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  1. Hello, I found Zigbee thermostat. Sinope TH1123ZB (works with zigbee), found driver for it. Question, did anybody do integration? As well saw some certain version TH1123ZB-C4. A bit confusing. TH1123ZB and TH1123ZB-C4. Not all zigbee devices work with C4? even with driver? Need some special vercion of ZB device so C4 will recognize it? Thanks.
  2. Chowmain - FREE Venstar ColorTouch Driver for Control4 The Venstar ColorTouch is a high resolution digital thermostat with a full color touch screen display. The new ColorTouch has built in Wi-Fi. Now it's even easier for you to control your comfort and save money on energy use from anywhere in the world - even your couch. The ColotTouch allows you to install your own pictures to use as the thermostat's background. Manage your pictures and other settings using our ColorTouch Desktop App thus allowing you to turn your thermostat into a digital picture frame. Note this driver will only wor
  3. I'm selling some used Control4 equipment. Included is: 1 x HC800 Controller1 x HC300 Controller1 x C4-16AMP3-B Multichannel Amp6 x CCZ-T1-W Thermostats5 x c4-TSWMC7 Touchscreen Controllers This was a complete, fully functioning system in my house for several years and is in good working condition. Make an offer if you're interested.
  4. Just tried to change the presets on a C4 V2 Thermostat. The temperature setting is missing in the driver under presets. Can't save a new preset either. Has anyone seen this? Tried through several interfaces and several of the thermostats.
  5. Hi, Can someone please help me to replace my existing thermostat with a control4 wireless Thermostat. Please refer to the attached image to view the existing thermostat. Existing Thermostat Model : Samsung DB98-33083A-02 Control4 Wireless Thermostat : Control4® Wireless Thermostat by Aprilaire® 8644C4
  6. is it possible to extend the outdoor remote temperature sensor lead that can attach to the card access wireless contact sensor? Can I just solder some security system wire to extend it 10 ft?
  7. Hi, I have 4 C4 Thermostats in C4 in the house all about 10 years old and installed new when I bought the house. Recently one of the Thermostats died -- Thermostat issue model CCZ-T1-W -- I replaced battery and it will go back online but will only last about 2 days. The one thing that I noticed is that now this particular thermostat will display the battery icon with the letters "BATT" while none of the working thermostats display or ever displayed this icon. Does that mean some type of internal battery issue or some other issue? Any help or ideas are much appreciated
  8. Hi, I have a few items for sale, feel free to send me a message if you are interested in any of these items. Buyer to pay for shipping. I am located in Vancouver BC and all funds are in Canadian dollars.
  9. I am a new installer of control4 products and I was wondering, does anyone have a product with a driver that can eliminate physical thermostats and use something like an I/O board to monitor temperature in multiple zones with multiple outputs.
  10. I am a new installer of control4 products and I was wondering, does anyone have a product with a driver that can eliminate physical thermostats and use something like an I/O board to monitor temperature in multiple zones with multiple outputs.
  11. Hello everyone, how are you? I have a situation with a customer, because he can´t control the temperature of his exterior jacuzzi. Today I installed a Wireless Contact Sensor (CardAccess) with a external thermistor and show him the temperature of Jacuzzi in Control4. The manual thermostat is this device: TIC17-RGT. This device is in the pumps room. How i can control this device? Any idea for this problem? A Control4 or Nest Thermostat, the setpoint is only reaches to 32 Celsius Degrees, but i don´t know if there are a thermostat with high setpoints to do that. I attached t
  12. Hello everyone. How are you? I am looking for a solution to temperature management and hot water pump in a customer's exterior jacuzzi. I attached the diagram of what is connected and in color of what I want to control. The contactor of heat pump, i connect in a relay module of C4, this is no problem, but the temperature... I need a thermostat that can be seen in control4 and at the same time that can handle the temperature of the jacuzzi. In the initial installation, a generic manual digital thermostat was installed where the hot water pump is. To measure the temperature of the water, it is m
  13. What is the preferred thermostat that integrates? Nest, Ecobee, etc. The C4 one doesn't have any intelligence built in and is pretty blah in design.
  14. Hi, I have two thermostats on my system that are no longer showing a temperature. How do I get them reconnected to my home network with the other two thermostats? Pic attached. Thanks guys
  15. Would anyone know how to adjust a remote sensor on a V2 Thermostat? It can't be done through composer as the older one used to. I know you can adjust the internal sensor through the setup menu directly in the thermostat but don't see one for a remote sensor adjustment. Thanks Barry
  16. Hi, I got some issue with wires for thermostat, it go damaged, so I can't use local thermostat or even sensor. I can try to use Eco bee thermostat or as I know cardaccess zigbee extander as wireless sensor, did anybody try it?
  17. My dealer installed the latest Aprilaire C4 thermostat in our system to control our forced air furnace for heating, cooling and humidity. We are able to fully control the thermostat from the app, but the thermostat is not following the schedule. Has anyone encountered this issue? The dealer called tech support; they suggested we use only the default events in the system and that we do not create new ones, as these would not work properly.
  18. HouseLogix is pleased to announce Control4 drivers for the Honeywell Lyric thermostat and Honeywell WiFi thermostat lines. As usual, we carry the hardware and driver, and offer a discounted combo package. Both products have incredibly small footprints and are considerably thinner than the competition. Drivers support standard HVAC controls such as mode, setpoints, fan, and hold. The Lyric driver provides additional capability to programmatically change adaptive recovery, auto changeover, fine tune, and even the screen's sleep brightness and sound levels. It's also worth taking a look at th
  19. This is the latest version of the control4 thermostat. They both came with my new house. Decided to change them for an ecobee. Let me know if you're interested. No idea what they go for so make me an offer. I can sell them both together or separately. Perfect condition. Retails for $350. Make me an offer. I can ship them right away or you can pick them up. https://www.control4.com/docs/product/control4-wireless-thermostat-by-aprilaire/data-sheet/english/latest/control4-wireless-thermostat-by-aprilaire-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf
  20. I know that Control4 wireless thermostat is able to control the thermostats which have 5 wires but I have seen some thermostats such as from Fuji which have only 3 wires and some in the case of LG have 2 wires. Is there a way to control these thermostats from the same wireless control4 thermostat or some other way?
  21. Hi all; I have an KNX Thermostat named B.IQ by Berker. With the KNX Thermostat driver, i can set the temperature and modes. However, i couldn't control fan speed. Plus, i can't get any feedback to screen while i'm controlling the modes. Is anyone has an idea about that? Thank you.
  22. I have the following: (all used and on zigbee pro) 2 ldz-101-a dimmer almond $45ea 1 ldz102-w dimmer white $45 1 wcs10-r-ext-zp contact relay extender $75 1 ccz-t1-x thermostat $45 To all prices have to add actual shipping charges from Florida I need some white switches and a HC-250. Would consider a trade
  23. Hi, I need old style thermostat (used?) and new style keypad (used?) thanks.
  24. I have a few items for sale from left over projects. All are brand new in boxes and priced in Canadian dollars, bigger savings for American buyers. Buy the whole lot for $3100 I,m located in Vancouver, BC. HC 250 C4-HC250-BL x 1 new, no licenses-------------------------------------------------$600 Wireless Thermostats CCZ-T1-W X 6 in box and one with no box ------------------$110 Fireplace Switches C4-FS1-Z-WH X 20 in boxes------------------------------------------$95 6 Button Keypad C4-KP6-Z-WH X 2 in boxes-----------------------------------------------$
  25. We have been hard at work making major updates to the Ecobee driver. We have refined everything you love about the Ecobee driver but have add LOTS of new features. Want to see everything we have added, join the beta team. As always we are looking for new Beta testers to try it out. To join please email: Teambeta@thedriverslab.com
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