Wireless Music Bridge $50 Switch x 4 $15 per switch (one not shown still in place but will be removed) Dimmer x 2 $20 per switch
  6. SnapAV Releases New Neeo Remote for Control4 Smart Home OS 3 https://www.twice.com/product/snapav-releases-new-neeo-remote-for-control4-smart-home-os-3
  7. The setup connections are given below. EA-5 HDMI Output -> Denon Receiver HDMI Input (CBL/SAT) Apple TV HDMI Output -> Denon Receiver HDMI Input (DVD) Denon Receiver HDMI Output -> Samsung One Connect HDMI Input 3 All devices are connected to the same network via a switch 1) Issue 1 I'm using a 4K Apple TV and i used the Apple TV (Gen 4 and 4K) [IP] driver in my project. I followed the documentation provided under Apple Bridge and managed to enable Apple TV in control4 mobile app. I was able to control Apple TV using the control4 remote. But when i restarted Apple TV i lost the control of Apple TV using control4 remote. Then I deleted the system in my mobile app and recreated the system with my login details and was able to get control of it making sure the Apple TV selector is selected under driver properties. Is there a way to continuously keep the control4 remote connected to control Apple TV? 2) Issue 2 I can't get the sound output from Apple TV via the TV speakers. Hope the audio signal travels along the HDMI connection from Apple TV to the Denon Receiver and from there to the TV (Samsung One Connect) Please someone help... Thank You.
  8. How can i use both tv and projector in the same room? Should I put them in two separate rooms as one room contains only one video end point? I have a Denon AVR-X2500H. The EA-5 controller's HDMI output is connected to the AVR's CBL HDMI input. AppleTV's HDMI output is connected to AVR's AUX2 HDMI input. The AVR has two HDMI outputs and one is connected to the TV and the other to the projector. Any possibility to control the TV and projector from the control4 remote? The AVR control4 driver has only one HDMI output even though the AVR has two HDMI outputs.
  9. When I turn on the TV using the remote, the On Screen Display doesn't show up. I need to press the Control4 Button on the remote in order to display the OSD. If i try to program the TV to display the menu when it turns on, it will display the TV built-in menu, but not Control4 OSD. Is there a way to automatically display the Control4 OSD when the TV turns on?
  10. Chowmain - Find My Remote Driver The Control4 SR-250 and SR-260 system remote controls have find my remote functionality built into them. Rather than utilise a custom button our new Find My Remote driver makes mapping this action to a Control4 touchscreen prettier. Features Pretty Find My Remote Icon Easy programming. Just select the remote in the drivers properties and the duration. Can be displayed under Services (Our prefered spot) or Watch/Listen/Comfort/Security menu's in any room. FAQ Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver? Lost your remote? Now you have a pretty button to make it beep so you can find it. Why doesn't my remote beep immediately? Remotes take upto a minute to check in. As such it will not beep immediately and will take upto a minute to start beeping. Once beeping has started you can cancel it by pressing any button on the remote. Why do you only support OS 2.9 and above? This driver is reliant on a new proxy introduced in OS 2.9.0 How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website How do I buy the driver? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 48 hour trial. This is activated once you add the driver to the project. No additional steps are necessary.
  11. Hi, I have a few items for sale, feel free to send me a message if you are interested in any of these items. Buyer to pay for shipping. I am located in Vancouver BC and all funds are in Canadian dollars.
  12. I ran into an issue at a client's house where I could not find an att uverse driver that would work properly some of them would skip channels or the up or down button would skip a couple times then the 2 I found wouldn't let enter 2 of the same digits ex. 1005 would enter 105 or if you tried pressing 5555 would get 5, very weird I know long story short built a driver for it (can post it if you need it) and after making it my double digit issues we're fixed but the channel and up and down still we're doing the same thing even after I copied the same exact it code. After another 10 mins of messing around I found the fix in the picture below, the original repeat count number was 5 and I changed it to 1 and fixed my problems instantly!!!! This works for volume as well, my TV at home was going up in increments of 2 even though it said 5 in the repeat count box.
  13. Is there a way to use the Logitech's Harmony family of remote controls (The ones with a Hub such as One, Companion, Elite...) with Control4 systems? Thanks
  14. [SOLD SOLD SOLD] I have a couple of SR-260s up for grabs. They are used and by used I mean they sat around in a customers holiday home project and were never used much at all. The buttons all look flawless, the displays have minimal, very light scuffs. Includes: 2 x SR-260's, 2 x Rechargeable batteries, 2 x Battery covers, 2 x Docking stations, 2 x AC wall charger USB Cables. PayPal or Venmo. Shoot me a reasonable offer!
  15. I am just curious if anyone knows how to get multiple TV's to show up in the same room on the same remote. Basically i Have 4 different rooms programmed into 1 using 3 Roku IP drivers to control my living room, kitchen and bedroom TV and have a firetv driver to control my sons firestick and made all my connections through a fake Integra receiver ( I don't own one i just needed one in my project for all my connections). All of my TV's are gonna be IR Controlled and i created 3 drivers that will control all 4 TV's (my living room and bedroom TV's are both IR Roku TV's and use the same codes) and have my living room working 100% I have all my emitters ran and set up on all TV's (ran and spliced with CAT6) I am just not sure how to make the other TV's available to see on my Navigator on my SR-260.
  16. on my in wall touch panel I can select and control music around my house to be played on our different sonos speakers, is there any way in which I can have any control of sound on my speakers with the listen button on the system remotes? Thanks
  17. Hi my system is currently running 2.8.2 . i have an HC800 as the director, a HC250 in the media room and SR250 i have 4sight and HE but can’t use this without the update Anyone able to help?
  18. I just upgraded one of the TV's on my system, and the integrator that installed the system 7 years ago wanted to charge $150 to swap the TV definition from the old one to the new one. I thought that that was excessive - to the point where I'm considering ditching the system if such minor changes are so expensive. Is someone able to do this TV swap remotely for a much more reasonable fee?
  19. I have implemented a security system with LUMA analog DVR. After a easy configuration, the system works great when i am in the same site as my system. But when I access the system by 4sight I have no image of the cameras. Does anybody knows if the remote camera viewing is supoorted by the luma analog driver? Or do I have a problem with the configuration of the system. I am using the following : Controller EA3 Luma analog DVR 4CH Luma Surveillance 300 series camera Luma_navigation.c4z luma dvr stream .c4z Thanks
  20. Does anyone know how to pair the C4 remote (SR 260) with the Comcast 4K cable box?
  21. I just update the firmware on my Marantz SR5007 receiver and now I can't control my system's volume with my Control 4 remote. Any suggestions?
  22. hi everyone i wanted to change one of my devices on my HDMI matrix ( a DVD player to Apple TV) - is it possible to do this myself or do I need to contact my dealer to do this and to add the remote control functions to my C4 remote. many thanks
  24. Selling my SR-250. Used but great condition. Works great just don't use anymore. Make my loss your gain. Running director version Asking 100.00. Includes shipping.
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