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Found 20 results

  1. (7) keypad dimmers (White) new in box. $180 each. 7” T3 table top touch screen. BRAND NEW IN BOX, asking $500 msrp is $900 (2) EA1s. Barely used, client upgraded to EA3s after 2 months. Asking $300 each obo. Control4 8 zone amp used, in good working condition. Asking $250 obo C4-16S2-E-B Audio Matrix used in good working condition. Asking $300 obo Message me for deals on multiple items I will work with you.
  2. I have a Boolean variable called test. I want this variable state to toggle when i press the power button from the mobile phone or touch screen. However, i can use other buttons to change the state, but for the power button the state of the variable doesn't change. What is the reason for this?
  3. The ability to hide rooms from other rooms in Navigator on specific touchpanels would be especially useful in commercial applications, but I can also see uses for it in residential. I realize this would be difficult, if not impossible, to do in the mobile app. But that really isn't my concern here. This really only applies in situations where the people using the system won't have access to the mobile app. Example: I have a small commercial project in a high end condo building. The fitness center and lounge are right next to each other. There are also a handful of other distributed audio zones. The fitness center and the lounge both have 7" in-wall touchpanels. I would like to be able to make the fitness center touchpanel see only the fitness center (which actually has 4 rooms associated with it, audio and 3 TVs) AND have the lounge able see everything except the fitness center. The idea being that you don't want people in the fitness center messing with the lounge, and vice versa.
  4. Brand new, still in the box, 7" T3 Tabletop in black. $500, insured & shipped (with tracking) to anywhere in the lower 48. PayPal or Venmo.
  5. Hi, Can someone please help me, we had a power cut recently, and since then my DS2 stopped working, when we ring the door bell it does not ring on the touchscreen anymore, i checked in HE composer and it says its 'online' so im not sure whats gone wrong, how do i make this work again? it also seems like both my touch screen are unable to talk to one other also (cant intercom with on other). I really would appreciate someones help. Regards,
  6. Hi, i have a touch screen 7 inch when is plugged the screen turns on white and fade to black. Any suggestion? Please see the video
  7. Hi, We have our touchscreens camera's disabled. Why is there gigabytes per day of traffic being sent across our networks by these touchscreens? I think it's mostly UDP.
  8. I remember seeing an example that when the alarm is in stay or away mode, you can change the default screen on the ts to the red alarm circle. I want this for the ts near my entry doors and master. Am I able to program this using he? Has anyone done this and would you mind sharing a screen shot of the programming please? My dealer doesn't believe that this is possible hence I need to program it myself.
  9. First, I want to say that his thread is intended for use as information on the new requirements for 2.10 and is not intended to discuss it’s new features or their merit, other than listing any relevant features themselves. As such please refrain from such discussions or arguments on this thread – to keep this one ‘clean’ for information purposes. Should you see any errors or missing info on here, feel free to mention it and I will update the main article. Chances are I'll add items on here as more of the smaller details get clear. The new operating version 2.10 comes with numerous limitations on hardware, so consider if it’s worth it to update – but also take these limitations into account if you’re buying older hardware from this point on. Controllers: ALL controllers older than the HC250/800 will now need to be REMOVED to go to 2.10 In other words, only HC250, HC800, EA-1, EA-3 and EA-5 can be in the system – all of them can RUN a system, but note that the HC250 cannot handle Spotify Connect (if running as a director). The arguable exception is the I/O Extender ‘controllers’ as both V1 and V2 are fully supported, HOWEVER they will operate on a release version of 2.9.1, though that has no impact on their function. Note that these I/O units may well get updated later on if/as required. Touchscreens/doorstation: All touchscreens will continue to be supported, albeit with limitations. T3 screens will update fully (and gain all new features). V2 screens (wall and portable) will update to a terminal release of 2.9.1 and will not have all the new features. The screen MUST be using the newer (as in introduced several versions ago to replace the old intercom agent driver) communication agent driver or will block the update. IE screens (5” and 7” both revisions) will update to a terminal release of 2.9.1 and will not have all the new features – and will not have a functional intercom ability. The screen MUST be using the newer (as in introduced several versions ago to replace the old intercom agent driver) communication agent driver or will block the update. The older doorstation will remain functioning, albeit on a terminal release of 2.9.1, and needs to run the newer communication agent driver - the newer unit fully updates to 2.10 Speakerpoint: The speakerpoint will remain supported under it’s existing terminal release version of 2.5.3. However UNLESS it’s used in local amp mode (ie loses it’s ability to stream music) it will block the system from using the advanced audio option. This is nothing new as such, but advanced audio is a requirement for the new Advanced Announcement option to work. Lighting: Don’t worry – all old lighting is fully supported. However as before, the new features for lighting will only apply to the current ‘gen3’ lighting. Software/Driver: -Spotify Connect will NOT be available if an HC250 is running director -iHeart Radio is only certified for the USA -Please note that if you are using 4Store drivers (including but not limited to StartHere, QuickControl and VideoWall) these will no longer work in 2.10 -MyQ Houselogix driver, and possibly other drivers that call to remote services, may experience issues in 2.10, the extend is unclear at this time - this appears due to changes in the underlying system and should be fixed via driver updates -The native Media Scan option will not populate cover art at this time - under investigation. Minor Considerations: -Advanced Announcements Just note that the new options will not automatically 'activate' and that you'll have to go in and set things yourself/your dealer will have to. Also note that only T3 screens can ‘ring’ and that it requires Advanced Audio to be running to work. Note that the speed increase should happen by itself, provided you have Advanced Audio running already, but that any programming to work with the existing delay, volume transitions etc will need to be manually removed. -Panelised Lighting now have auto on/off Just keep in mind that if you activate this feature that existing programming to mimick this may need to be removed -Changes to Advanced Lighting Scenes The change means a MUCH higher limit in the number of scenes (4096 vs 256) but it DOES mean there is now a limit of 10 actions per light (that said, there are no known cases of someone using even 10)
  10. I'm looking for four new (uninstalled) C4-WALL7-BL touchscreens. They have to be the 7" black versions. While these do appear from time-to-time on Ebay, they haven't lasted very long, and this is simpler. Please PM me with any offers. Thanks.
  11. I'm selling some used Control4 equipment. Included is: 1 x HC800 Controller1 x HC300 Controller1 x C4-16AMP3-B Multichannel Amp6 x CCZ-T1-W Thermostats5 x c4-TSWMC7 Touchscreen Controllers This was a complete, fully functioning system in my house for several years and is in good working condition. Make an offer if you're interested.
  12. So I have the latest hardware installed in June. Does anybody have time to put up a list of compatible touchscreens? Trying to explore e-bay options and my dealer isn't too happy about it and doesn't give me a clear answer. He said that the newest touchscreens don't support 3rd party apps. On the other hand the older ones can't be integrated with new hardware. Any clues (links etc.) would be highly appreciated.
  13. Selling two 7" In-Wall touch screens with cameras. They are in like new condition...even still have the screen protector film on them. Both come with back box/ power supply units. Ended up buying more than I need. Would like to get $375 each.
  14. Is there a way for a user or dealer to change the font size of an in-wall navigator? A client asked if the font on their WALL7 touchscreens could be made larger to avoid fetching their glasses to operate them. I've never been asked before and have never actually tried, but I can't find the setting or info anywhere.
  15. osa

    Intercom app

    I'm just getting the system installed, so I'm not at all familiar with how it all works. I need to be able to communicate with 2 of my kids through intercom. I first thought to go with 2 touch screens, but now I'm wondering if I'll actually need a 3rd one on my end to call from or can I just call them using the control4 app on my phone? Which brings me to the next question. Given both kids would have ipads in their rooms, could I push-call them (pressing "answer" not required) from a 3rd smart device using control4 app? And no, I can't use facetime since that's purposely disabled on kids ipads. Thanks!
  16. Hello all, I've discovered something disturbing going on in my home C4 network. I have three TSMC7 video touchscreens that are launching "Ping of Death" attacks on a site in Australia. My firewall is blocking these outgoing attacks, but it raises the question of how they got infected. Upon further examination, the three touchscreens now have different MAC addresses than when they were installed. How they were changed is not clear, nor is how to change them back. I'm not sure if the same procedure for the BADADD issue on controllers is applicable. But until I can rid the machines of the infection, it doesn't make sense to change the MAC addresses back. Here is the Cisco firewall log message for two of the touchscreens: Feb 7 18:23:41 2016 rv042 kernel: #warn<4> Blocked - Ping of Death Attack: ICMP> 7 18:26:54 2016 rv042 kernel: #warn<4> Blocked - Ping of Death Attack: ICMP> From System Manager: pool-touch-000FFF50F53F Connected - This shows the original MAC - now it is: 6C:FA:A7:84:52:0E that MAC address block reads as AMPAK: (from DHCP) 6C-FA-A7-84-52-0E 000FFF50F53F-PO AMPAK Technology, Inc. Has anyone seen anything like this before? I can reflash the touchscreens and probably figure out how to edit the MAC addresses, but this is weird! ...yellowdog
  17. Hi, as I know touchscreens have a speaker. is there any way to use it? I mean some beeping in some conditions? I need it beeping (chasing) when security system makes "chime"
  18. I have a few 10 inch touch screens throughout my house and one just stopped functioning. They are wired into power and connect via wifi. Currently, this one lights up and says "ip: (not available) and then shows wlan numbers. Thoughts?
  19. After upgrading my 2.53 system to 2.6 and having all but one 5 inch infinityEdge come along peacefully, I used the factory reset switch on the back of the screen to start fresh and prod it into cooperating. Unfortunately, I didn't remember/read/anticipate that the reset would set it back so far as to require that the device be updated in steps. First to something between 2.2 and 2.6 before all the way back to 2.6. I am failing to find the best way to accomplish this. I'd gratefully welcome any suggestions. Andy Smith
  20. Anybody find any touchscreen protection for the 7" touchscreen? I usually buy Zagg for all my devices, but they don't carry anything for Control4. I'm sure there is probably a device with similar dimensions and rounded corners that would work...with the rounded corners I would prefer not to have to do trimming, I would rather it be slightly too small.
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