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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone, I have the DS2 door station installed along with the touchscreen and the EA-1 Controller. When in the living room, everything is fine as I can hear the touch screen whenever somebody is at the door. I also have the application on my phone as well. However, when I am upstairs since the touchscreen can't be heard upstairs, I have no idea when and who is at the door. Is there any way to get notified on the phone when somebody is at the door, like getting the same call on both my phone and touchscreen or any other way? Best Regards,
  2. Ok gurus I need your brain power... I have a Ring Doorbell Pro and would like to setup a notification whenever the DBell goes offline. This afternoon mine went offline and the only way I found out was because Amazon delivered a package and I received a text message....who knows how long it could have been. My thought is that if the DB falls offline and C4 doesn't see it anymore, that HE could generate a notification....?????? Sound doable or better ideas?
  3. I am building a new house and I need some advice / validation of an intended setup - if the combination of equipment will work with the control4 gear I am getting Requirements were; 1. Listen to music in bedroom, dining, living, kitchen and outdoors (5 audio zones) - preferrably Apple Itunes (Cloud) Music 2. Watch multiple Video Sources (TV, Foxtel/Cable TV, DVD, Apple TV) in Home Theatre (Projector with full atmos audio), Living Area, Kids Play Room and Main Bedroom (4 Video zones) 3. Video Intercom 4. Security POE Camera Setup (4 external camera, 2 internal) All of the above controllable via remote/ipad/iphone - Control4 Systems I've attached a diagram of the setup (without security cameras) Room by Room Gear; Home Theatre; 5.1.4 Speakers - mix of B&W and Paradigm Epson ls10000 Projetor SR260 Remote Garage: 5 HEOS Amps to connected to 5 pairs of ceiling speakers in each of the 5 audio zones around the house Lots of network equipment (48 port switch, 8 port POE switch, wifi router, telco modem) Oppo DVD Player UDP 203 (connected to hdmi matrix) Apple TV (connected to hdmi matrix) Control4 EA3 Controller (Main controller) Marantz 7011 AVR (with inbulit HEOS with room for extra 2 zones) Bluestream 4x4 HDMI Matrix - still not sure if I need this or if I should get a control4 version capable of 4k Living Room Samsung or LG 75 Inch 4K TV (Still havent decided on brand - not sure which works best with Control4) Pair Paradigm Speakers connect to HEOS Amp in Garage Apple TV + Remote Control4 EA1 + SR260 Remote (this is in addition to EA3 located in garage, idea is for the additional controler is for the remote located in living areas to be close to a control unit) Front Door Ring Intercomm August Doorlock & August Keypad Kids Toy Room Old Pioneer Plasma TV - this thing is still a god! PS4 Pioneer DVD Player Main Bedroom - pre wired for future expansion Outdoor Room - Pair Paradigm Speakers connect to HEOS Amp in Garage Dining Room - Pair Paradigm Speakers connect to HEOS Amp in Garage Kitchen Room - Pair Paradigm Speakers connect to HEOS Amp in Garage Now the questions: 1. HEOS or Sonos? What works best with Control4 2. Control4 Audio Matrix ??? Since I need 5 audio zones (currently planned with multiple HEOS amps) would I be better of with control4 audio matrix? 3. Apple Music - Cloud - Itunes Match - how to play with Control4 3. LG or Samsumg TV's? Which best integrates with Control4 4. Does Ring work well with Control4 5. Does August work well with Control4 6. Will Control4 work with PS4 7. Whats the range of the remote - I was told by an integrator that I needed a second ea1 unit at the rear of the house in the living room, one to be close to the remote Thanks In advance Gurus and Wizards!
  4. Ring doorbell driver for control4 would be useful and an inexpensive alternative to control4 doorbell. Ring.com
  5. http://www.cepro.com/article/smartest_doorbell_camera_yale_look_door_viewer_intercom_z-wave_wi-fi_zigbee CES 2016 debut states they plan on shipping a zigbee version. Available in April.
  6. Does Control4 works with: Kevo by Kwikst; Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect, Dropcam, Ring Doorbell?
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