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Found 8 results

  1. We are releasing a new solution for RGB LED Control with Control4. There is not so many good and affordable solutions of this kind right now, this driver may fill a gap many people wanted since a while. If you have tried other RGB LED Control solution for Control4 that are on the market right now, you may have find they may produce disappointing results, or other solutions may be better but for a price. The driver we are presenting if focussed mainly to work with RGB LED and use DMX as the standard lightning control protocol. It teams with a powerful interface that is the RS-232 DMX Engine from Engineering Solutions Inc. This little box have enough power to allow a complete management of RGB LED, Color effects, smooth fades, and more. Best of all, it does cost less than the other popular DMX solution for Control4. The driver fully support Advanced Lightning Agent scenes with perfectly synchronous activation with no external tool required to build a scene, it also feature a highly user friendly color effect management and native Control4 dimmer control to keep the experience similar the same as with Control4 own lightning system. Quick features list: - Native Control4 Dimmer Control - Full Advanced Lightning Agent support - Perfectly smooth scene activation with no popcorn effect - Smooth fades and color transition - Built-in Color Loop and Chase Effect - Effects are fully customizable - No CPU overhead - Support parallel tasking - Ultra fast response time - Exclusive Effect Switch for easy color effect creation - White override for RGBW Lightning The total cost of the driver and the interface is lower than the actual most popular DMX solution for Control4 and will produce better results, guarantee. Many people are already using it and they liked it. Check out this demo video of a basement with RGBW lightning, all controlled with Control4 and this driver: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQsbtevZwSg The whole DMX Lightning control solution is sold on the Houselogix Marketplace: https://www.houselogix.com/shop/lighting Driver documentation: http://www.domaudeo.com/Control4/Drivers/DMX/Instructions.pdf Driver package download: http://www.domaudeo.com/Control4/Drivers/DMX/DMX_for_Control4_v1.2.zip For pricing information, go to Houselogix https://www.houselogix.com/shop/domaudeo or contact info@domaudeo.com Feel free to ask question on this forum, we will gladly try our best to answer.
  2. Chowmain - Yeelight Wifi RGB LED Lighting driver for Control4 Yeelight manufactures a range of affordable Wifi controlled LED lighting products. The range consists of dimmable RGB, White and strip based LED lighting. These products do not need a hub like other wireless lighting products and integrate directly into Control4 with Chowmain’s Yeelight driver. This two way driver allows do dim the light, change the color of the light, change the color temperature of the light and more. Features Two way control/feedback. Instant feedback if LED controlled from another application. Automatic Discovery of Yeelight Self Healing on change of IP Address Automatically hide RGB and/or Color Temperature’s from Navigator on model detection. Change RGB color via navigator Change Brightness via navigator Change Color temperature via navigator Program color flows from Composer Advanced Lighting Scene Support FAQ Why is this better than other RGB solutions? This is an extremely affordable solution (starting from $20) which does not require an additional hub to operate. We have full control over pretty much every function including color, temperature, brightness and even color flows. We have instantaneous two way feedback. If the customer uses the original application Control4 gets the change immediately. Where can I purchase this product from? Yeelight can be purchased from Amazon and other online retailers in both 220v and 110v formats. Yeelight Website What hardware does this support? This supports the wifi range of Yeelight products. At the time of writing this includes the RGB bulb, Mono Bulb, Desk Lamp and RGB strip based LED lighting. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website Installation Guide How do I buy the driver? This driver can be purchased from our distributor driverCentral. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? We have two support desks. One in Australia and one in the US. Click on the link below for details. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 7 day trial.
  3. Hi, Can someone recommend a RGB lighting engine for pools where the lights are waterproof and compatible with Control4 (should have control4 drivers)?
  4. Until C4 release a proper ColorWheel Proxy, here is a nice generic Color Wheel driver that work with every possible lights compatible with Control4. It is available right now at Houselogix, you can try it for free an unlimited number of time, so everyone looking for a simple Color Wheel interface that work with your RGB lights, here it is. You can try it with Phillips Hue, Enttec DMX, Lutron, C4 Dimmer or any other third party light driver, it should work with all of them­. Download link: http://www.houselogix.com/shop/generic-color-wheel-for-any-rgb-lights Features Overview: - Work with ANY Light device that is compatible with Control4 - Bind with light devices using a simple Device Selector or use variable in Programming - The Color Wheel interface work with the T3 Touch Screen or any mobile device using the Control4 App - The Color Wheel interface can be brought on-screen using a provided UI Button - Instant load, No glitch/Load time/Endless spinning wheel - 8 customizable presets - Custom Turn-On color - Brightness control - Customizable fade Frequent Asked Questions: Why I need to go to the Security Section to view the Color Wheel? Until Control4 release a proper Color Wheel Proxy, we had to use the Camera Proxy to bring this feature to Control4 Navigator. Ok, but why not using Web View? Because Web View, although very powerful, work only on T3 touchscreens... And if you have the same kind of customers as we have, they are IN LOVE with their phone so it NEED to work on their phone. If it does not work on phones, it does not work at all. This solution work either on T3 and on any mobile device via the Control4 App. BTW There is another comparable T3-Only WebView driver available right now. Can we trigger the Color Wheel interface without going to the Security section? Yes, on T3 you can use the Color Wheel UI button provided with this driver. You can place this UI button in any section of Navigator (except Lighting ) and you will then be able to trigger the Color Wheel interface using the Navigation Agent and simple Composer programming What kind of light device is compatible with this driver? Almost any lighting driver that work on Control4 will work with this driver, it can be a Control4 wall Dimmer, the Enttec DMX Dimmers, or any third party solution that control RGB light in Control4.
  5. I am currently writing a driver for the Light-O-Rama system to integrate into Control4. I found this lighting system is highly affordable very robust, although primarily done for Christmas light, it was pretty easy to expand it's application to a regular light control system for low-voltage LED or 120V lights in a house. This system can also grow and control a very large amount of lights by daisy-chaining modules. The driver is based on our popular Advanced DMX solution currently available at Houselogix. The Light-O-Rama solution will offer similar features but the initial cost will be chopped by half. In fact, this will become the cheapest alternative to panelized lighting for Control4 ever available. For $109, you get a robust lighting control board that can control up to 24 circuits of low-voltage light or 8 sections of RGB lights, that mean a cost of about 5$ per channel with full dimming and smooth fades. Don't get me wrong, the Light-O-Rama integration into Control4 is not meant to be used as a light show system, it just bring LOR as a house lighting control system for regular lights with some RGB effect just like DMX, but for less $$ The driver is almost done and a beta will be released soon, I would need some people who actually own an LOR system and will like to use it as a light controller for their home. I have only a single board to work with so I can't test other LOR module or multiples unit daisy chained. I would also like some feature request if someone has idea... The goal is to bring the cheapest lighting control solution ever to Control4, that would expand C4 market to smaller home and budget-tight project.
  6. Our popular DMX integration solution for LED and Low voltage is available since a year now and we've been asking lot of feature requests and enhancements. I'm starting this new thread to focus on the driver features and not general LED installation and cabling. Our latest version 1.5.4 if mostly build to fulfil all the feature requests we had to date. New in 1.5.4: - DMX Group Dimmer for Single Channel Light - You liked the previous RGB Group Dimmer, but a single channel version was lacking. This Group Dimmer present a single dimmer to control multiple DMX Channels (range or random), it is very useful to group the White Channels in an RGBW setup or in commercial project where there is many lights on different channel but in the same room. - The ColorChanger driver is improved. This driver present a single dimmer slider that change the color of a group of RGB lights, it now support non-adjacent RGB channel and prevent problem when there is a white channel present after RGB. Also some bug fixed. Any ColorChanger user should upgrade to this version. - DMX Switch, a simple (but missing) driver to control non-dimmable lights or relays - Improved Effect Switch with Ranged Color Loop that now support lights with more than 3 channels. Also new Brightness setting that allow to dim the color effect. - DMX Effect Brightness, a complement to the new Effect Switch that allow live brightness changes of a currently running effect. Presented as a regular dimmer slider, your customer will be able to dim of bright the effect that is played in the room. Can also bind to a keypad. - Hardware Scene Management, allow to create hardware scene that can be saved into the DMX Engine hardware. Scene can be recalled through programming or automatically on boot (useful as disaster recovery). This is NOT THE SAME as Control4's own Scene agent, our driver still fully support scene creation through the Advanced Lightning Agent. We would like to remind this solution is not only for RGB LED but also for any low-voltage lights or whole-house all-white LED control. Here is the link to the original thread about this driver: http://www.c4forums.com/topic/14946-a-good-rgb-led-control-solution-for-control4-is-there/ Download link on Houselogix: https://www.houselogix.com/shop/advanced-dmx (all required hardware can also be purchased on Houselogix) ETA for the new IP DMX Engine: Expected in Q1 2016. Hope you're still happy to use our DMX solution and don't hesitate to tell us about your project for help and advice, also all feature requests is always welcome. Enjoy.
  7. I have a commercial customer that is using a S.T.I.C.K as DMX controller for his restaurant, we are planning to add C4 to manage audio and 120v lightning, is someone already used Nicolaudie product with C4? Is there a driver already done?
  8. You can use the latest release of our RGB LED Control solution to build nice color effects that can be triggered by music, check out the demo video: http://youtu.be/csieFCBaBco It's cheap and easy to do and require only Control4 hardware and the affordable ES DMX Interface. It's all explained in the documentation of the driver, check out this threat for more information or contact us at info@domaudeo.com http://www.c4forums.com/topic/14946-a-good-rgb-led-control-solution-for-control4-is-there/
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