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Found 14 results

  1. How can i use both tv and projector in the same room? Should I put them in two separate rooms as one room contains only one video end point? I have a Denon AVR-X2500H. The EA-5 controller's HDMI output is connected to the AVR's CBL HDMI input. AppleTV's HDMI output is connected to AVR's AUX2 HDMI input. The AVR has two HDMI outputs and one is connected to the TV and the other to the projector. Any possibility to control the TV and projector from the control4 remote? The AVR control4 driver has only one HDMI output even though the AVR has two HDMI outputs.
  2. I'm controlling my TV (Samsung QN75Q7F) using Ethernet. When I turn off the TV using the 'ROOM OFF' button on the remote, the next time I turn on the TV, the On-screen display doesn't show up. So I have to press the 'Control4' button on the remote. When I turn off the TV using the mobile phone, by pressing the 'power' button available once the 'Watch' icon is selected in Control4 mobile app, the next time I turn on the TV, the OSD appears. If by chance I turned off the TV using the 'ROOM OFF' button on the remote, and If i turn on the TV using the mobile phone, the OSD doesn't show up as well. So i programmed the menu button to send the 'Control4' button command to display the OSD once again. Is this natural or should I do something about it? Sometimes it takes around 30 seconds to turn on the TV via Ethernet. When I experiment with this case, i suddenly lose the HDMI connection. Then I have to restart the controller. Can anyone please help?
  3. [SOLD SOLD SOLD] I have a couple of SR-260s up for grabs. They are used and by used I mean they sat around in a customers holiday home project and were never used much at all. The buttons all look flawless, the displays have minimal, very light scuffs. Includes: 2 x SR-260's, 2 x Rechargeable batteries, 2 x Battery covers, 2 x Docking stations, 2 x AC wall charger USB Cables. PayPal or Venmo. Shoot me a reasonable offer!
  4. I have 1 SR260 remote with charging station for sale. On 2.9.1 and working fine. No cosmetic damage. Glad to send pics. SOLD
  5. hi, im not sure if posting in correct space, but if someone can please assist me diagnosing a situation with a sr20 remote. The problem is that the remote just keeps showing hour glass trying to join the network. i have replaced batteries but i never changes. it just stays there like its searching. composer obviously shows the remote as offline. and cannot remove the remote from the network because it does not respond. Any ideas? Is the remote faulty?
  6. Working my sharebridge issues right before ankle surgery was monumentally stupid. We reset both the network and EA-3 in that process. Of course he made sure it was all up to speed before we both left for a long weekend. I returned from the surgery (trippin to pain meds) to find neither wand working. And the C4 app returning Error 500. Unplugging the EA-3 for a cold reboot fixes the wands, but still get Error 500 on the iOS C4 app. Won't be long and wands will fall off again. I can Remote Desktop into Composer if there is an easy fix in there Or obvious Luxul changes, I can do those from bed, too Reading the network KB article references a lot of settings I can't find (yet) in the Luxul router, wireless controller, and the switch so I'd need specific help there. (See my post in remote integrators coming shortly) Thanks
  7. Hey Guys, Just been trying out some alexa triggers to turn the tv on and off, just was wondering how to get my remote to read the states the tv is in, for example turning on the tv with a voice command does as its told, however when sitting on the sofa and trying to use the remote, the remote needs to be navigated through the menus and the source selected, the source then switches (blank screen mute 2-3 seconds) then is back up and running with full control, Is there a way of controlling what the remote state can be and for this to change so this doesn't happen?
  8. Hi everyone, Im looking for some Configurable Keypads or numerous button keypads(1/3/6), Wireless dimmers and any remotes for Control4 you have to sell. 220-230v Rated please. Thanks AJ
  9. On one of my SR260s, the battery icon looks about 1/2 full but when i go in to settings, it says 98%. One of my T3 tabletops always achieves 100%, while another one can't seem to get past 75%. I've completely drained the battery but same thing... it usually says "not charging" while on the charger even if the battery has not reached 100%. Is this normal?
  10. if i click LISTEN and then go to SPOTIFY or SONOS, then to PLAYLIST, I can find a playlist and open it. At the top of the screen on the remote it says PLAY ALL and under that it says MENU and then under that it lists all of the songs on the playlist. How do I click PLAY ALL from the remote? I don't have the option to scroll up to to PLAY ALL and click it. Is there some secret button or something? Attached pic.
  11. Looking to buy with recharging station... new or used. Figured I'd check here before eBay.
  12. I just upgraded all my rooms to the EA series controllers and I use the HC800 as my director. I also upgraded all my remotes to the SR260. Over the past week I have been noticing extremely slow response times. For example. I hit WATCH and nothing happens, it takes about 1 min. Or if we FFWD there is about a 10 sec delay. Any suggestions???? Thanks
  13. Have a Sr 260 bought that I can't get to identify. was bought new (or so I thought) . Have tied connecting as new and tried to re identify after I could not connect. Used the room off #*13413. This did nothing as did the C4 button & 0 and pull the battery to reset. All I get is no connection. Anyone have any ideas? Am ready to return this remote for not working as I think it is a refurb that probably didn't work the first go round.
  14. I live in a house with 3 floors. The "site" where aI have the rack and all the Control4 controllers is at the basement and the TV room is on the 2nd floor. The remote control has not been operating as it doesn't reach the TV room. And my installer is suggesting either to buyt another HC-250 controller or to fill the house with ZigBee antennas. I dont want either of these as I wont use the Zigbee antenna for anything else and I don't want to spend so much money on another HC-250 only to use the remote. Is there any other solution?
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