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Found 6 results

  1. I'm trying to install HouseLogix's HSIM on a FA142. I think it's a clone of a Vista10se. I cannot seem to get the C4 keypad to register. It says partition state unknown. I know other keypads are on address 31. Any ideas?
  2. HouseLogix is pleased to announce our latest Honeywell driver, the Honeywell Vista 128/250 BPT Panel Control4 Driver. This driver integrates Honeywell Vista BPT Panels into Control4 systems via direct RS232 connection. No additional hardware is needed (VAM, HSIM, etc) Features: Integrate directly into Control4 via RS232Supports both the Honeywell BPT128 & BPT250 panelsNo additional hardware neededSupport for home, away and stay alarm modesArm and disarmEasy to use terminal serial connector for direct control system connection.Opened and closed zone status including those from wireless and wired zone expanders.Opened/Closed relay status and controlMulti-partition panel supportTo read more about the Honeywell Vista BPT driver, please visit the product page here: Honeywell Vista 128/250 BPT Control4 driver Comments reserved for Q&A
  3. I have a Vista 128BPT connected to a 800 Controller via 4232CBM card. The card shows the system is working and the Control4 keyboard Aps works but the sensors do not show up nor can the status line change. What is the current driver for the system? Thanks in advance. Richard
  4. My dealer does not deal with vista 20p. He does ge concord. He is trying a 4232 on my ademco. The driver indicates correct partition state. We can get panel name: Vista 20p, the panel firmware: 9:12. But it doesnt get the zones info. When double clik the driver on the correct partition we get the correct status, when we press zones we get the correct number of zones, but with "unknown" name. Also dont gets security on navigators. What we should try?
  5. Wondering if anyone could shed some light on an issue we are having with door contacts not communicating properly with Control 4. What is happening is when you open and close the door the signal will double up. So for example if you Open the door the Control 4 shows the door as open. Then when you close it the Control 4 will show the status as closed then immediately jump back to open. It seems to be happening on every other operation of the door. Also if you open a different door in the house it fixes resets the messed up contact. The security panel has the correct status as the door closed as it lets you arm the system. So it seems to be a communication issue between the panel and control 4. Wondering if anyone has some insight. It is a Vista 20P with the 4232 Compatibility Module running the most current driver.
  6. Hi There, I have a Vista 128BPT Alarm Panel integrated with control4 using the CB4232 module. Everything works as expected including the downloading of all the Zone Descriptors and the system is stable. The only problem is that if the iPhone go to sleep and I activate the control4 app again and go to the Alarm->Virtual keypad it stop receiving any feedback from the panel from that point on. I can still enter commands, arm, disarm, chime and they all work (I hear the beeps in the physical keypads) but I do not see the feedback message in the iphone alarm keypad. However, in composer I can see the feedback messages from the panel (in the Lua logs for the module) so the module is working correctly, sending the text feedback to the HC800, the problem is that the HC800 is not communicating back with the iphone alarm keypad. I think that when the iPhone go to sleep the connection between the HC800 and the iphone alarm keypad is lost and is never re-established when the contorl4 app becomes active again. The main connection from the iphone to the HC800 is re-established correctly after the app becomes active, thats why I can still use the iphone alarm keypad to send commands to the panel, but as there is no more connection in the other direction (from HC800 to iphone) I can't see the feedback. The solution so far, is to just terminate the control4 app if it was already running before I do any interaction with the iphone alarm keypad, not a big deal. Is anyone experiencing the same issues or know how to fix this?
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