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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Everyone, We are Looking for Beta testers for our Newly developed driver for Homebridge/Homekit. The Driver supports > Switches > Dimmers > Advance Lighting Scenes > Fan Speed Controller > Thermostat > Blinds > Garage Doors > Locks > Motion Sensors > Contact Sensors > Custom Commands All with 2-way Feedback. Free Remote access to Devices that are Configured in Homekit. Driver Setup and Homebridge Interface within Composer Only. Requirements: HomeBridge can be run on Following Platforms. So if you are willing to test the driver please make sure you have one of these. Raspberry Pi, Synology Nas, Qnap Nas
  2. In the IOS Shortcuts app, I have a dozen or so Control4 actions show up. Where do these come from? Amusingly, they don't work when I trigger them - but if I can figure out where they come from, maybe there's something I can do. How can I manipulate these and otherwise do interesting things with them? Ideally I would expose C4 Media or Lighting Scenes to Siri and just trigger them as needed. (I'm aware of the HomeBridge drivers, but am not yet using it. I'm learnings the basics of C4 programming before I dive into that...)
  3. Hi, just wandering. Can C4 be integrated with Siri (home Kit) ? I made it working (Siri, open Garage, Siri Close garage and ETC.) But I "cheated" system. is there any driver (like driver for Alexa), that can work?
  4. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has found a way to bridge the Apple Home app with a Control 4 controller to allow you to control your Control 4 system via Siri?
  5. Sorry for this being a repeat form category, but I've scanned through the posts and didn't see my questions. Is there a way to use the Amazon Echo to do tasks such as turning on the TV and/or a specific channel, playing music, etc. Also, anything that allows the Siri to do the same? I've seen the videos on You Tube where this is done, but can't find any directions or info on how.
  6. After using my Amazon Dot and Alexa for a couple of weeks now it seems obvious to me that it is more than just a fad. Is there any chance that Control4 would start adding voice control capabilities to their existing or new touchscreens? It looks like Amazon is looking for companies to build Alexa into their products https://developer.amazon.com/alexa-voice-service. Would be nice to have 1 less device laying around.
  7. Hi folks we've just installed an EA3 and I'm eager to learn how to get this to work with Apple's Homekit so Siri can take over. I'm actually quite surprised it doesn't have a clear path. This fellow seems to have the answer, but I'm wondering if someone will post a"how to" set this up.
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