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  1. I want to get dummy devices into my system for controlling my gate and TVs though assistant. I don't want to use a voice scene as the command is always "turn on" so it doesn't seem natural for the gate. Also, I want to be able to place the TVs in specific rooms in the Google Home app so that they are "room aware". This way you can just say "turn off the TV" instead of having to specify the TV room or name. What drivers should I use that will be pulled into the Google Home app? For the TV's I could just use a dummy light driver... but is there anything better? For the gate, what devic
  2. We are looking for testers of a Vizio IP driver, you will need to have a 2016+ Vizio Smartcast TV. If you are interested please respond and also include your TV model.
  3. Just wondering if there is a driver for the LG 65NANO796NF? Its not in the database but there are quite a few similar like the LG 65NANO796NE or would that not work? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello someone knows the drive for fourth TV Philips Thank you for your help Claudio
  5. With the setup included in the link below, I was able to listen to music while watching TV. If i'm not listening to music, I would basically hear the audio signal of the video source. https://ibb.co/RNMK2Nv Will I be able accomplish the same requirement by replacing AV Matrix with a MoIP system. I need to listen to music while watching tv (video signal only from the source) in the same zone. Video Endpoint is the TV Video's Audio Endpoint is the AVR Audio Endpoint is the AVR Audio Volume is the AVR
  6. Is there a way to stream Tv or windows 10 laptop's audio to the C4 speaker ?
  7. I can get my lights to turn on/off using Alexa, but I cannot get my TV or projector to turn on. I have discovered the scenes. When I try to turn on the tv using Alexa, she says that she had trouble communicating with the device. I'm using a theater switch to switch between the TV and the projector. Both devices are connected via AVR.
  8. I'm using the theater display switcher to switch between the TV and the projector. These two devices are connected to a Denon AVR along with AppleTV. When I switch to the TV I can navigate to AppleTV and it works. But when i switch to the projector and select AppleTV, the screen goes blank. Can someone tell me the reason ? AVR Model is X2500H.
  9. How can i use both tv and projector in the same room? Should I put them in two separate rooms as one room contains only one video end point? I have a Denon AVR-X2500H. The EA-5 controller's HDMI output is connected to the AVR's CBL HDMI input. AppleTV's HDMI output is connected to AVR's AUX2 HDMI input. The AVR has two HDMI outputs and one is connected to the TV and the other to the projector. Any possibility to control the TV and projector from the control4 remote? The AVR control4 driver has only one HDMI output even though the AVR has two HDMI outputs.
  10. When I turn on the TV using the remote, the On Screen Display doesn't show up. I need to press the Control4 Button on the remote in order to display the OSD. If i try to program the TV to display the menu when it turns on, it will display the TV built-in menu, but not Control4 OSD. Is there a way to automatically display the Control4 OSD when the TV turns on?
  11. I'm controlling my TV (Samsung QN75Q7F) using Ethernet. When I turn off the TV using the 'ROOM OFF' button on the remote, the next time I turn on the TV, the On-screen display doesn't show up. So I have to press the 'Control4' button on the remote. When I turn off the TV using the mobile phone, by pressing the 'power' button available once the 'Watch' icon is selected in Control4 mobile app, the next time I turn on the TV, the OSD appears. If by chance I turned off the TV using the 'ROOM OFF' button on the remote, and If i turn on the TV using the mobile phone, the OSD doesn't show up as well.
  12. Just wanted to share a driver i just created. Literally 4 days in to learning Control4 (so the functions are limited to just volume and power if you want to me update more codes just hmu) and couldnt find many answers on a 55' TCL Roku TV i own. Now i know most Roku IR tvs share the same command commands such as volume and power so thats all i included within the driver. I control my Roku flawlessly with the IP driver and Swap to my "LivingRoom Power/Volume" on the remote to change volume and power on and off tv and set the . .. and ... button to my liking (ex. .=power ..=volume down ...=vo
  13. I've set up a few announcements in Composer HE and programmed them to play when someone enters the front door i.e. when a user enters their code into the yale door lock the announcement will play through selected room speaker zones i.e. ' X has entered the front door'. It works as expected, however, if someone is watching the virgin media tivo, weather that be Neflix via virgin media or a recorded program for some reason the announcement forces the tivo back to live TV. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. I am just curious if anyone knows how to get multiple TV's to show up in the same room on the same remote. Basically i Have 4 different rooms programmed into 1 using 3 Roku IP drivers to control my living room, kitchen and bedroom TV and have a firetv driver to control my sons firestick and made all my connections through a fake Integra receiver ( I don't own one i just needed one in my project for all my connections). All of my TV's are gonna be IR Controlled and i created 3 drivers that will control all 4 TV's (my living room and bedroom TV's are both IR Roku TV's and use the same codes) and
  15. I have a control4 system at my home that works with lights and sound. I would like to make it work with my sky+ hd TV box as well so I don't need my sky remote. How do I do that ?
  16. Driver required to control LG 47LW4500 TV
  17. I know the arguments against IP control, but this was solid for 5 years and now I regularly lose contact (Composer says connection false even though I can still ping it). Any good trick anyone know of to get a TV back online without messing with TV settings? Maybe a trick in Composer? There isn't a good way for me to power cycle this unit regularly if that is a suggestion. Its on a matrix switch so all I use are Power commands.
  18. Has anyone tried or actively using Layer3 TV? Is/are there driver(s) for it? How's the integration etc. ? https://layer3tv.com/ thanks!
  19. If your LG WebOS TV has the power on via WiFi option in the menu you can now use our driver with your TV over WiFi as previously the TV wouldn't power on without this. There is no change to the driver code! This looks to be fairly common in WebOS 3.5 labeled TVs Enjoy.
  20. I'm installing a new Samsung QF7 TV for which C4 now has an IP driver. I set up a static IP address on the TV, verified the connection to the network and placed the IP address in the connections section of Composer. I entered the Mac Address in the configuration section but when I attempt to Pair the TV to C4, I get no connection. I've followed the instructions to the letter. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  21. I am quite surprised that there are no new drivers for the 2017's Sony TV's. Anyone know why or have a workaround for this? I have 2 new KD-65XE9305 and 2 new KD-49XE7096. The drivers that are avalible are for the 2016. Is it normalt that it takes this long before new drivers appear? I was under the impression that C4 and Sony was working good together, hence the reason I went for Sony.
  22. im looking for ir codes for a samsung un49ks8500. samsung was no help
  23. I need help with a driver for a panosonic plasma tv. The driver is TH-42PX50U. Everything works except the TV will turn off then turn back on but no video source displaying. The tv should just turn off but the tv is still on. Any help would be appreciated.
  24. I have a question for dealers. Is there a serial driver for Samsung tv un46d7000lfxza? Or is ir the only way to control it? I have a c4 hdmi matrix that can pass rs232. Thanks
  25. All of a sudden our control4 system (iPad app) will no longer turn one of our tv's off and on. We have to use the actual tv remote to do that. It turns on the surround sound and cable box associated with the room/tv, but never the TV. Have had the system for a year and this just started happening a few days ago. The RF indicator on the tv flashes red with the remote, but still no luck in turning the tv itself on. Appreciate any thoughts on how to troubleshoot
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