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Found 14 results

  1. We have released version 110 of our Google Home driver, which fixes an issue that was introduced by Control4 OS 2.10. If you are an existing customer and plan to upgrade to 2.10, please update your driver (can be done in-place, without removing the current driver instance) to 110 after you move to 2.10. Version 110 of our driver can be downloaded from our website: https://www.epic-systems.com/products/google-home-driver-for-control4 Thank you for your continued support of our drivers!
  2. Hi all, looking for remote access to upgrade to the latest OS please. Can anyone confirm I'd Amazon music can be added to the remotes with this update? If so how? Thanks, Lee
  3. Hi my system is currently running 2.8.2 . i have an HC800 as the director, a HC250 in the media room and SR250 i have 4sight and HE but can’t use this without the update Anyone able to help?
  4. Does any one know what’s the last supported updated for C4-TSWMC7 TouchScreen
  5. Can anyone help me update my system version? I am currently running 2.6 and would like to update to a newer version to use new When>>>Then and integrate with Alexa. I no longer have a dealer because i moved to a different state. Is it possible to update my system without a dealer? Thanks!!
  6. Please be advised that it seems the latest Sonos update (as of November 21st) WILL break ALL integration using the old deprecated driver, forcing you to move to the new Endorsed driver (with all it's limitations)
  7. ecschnei


    If I understand it correctly...if I update the controller to 2.91 I have to update composer to 2.91 or can I still login and make changes with 2.90? Thank you All,
  8. First, I want to say that his thread is intended for use as information on the new requirements for 2.10 and is not intended to discuss it’s new features or their merit, other than listing any relevant features themselves. As such please refrain from such discussions or arguments on this thread – to keep this one ‘clean’ for information purposes. Should you see any errors or missing info on here, feel free to mention it and I will update the main article. Chances are I'll add items on here as more of the smaller details get clear. The new operating version 2.10 comes with numerous limitations on hardware, so consider if it’s worth it to update – but also take these limitations into account if you’re buying older hardware from this point on. Controllers: ALL controllers older than the HC250/800 will now need to be REMOVED to go to 2.10 In other words, only HC250, HC800, EA-1, EA-3 and EA-5 can be in the system – all of them can RUN a system, but note that the HC250 cannot handle Spotify Connect (if running as a director). The arguable exception is the I/O Extender ‘controllers’ as both V1 and V2 are fully supported, HOWEVER they will operate on a release version of 2.9.1, though that has no impact on their function. Note that these I/O units may well get updated later on if/as required. Touchscreens/doorstation: All touchscreens will continue to be supported, albeit with limitations. T3 screens will update fully (and gain all new features). V2 screens (wall and portable) will update to a terminal release of 2.9.1 and will not have all the new features. The screen MUST be using the newer (as in introduced several versions ago to replace the old intercom agent driver) communication agent driver or will block the update. IE screens (5” and 7” both revisions) will update to a terminal release of 2.9.1 and will not have all the new features – and will not have a functional intercom ability. The screen MUST be using the newer (as in introduced several versions ago to replace the old intercom agent driver) communication agent driver or will block the update. The older doorstation will remain functioning, albeit on a terminal release of 2.9.1, and needs to run the newer communication agent driver - the newer unit fully updates to 2.10 Speakerpoint: The speakerpoint will remain supported under it’s existing terminal release version of 2.5.3. However UNLESS it’s used in local amp mode (ie loses it’s ability to stream music) it will block the system from using the advanced audio option. This is nothing new as such, but advanced audio is a requirement for the new Advanced Announcement option to work. Lighting: Don’t worry – all old lighting is fully supported. However as before, the new features for lighting will only apply to the current ‘gen3’ lighting. Software/Driver: -Spotify Connect will NOT be available if an HC250 is running director -iHeart Radio is only certified for the USA -Please note that if you are using 4Store drivers (including but not limited to StartHere, QuickControl and VideoWall) these will no longer work in 2.10 -MyQ Houselogix driver, and possibly other drivers that call to remote services, may experience issues in 2.10, the extend is unclear at this time - this appears due to changes in the underlying system and should be fixed via driver updates -The native Media Scan option will not populate cover art at this time - under investigation. Minor Considerations: -Advanced Announcements Just note that the new options will not automatically 'activate' and that you'll have to go in and set things yourself/your dealer will have to. Also note that only T3 screens can ‘ring’ and that it requires Advanced Audio to be running to work. Note that the speed increase should happen by itself, provided you have Advanced Audio running already, but that any programming to work with the existing delay, volume transitions etc will need to be manually removed. -Panelised Lighting now have auto on/off Just keep in mind that if you activate this feature that existing programming to mimick this may need to be removed -Changes to Advanced Lighting Scenes The change means a MUCH higher limit in the number of scenes (4096 vs 256) but it DOES mean there is now a limit of 10 actions per light (that said, there are no known cases of someone using even 10)
  9. Greetings all Has anyone had an issue with 2.10? I updated a clients system remotely, using the Express iOS app, enroute to the client. And now their whole system is not working. It's as if the network is flooded with commands. C4 send sends repeat commands to devices, it seems like it' gets stuck in loops. None of the rooms stick to their sources, it keeps jumping to the C4 OSD. The reason I went there is because Tune-in was jumpy, audio is consistently jolty. But I have created a much bigger problem. I've tried factory resetting the EA3 (director) and reloading. I cleared the project and created a mini project, and that was stable. But when I reload my project, same issue. My plan is to clear the project, and rebuild the whole system room by room. Or try to roll back to 2.9.1 and load the project again (it would be the project from post-firmware update, can't find previous versions) Does anyone have any other ideas? Or similar experiences? Thanks
  10. This has been brought up by a few, but I figured it warranted a separate warning/thread. A recent update (1160) for afaik 6xxx, 7xxx and 8xxx series Samsung TV's seems to render it impossible to use (most?) HDBaseT distribution connection. Near as I know, an issue in the time-out of the HDMI handshake is the biggest concern here. HDBaseT is commonly used by many, many video switches, including but not limited to Leaf, Atlona, Binary, Wyrestorm, Monoprice and Gefen. PLEASE make sure you do not update, but also make sure that your TV is set to NOT update automatically or you may be stuck until a fix is in place. Note that HDBaseT is part of the HDMI alliance, indeed Samsung itself is one of the board members of HDBaseT, so this is not any intended 'bloackage' - rather an issue and failing from Samsung's side near as can be told at this point. So, hipefully a fix is due soon.
  11. Hi, newb here. Please be nice. At my parent's house and they know very little about their C4 system. It's about 5 years old and they've never updated, making my learning process pretty difficult. So that's where I would like to start. Attached a screenshot from the app with basic specs. Is updating the driver something a basic consumer can do? Or does it require a tech visit? I've tried combing google + these forums and the curve is a bit steep. If someone could point me to a basic tutorial on updating (for the layman) to get me up to speed, would greatly appreciate it. thanks, dburk
  12. I was attempting to update to 2.9 last night. I have two controllers in my system. An hc250 and An EA3. the HC 250 updated just fine but the EA3 failed with an error that there was insufficient storage and a USB flash update was necessary. Any one know how to do this?
  13. When I log into Control4 website, there is a message that “ “Your system is running version of the software. There is a newer version of the software that may provide you with additional functionality or performance enhancements. Please contact your dealer to learn more about the latest version of the software.” What are the enhancements? Can I install this myself, or does a dealer have to do it? I do have Composer HE if that makes any difference. Thanks1
  14. Recently we updated our HC-500 Controller (via Composer) from version 2.2 to 2.5.3, and after the update the Composer can no longer connect. System Manager is able to connect, but Composer cannot. I've tried all sorts of things to get it to work. So I was thinking to reset the controller to factory defaults. However, I don't have a TV to connect it to, so the only indications I have that anything is happening are the 4 little blue lights on the front. How can I factory reset the HC-500 and know when to release the button? There are not other controllers; this is the only one.
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