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  1. I want to get the doorbell and other announcements to play thru my sonos system. i have wireless speakers and its much more flexible than the zones i have thru my C4. how can this be done?
  2. Hi, Wondering if it is possible. I got system with EA-3, 7 sonos amps, os is 3.11. Tried to make doorbell announcement working, got it partly going. It plays announcement on selected ( connected to EA-3 ) amps, but I can't make it going back to track it was playing before announcement. If it was only 1 or 2 options (favorites stations) I think I can work out with variables, but it can be anything, client got Spotify, Apple music, Etc. I tried Snapshot driver, but it reset volume level only. Is it possible in general to make it working? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Got some question. Is it possible to make media scene with Sonos devices? connect few sonos amps in one group with C4 programming? Control Volume, select source? Like with reg C4 Media scene setup? OS 3.1.1 Thanks.
  4. Hello Control4 Comrades! Recently, I added Amazon music as a service to Sonos and deleted Spotify. My Sonos system is only used for Control4 and nothing else, so I assumed it would be seamless, considering this is a somewhat old but effective multi-thousand dollar system. Now, when I open Sonos on one of my touchscreen wall-mounted pads, all I have listed under music services is Tune-in, something I didn't even have in the first place. Can anyone help me? Thanks! Sincerely, Alexander Szeremeta P.S My operating system is 2.8.2, and if I start playing something from one of the services listed above in the sonos app and then open Sonos endpoint on my touchscreen wall-mounted pad, it works fine.
  5. Seems to apply to the attitude towards Control4 obsolescence as well. https://www.wired.co.uk/article/sonos-outrage-legacy-speakers
  6. Hi All, im having trouble figuring out the logic to play a doorbell announcement through sonos when the DS2 is active. I have 3 play bars and a few connect amps. Id also like to display the video on the tv where the EA3 is located. Many help would be much appreciated.
  7. Hi there. Hopefully this will be something someone has tried and can tell me if it works. I have a client who has 12 zones of audio all via Sonos Connect Amps. Trouble is he really just wants to use Airplay for all his musical needs. I would like to know how clever C4 is when it comes to streaming through Sonos.. I believe it recently got a bit cleverer in that we now have some control over the line-in so I'm hoping that will extend to what I need to do. If I were to put in an EA3 / EA5 / however many streams via however many processors, then connect the audio outs of those to some random line ins from the many Connect Amps, would the system be clever enough to route audio into a line in and through the Sonos system to the relevant endpoint. I would like to create a Shairbridge instance for each room which would 'auto power' that room. Each room will of course contain a Sonos Connect Amp driver. In theory it seems like all the parts are there, but I just don't know if the logic exists in the drivers. eg EA3 line out 1 -> Sonos Living Room line in EA3 line out 2 -> Sonos Kitchen line in Shairbridge driver in Master Bedroom, auto power on Master Bedroom, Sonos Connect Amp exists in Master Bedroom Customer airplays to "Master Bedroom" shairbridge driver: will the EA3 start a stream, pipe it into the Sonos Living Room line in, then tell the Sonos Master Bedroom to play from the "Sonos Living Room line in"? Massive thanks to anyone who can offer advice on that
  8. Hi, all. In OS2, my Sonos Favorites (or in newer Sonos parlance, items added to "My Sonos") would appear under Favorites in the Control4 listen area. I became heavily dependent on this to choose specific Apple Music or Spotify playlists, Apple Music Stations, TuneIn stations, etc. In fact, it became my main way of choosing listening sources. In OS3, the Sonos Favorites are nowhere to be found. Choosing "Favorites" under the Listen menu actually crashes my iOS and T3 apps. So, my question for all is, can I get back my Sonos Favorites?
  9. Have a client who wants two cordless speakers out at his pool and have it intergrated with the rest of the zones in the house. We went with heos wifi speakers that work great for controlling through C4 but I'm unable to add rooms to the music stream. C4 support said the reason is because I'm using the heos media player and not C4 player in that zone. I've tried adding heos player drivers to other rooms to try and get it to link that way but with no success. Is there any other options I have. Was thinking going the Sonos route but feel I'd run into the same issue.
  10. I had a bunch of sonos amps, sonos subs & soundbars, but one thing I couldn't do was output the audio from the main TV into other speakers, and my installer said I was running out of room in the rack when I upgraded my theater with more amps/dvd player etc. So I got the Triad 8 channel amp & 8 channel matrix. but it's so hard to use, it's multiple steps and not even as close to be as easy as sonos app in terms of picking music grouping rooms, adjusting volumes etc. :(. Maybe I'm doing it wrong and I'd love to make it easier. I still have my Den with a sonos soundbar & sub. and do miss the sub in the other rooms. But to get spotify going, it's a multi step process of first opening control4, selecting spotify connect, then opening spotify to start a playlist, then going back to control4 to change volume, add rooms. I can barely do this, and my kids/wife definitely can't now. We are ipads & android phones in the house. Is there an easier way? I was reading somewhere that we should add chromecast audios? I have a sonos connect amp connected to the amp, but still confused on how/why that's connected. I still have 3 rooms that I have sonos amps connected to as well. Is there anyway for both the control4 and sonos to be playing the same thing as 1 system?
  11. on my in wall touch panel I can select and control music around my house to be played on our different sonos speakers, is there any way in which I can have any control of sound on my speakers with the listen button on the system remotes? Thanks
  12. Hey All. About the install: I've installed an EA-3, 6x6 4K Control4 Matrix, and an Episode Amp in a client's home. He has two outside TVs, side by side, with a separate DirecTV box for each TV, as well as 2 KEF speakers per TV. There is also a Sonos in the zone. In Composer, I've broken down the area into independent rooms, per TV. Ideally, both zones will be able to play Sonos as the default audio zone, concurrently. There are no issues with Video showing up where it is supposed to, only audio. The "right tv" room works as designed, and has no issue switching audio or video. My issue appears to be only with the "left tv" room. The Issue: From a "Room Off," if Sonos starts playing, C4 is supposed to set Sonos as the Audio Selection in both rooms, however, only the "right TV" gets audio, despite "left tv" remote showing that Sonos is the currently selected source. I can trick C4 into putting Sonos to both rooms, but it takes a lot of changing inputs back and forth to get it to do what the simple programming tells it to. If "right tv" has "right cable" selected as the video source, there is no issue. Both video and audio present as expected. However, if "left tv" has "left cable" selected, it almost always starts audio on the "right tv" speakers. Once "right tv" room is on, then and only then will "left tv" start presenting audio, sometimes. I guess what I'm asking is: How can I force the Matrix to send the correct audio channels to the appropriate TV? I've quadruple checked my connections, and everything is correct, there just seems to be a hiccup with the initial audio streams. Any input is greatly appreciated and I appreciate the time you took to read this. Thank you.
  13. Hi all, i'm new to the forums and looking for some advice on the best audio solution for my C4 system. About 3 years ago i had a c4 system installed including an 8x8 HD matrix combined with a KNX lighting system, door locks and integrated heatmiser heating controls. At the time of installation i also had speaker cables installed in every room but wasn't quite ready to pull out the additional cost for the system at the time. I'm now ready but since then amazon echo has arrived! Or should i go with sonos and install a connect amp for each zone and install in ceiling speakers? Or maybe just go for a separate sonos speaker system? or should i go with a C4 16x16 audio matrix and install ceiling and bookshelf speakers? There's so many options! Here is the important stuff that might make the decision easier to make... Number of zones in the house 15 Number of wired speakers required 24 (if a wired system is what i go for) Budget - £3-£4k - obviously if i decide to go for Sonos connect amps i'll be lucky if i get 3 zones out of this budget but it can be expanded over time... Would like to play music from streamed services such as amazon music and spotify from my phone - will this work with a C4 audio matrix? Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome, i don't know much about the technical side so please keep it simple and if there are other systems out there that will offer the above that i haven't mentioned please do suggest. Thanks in advance!
  14. Just received this from Sonos officially ending the third party integration via non endorsed drivers. Read correctly, this means any systems that haven’t been updated with endorsed drivers are going to stop working I assume. ” Unsupported UPnP Sonos Integrations At the end of January, we have a regular Sonos software update to bring new features (like Sonos App enhancements based on feedback) and to implement minor bug fixes. This update also includes small changes that continue to keep the Sonos system secure for our customers. Inadvertently this update will impact experiences built using unsupportedUPnP integrations, more specifically the ability to search and play music from streaming services. We understand that this change will impact your existing or in progress jobs, and ultimately the experience our shared customers using an unsupported integration will have with how their music will integrate with their home control system. We’re proactively communicating this update with you in hopes to help impacted customers prior to the release. Preventing scenarios like these are a key driver for us to create a scalable and sustainable Sonos platform (Endorsed and Certified partners) where we can work closely with partners to build secure experiences for customers using Sonos APIs. Integrations built on our platform are tested to ensure long-term reliability, which is not currently possible with unsupported UPnP integrations. The result is that you and your customers can have confidence that the integrations they choose to use with Sonos will continue to deliver the best and most reliable experience. The Specifics: If you are a Control4 dealer and are still using the unsupported legacy UPnP driver, you should now move customers over to the endorsed driver. Control4 will also be communicating this news with all of their dealers today as well. This update will not impact any endorsed or certified partner experiences built on the Sonos platform, which are offered by Control4 with their endorsed driver, Crestron, iPort, Lutron, Savant Wink, and more. All customer’s Sonos speakers and systems will continue to work and can be controlled using the Sonos App, voice, or the desktop controller. Up until the introduction of the Endorsed Partner Program in 2016, any third-party Sonos integration was always unsupported by us. We hope you understand why the only way to integrate Sonos is by working with those third-party partners that are on the Sonos platform. We’ll continue to update you as additional partners come to the platform, including some of the larger partners in the home automation space that are already building new experiences to be available to you and your customers. Sincerely, Your Sonos Team”
  15. Like many, I have had Sonos Connects in my system for many years. I originally used Sonos with the EV drivers to get Pandora, iHeartRadio and MLB Game Day audio. With Game Day audio no longer working, I have no reason to keep the EV drivers and with native support for Pandora and IHR now I'm not sure why I would want to keep Sonos at all. I do not use the Sonos ap (and would not use it except to set a favorite), so losing the ability to throw a Sonos stream from Sonos to C4 is no big deal. I have one Connect in my rack room with the output fed to an audio matrix. The other is in a bedroom output to a receiver for that room (almost never used). I have one Sonos Network driver and two Sonos drivers (one for each Connect). I have two Sonos Connects, one upstairs and one downstairs. Assuming I don't need the extra source streams, are there reasons I would want to keep the Connects in C4?
  16. Selling 2 used SONOS CONNECT AMPS. Perfect working order, minor blemishes but they look great. Best Offer.
  17. Please be advised that it seems the latest Sonos update (as of November 21st) WILL break ALL integration using the old deprecated driver, forcing you to move to the new Endorsed driver (with all it's limitations)
  18. I'm at wits end, tried everything I know. I have a TV using a connect amp, auto-playing whenever the TV generates audio in my Kitchen. This arrangement worked for a very long time. Without changing anything, other than perhaps a driver auto upgrade, whenever the BASEMENT changes state, say pressing the control4 button, the audio in the kitchen pauses. I can immediately restart the audio from any Sonos app. I have looked everywhere I can to find a link between the two rooms. I'm using the endorsed Sonos driver (58). The Sonos players players are communicating via the Sonosnet. I have removed all the Sonos drivers and re-installed them. Best I can tell, the Sonos in the Kitchen receives a pause command upon a state change in the basement system. Any ideas or suggestions on how to trouble shoot this would be greatly appreciated.
  19. I've been using Sonos without any issues in my house for over a year. Just recently had our system updated to 2.9 and now we have a Sonos issue. When I look in Composer HE, and the C4 IOS app I see some error messages. On the app when I go to Room > Listen > Favorites what I see on the screen there is "Error with Setup." In Composer HE when I go to Monitoring > Favorites and click on a room I get "Error with Setup." However if I go to the Sonos App on my desktop and go to Favorites I see all of my favorites as I've previously saved them. Then also if I go through the C4 app I can get some things playing. Once I have them playing I can play everything from Pandora to Sirius XM to Apple Music. So somewhere there is an issue / error with loading favorites in Composer. Anyone else experienced this or now how to fix it?
  20. I apologetically bring this topic up, as I know there has been much Sonos discussion. For audio only, what is the better solution: Option S: 4 x Sonos Connect:Amps > 4 stereo rooms 2 x Sonos Connects > 2 x AVRs > 2 tv rooms -or- Option C: 1 x Sonos Connect > Control4 16 zone audio matrix > Control4 4 zone amp & 2 AVRs > 4 stereo rooms & 2 tv rooms I have never used Sonos. But my friends who use it say the best part is one app and total control of their home audio using any service. Which is my goal, to avoid having to switch apps to add rooms, change volume, skip the song, etc. The services we use for audio are Apple Music and iTunes (phones, tablets, iMac), Spotify, and Pandora. Pandora is the only service that we can use entirely from the C4 app and play to multiple zones. We can play Apple Music and Spotify to multiple zones but it requires a lot of app switching. I realize with Option S, I would have to control on/off/volume with the 260 wand in the tv rooms. I can live with that. Option S has the added benefit of all six zones playing 6 different sources (unless there is a limit I'm unaware of) and Option C limits one person playing thru Sonos to any or all zones. I do not use my C4 audio for other things, like dogs barking when the doorbell rings, or scenes. What is the better option for me?
  21. I have a motion sensor outside at my front door and I'd simply like for the sonos in my bedroom and the sonos in my kitchen to play an announcements...but for the announcement to be synchronized. I'm having issues getting this to work...in fact, only the bedroom plays the announcement at the moment. FYI - I have a variable "BeQuite" that is true after 8:00pm and turns false at 8:00am so I can adjust the volume of the announcements. Any help is appreciated Also...not to take this thread into a different direction, the motion sensor executes the above programming when it starts to sense motion...not when it stops. I don't know why but it only worked when I put this programming in the "Motion Sensor stops sensing motion".
  22. I'm having a strange problem with the Auto Power Room feature on my Sonos Connect System with Control4 and Receiver. The behavior is reliable, but not what I expect. When I start playing a Sonos stream using my Sonos App, the appropriate room will Auto Power on. However, when I try to group another room using the app, the grouped rooms do not Auto Power on. This is a problem since I want people to be able to use the Sonos App to control selections, grouping, and volume instead of having to reach for a C4 remote. In addition, I have a receiver on one of the Sonos Connects that needs to have its volume set to a specific level in order to have enough volume. Before this "Endorsed" driver, everything worked great. I'm not sure why a Sonos player no longer has its Play and Playing variable switch when grouped like it used to. Does anyone else have this problem? Should I just go pry the old drivers out of an old project file and force C4 to use them instead? Is there a better workaround? It seems like as far as the C4 controller is concerned the Sonos is still off, but it is indeed playing music.
  23. I have a "Custom Buttons" setup in Navigator where I simply want to click "Daytime Fun" and have the same Pandora stream play in the Kitchen and in the Master Bedroom. The Bedroom is a Sonos Playbar and the Kitchen is a Play:3 The ability to add the Master Playbar to the Kitchen Session doesn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong?
  24. Hi, since sonos did huge improvement and stopped working with C4 properly we want to move to Fusion. I wanted to get some feedback. 1. how does it work with music services (spotify, amazone, google, etc.) 2. is user interface friendly? Thanks.
  25. Hi All, I have c4 with speakers throughout my home but have 1 room with sonos (integrated into my C4) only. When I play music in the room with a sonos 5 speaker, I try to "add" rooms but cannot. I thought i would be able to play the same music throughout my home even with the sonos they way I did with my other sources. Any thoughts on how to do this? Is it even able? Thanks in advance.
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