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Found 8 results

  1. If you look at the OvrC website they list an extensive ecosystem of compatible brands. One thing that caught my eye is that UniFi switches are "supported" - but I'm not sure what this means. I have one in my office among many Araknis switches and it was correctly identified as UniFi, but is asking for a username and password - I'm simply not sure WHICH password it wants? The SSH password doesn't work. Not sure if the support simply doesn't work well or if it's looking for some other set of credentials I don't regularly use. Anyone actually use UniFi switches and go to the trouble of registering them in OvrC?
  2. Any benefit to going with an end to end Pakedge solution over say an Ubiquiti and Araknis solution? I have used The Ub/Arak solution with no issues and I have full remote access via OVRC on every network port and power outlet. I can sell this solution at half the price while making more. If it is a tried and true rock solid solution then it's probably worth it? I know I can put 4 Ubiquiti AP's in a big house with good results but the Pakedge AP's at 3x the price?
  3. So we will be developing driver for the UniFi line of Network gear from Ubiquiti, we already have a number of ideas on the drawing board, but if anyone has suggestions for cool and interesting features feel free to let us know here, or on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/annex4/ There is no timeline yet but once we have more information we can share you can be sure we will post here.
  4. I have tried dozens of Hidef cameras and find the simplest to use with their own NVR is ubiquiti. The stuff is great especially after several firmware revisions. Ubiquiti has the capability of having third party vendors communicate with their system. Has anyone created a seamless driver to make this happen?
  5. Hi, We used Ubiquiti WAPs Ap- Ac Pro.,for a while. It worked not bad so far. They have pretty bad support, but I almost never called them. So good so far,. Till download speed was under 150-200 Mb. Now all new clients (and old as well ) get higher speed internet, They mentioned, they can't get higher than 180/220 Mb. download speed. I tried to connect cable coming from switch to my comp and I got proper numbers, but WiFi connection 2 meters from WAP still 180-220 Mb. I checked with my comp, checked with iPhone, checked with clients comp. I can assume 2 things, 1. My and clients comps got WiFi adapters that do not support that speed ( iPhone 8 does not support as well ) 2. Ubiquiti doesn't provide speed higher than 200 Mb. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  6. This switch can power your whole c4 install and be the center piece to your home network. $550 shipped. Runs silent with upgraded Noctua fans.
  7. Looking to buy a Unifi 24 port switch (non PoE). Must be in a excellent working condition. I use venmo for payments. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, we try to use new network equipment. Does anybody know anything about EdgeRouter Lite? Anything good or bad about it? Any tips? It looks tiny if I compare it with Luxul routers, but.... EA-3 is away smaller than HC-300..... so, what do you guys think?
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