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Found 4 results

  1. I've been trying to figure out how to use Google Assistant devices with my whole home audio system that is managed by Control4. I've tried to research how others are dealing with this lack of functionality and haven't come up with much other than replacing amplifiers or trying to find some EOL'd Google Chromecast Audios. Having already invested in very nice hardware that only seems to lack this functionality, my goal is to add to my existing system rather than replace components. All that I'm after is, "Hey Google...play (this song)" and have it play on the much larger speakers in the room using the default music service configured in the Google Assistant. After doing some testing, I found something that can work. I took a Chromecast with an HDMI output, connected it to an HDMI audio extractor, and then took the stereo output into the input on my Control4 audio matrix. In Composer, I configured the audio matrix port to switch the audio source for the room when audio is sensed. I then configured the Google device to use the Chromecast as the default music speaker, and when using Google Assistant to play a specific song, everything works beautifully. I am now trying to figure out the best way to deal with the volume levels. Control4 has its own levels for the room, but the Chromecast also has its own controls. When using the Google Assistant to change the volume level, it changes the volume of the default music speaker, ultimately being the Chromecast in this example. To address this problem, one thought was to have Control4 set the volume of the room to something like 80 when the Chromecast is the source. This way, the volume level doesn't have to change through Control4 and the Chromecast can ultimately set the volume level. Is there a downside to this approach? By all means, please feel free to poke holes in this setup and educate me if there are other options available. It's amazing to me that more hardware solutions aren't available for what I'm after, but maybe people aren't chasing it as much as I'd think. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you!
  2. I have speakers throughout the house. I have several Amazon Echo devices that I can use to turn on Pandora and play it through he house. For example: "Alexa, Turn on Speakers All" turns on 6 rooms speakers and plays my favorite "station" on Pandora. My ask this time is this - I would like to be able to say "Alexa Turn Volume Down" or "Alexa Turn volume up". I cannot see any way to do this. The Speakers all command simply turns on the rooms specified and then plays them at a default volume. I could probably assign a specific volume to each rom for low volume and then assign specific volume for high/loud volume and medium and then have separate commands for high medium or low volume. BUT - I am enamored with the idea that I can have "flexible" volume - i.e. more or less volume on command. The command "Alexa turn on speakers all" executes he following command in Composer. <item><Proxy>pandora</Proxy><Type>Command</Type><DeviceID>1171</DeviceID><Description>#!&quot;Play Pandora station: Bill&apos;s Radio Station in room(s): {Room(s)}&quot;;Room(s)=&quot;DEV:460,229,538,255,455,456,379,341,33&quot;</Description><XmlData><devicecommand owneridtype="" owneriditem="-1"><command>PlayStation</command><params><param><name>Room(s)</name><value type="STRING"><static>460,229,538,255,455,456,379,341,33</static></value></param><param><name>Station</name><value type="STRING"><static>94359757190703841</static></value></param></params></devicecommand></XmlData></item> Any chance someone ahs done this and could tell me how you did it? Thanks, Bill
  3. Evening all, could use some help / guidance: I'm using the Epic Systems Google Home Driver, to setup voice commands. Currently working on volume control. Having a weird issue, were the command is being sent and updated on the C4 app, but the AV Receiver (audio device / output for the room) for the room, is not adjusting the volume via that command. See attached pic's. You can see the macros / programming, then see the app adjust to the command, and then see the Lua output for the Receiver. The command is accepted, executed, and updated in the C4 app, but the AV Receiver kicks back "(a nil value)".... hence does not adjust the room volume accordingly. Has anyone run across this before? Any suggestions? P.S. Shout out to @chopedogg88 amazing driver, recommended it to anyone looking to integrate Google Home.
  4. It would be wonderful to have the ability to control volume out of HDMI. So I can use a HDMI audio extractor after a EA-1 to feed a analoge amplifier.
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