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Found 10 results

  1. Chowmain - Sky+HD / SkyQ / Sky Q Mini for Control4 Sky is a British satellite broadcast service provider. Chowmain has developed an IP based driver that provides control over UK based Sky set top boxes. This IP driver eliminates the need to attach infra red emitters to the set top box and is compatible with the Sky+ HD, Sky Q and Sky Q mini boxes. On top of IP control the driver also provides automatic channel media list updates for Control4. This ensures that the channel listing on Control4's user interface is always upto date with the latest channels for that particular region. F
  2. Chowmain - Sky New Zealand Channels driver Sky Network Television Limited (branded as SKY) is a New Zealand pay television satellite TV provider. It is also a wholesale channel provider to New Zealand cable television provider Vodafone. On 30 June 2018, Sky had 767,727 subscribers across satellite and OTT services, making it the largest pay television platform in New Zealand. Despite the similarity of name and services, such as Sky Go and My Sky+ shared with its British equivalent, Sky, there is no connection between the companies. The Chowmain Sky New Zealand Channels driver is de
  3. I have a control4 system at my home that works with lights and sound. I would like to make it work with my sky+ hd TV box as well so I don't need my sky remote. How do I do that ?
  4. Hi All, Have fixed several bugs across all drivers, thanks for the feedback, and have added remote VPN access support and automatic realtime driver updates. Features include :- Stonetree_DriverCental - Central Management driver providing common modules and functions to all other Stonetree drivers - Realtime updates to latest versions of all drivers - OpenVPN server facility to allow multiple client access for support purposes - OpenVPN remote support facility configurable to connect to dealer support service - Automatic backups to remote storage upon Navigator Refresh Stonetree_MyM
  5. Bit of a question for people in the UK, but wondering if anyone has created a driver for the new Sky Q boxes? I've just heard they turned off the ability to work with the old IR codes from the old remotes, the new remotes have a different IR command set. I know I'll be able to make one myself, but when the sky installer comes I want to be able to test it while he is there. Can't see them wanting to stick about while I create a driver for it. I suppose backup is having him change the channels where the sky box is and me checking on one of the screens connected to the matrix. Ju
  6. I have a client who has video distribution setup but is only using control4 in one room. They have access to a Sky box from both rooms, but the balun needs the box to be on the whole time to keep the handshake. Control4 have recently upgraded the Sky+HD driver to a .c4z file, so it has a pretty picture now, but on the flip side I can't go in and tell C4 to not turn the sky box off, without editing XML's and making a permanent change, and obviously I don't want this functionality on every job. The old driver still appears in my search, but it greyed out and has (Obselete) next t
  7. Hi guys, We just released a FREE Control4 driver that updates your Sky pay tv channel icons automatically. Will only import the channels that you have a subscription to (requires username and password). No more media list updates when Sky changes its channel numbers, adds/removes channels or the account holder adds/removes packages from their service. All we ask in return is that you check out our other drivers on our website. We are passionate about Control4 and there are a lot of cool drivers that add functionality to Control4 which you may like. Note as a free driver it co
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Please see attached, hope it helps the UK Guys
  9. Sky Q Driver View File Please see attached, hope it helps the UK Guys Submitter Gary Leeds UK Submitted 04/23/2016 Category Documents
  10. Hi All, Following much testing, help and support from many of you here on the forum I have completed V2 of my Driver Bundle set. The drivers will run on 2.5.0 and above and have been tested on controllers HC-200, HC-250, HC-300, HC-800 and HC-1000 although the faster HC-250 and HC-800 controllers are recommended especially with the MyMovies driver. Documentation is included with each driver but in summary there are 5 drivers as follows :- Stonetree_DriverCentral ---------------------------- This driver is required by all other drivers. It's job is to provide several common functions
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