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Found 21 results

  1. Chowmain - Yeelight Wifi RGB LED Lighting driver for Control4 Yeelight manufactures a range of affordable Wifi controlled LED lighting products. The range consists of dimmable RGB, White and strip based LED lighting. These products do not need a hub like other wireless lighting products and integrate directly into Control4 with Chowmain’s Yeelight driver. This two way driver allows do dim the light, change the color of the light, change the color temperature of the light and more. Features Two way control/feedback. Instant feedback if LED controlled from another application. Automatic Discovery of Yeelight Self Healing on change of IP Address Automatically hide RGB and/or Color Temperature’s from Navigator on model detection. Change RGB color via navigator Change Brightness via navigator Change Color temperature via navigator Program color flows from Composer Advanced Lighting Scene Support FAQ Why is this better than other RGB solutions? This is an extremely affordable solution (starting from $20) which does not require an additional hub to operate. We have full control over pretty much every function including color, temperature, brightness and even color flows. We have instantaneous two way feedback. If the customer uses the original application Control4 gets the change immediately. Where can I purchase this product from? Yeelight can be purchased from Amazon and other online retailers in both 220v and 110v formats. Yeelight Website What hardware does this support? This supports the wifi range of Yeelight products. At the time of writing this includes the RGB bulb, Mono Bulb, Desk Lamp and RGB strip based LED lighting. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website Installation Guide How do I buy the driver? This driver can be purchased from our distributor driverCentral. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? We have two support desks. One in Australia and one in the US. Click on the link below for details. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 7 day trial.
  2. So we will be developing driver for the UniFi line of Network gear from Ubiquiti, we already have a number of ideas on the drawing board, but if anyone has suggestions for cool and interesting features feel free to let us know here, or on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/annex4/ There is no timeline yet but once we have more information we can share you can be sure we will post here.
  3. Hi, We used Ubiquiti WAPs Ap- Ac Pro.,for a while. It worked not bad so far. They have pretty bad support, but I almost never called them. So good so far,. Till download speed was under 150-200 Mb. Now all new clients (and old as well ) get higher speed internet, They mentioned, they can't get higher than 180/220 Mb. download speed. I tried to connect cable coming from switch to my comp and I got proper numbers, but WiFi connection 2 meters from WAP still 180-220 Mb. I checked with my comp, checked with iPhone, checked with clients comp. I can assume 2 things, 1. My and clients comps got WiFi adapters that do not support that speed ( iPhone 8 does not support as well ) 2. Ubiquiti doesn't provide speed higher than 200 Mb. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  4. I bought a bunch of second hand gear and hidden in this treasure trove was an HC-250. Unfortunately the lights are all solid blue except the wifi which flashes red. The Factory reset at the back is also unresponsive so nothing happens when you hold it in and reboot it. Just wondering what I can expect to pay a dealer to fix this, whether it could be fixed, or whether I just chuck it in the bin and forget about it and look into buying a new one. I do not have a dealer so if anyone can recommend a dealer to me (I am in London) who I can post the unit to I would also be grateful. I have a pretty good idea what these are worth 2nd hand so trying to balance the cost of repair vs replace in advance.
  5. Dear all, Hope everyone is doing well. I just purchased a new home where the owner has left an existing C4 controller and system (Curtains, music, security, thermostat). All equipment has been left behind. I have managed to get everything set up using an ethernet connection to the router. However, I can't seem to connect both wifi and ethernet at the same time. When I connect the wifi, the ethernet disconnects and the devices stop working. Could it be because of an IP issue as I use two different routers (one for ethernet, and one for wifi)? This is because the coaxial cable is located in a different cupboard and cannot be linked physically via an ethernet cable. Might anyone have any solutions? Unfortunately I live in central london, so calling someone for help would cost between £200 to £400... Thanks very much. G
  6. Unused Araknis 700 Series Outdoor WAP for sale. Message for pics or details.
  7. I have an unused WK-2 for sale. All in original packaging. DM if interested. Thanks.
  8. I want to utilize a mesh system in my house and was considering the Linksys Velop. It looks like I need a static IP address for Control4. Does anyone know or have had experience with Linksys Velop and/or run into problems when making the Control4 system a static IP Address. Thanks!
  9. Adding some new items. Make me some offers I am motivated to sell! NEED TO MOVE SOME GEAR Free programming 1 hour included for anything you buy, and does not even have to be for the product you buy! All prices are negotiable. First reasonable offers takes it. Wedding in September need to move it before it all goes to Goodwill yea tax write off ha! 1st gen io extender $250 Luxul ABR 4400 dual wan router. has some cosmetic scratches on bottom corner. $100 https://www.luxul.com/routers/wired-routers/abr-4400.aspx HC250 $200 Amazon fire tv gen 1 $50 Roku 3 $25 Samsung Blu-ray player network apps no wifi $20 Sony blu-ray player network no wifi $20 LIlin mini NVR https://www.meritlilin.com/en/product/NVR404C $100 Cisco router and 8 port SG100d-08 WRVS4400N V2 $50 each 1 Apple Airport Express $25 each and apple Airport $25 I have 2 HC200's 2.52 currently can update to any compatible os and install for you. (great for extra ir control or another navigator) $50 each Music Bridge $50 Control4 Media Player (plays movies from your network storage) $50 HC500 works great for music storage believe it has 500gb hd $20 you pay shipping 8 Inch Episode In ceiling speaker $75 Brand new never used. http://episodespeakers.com/products/product/architectural-speaker-in-ceiling-350 6 inch in wall sepaker $75 Brand new never used. http://episodespeakers.com/products/product/architectural-speaker-in-wall-350 used dual voice coil speaker great for smaller rooms $25 various switches some 5 port and 8 port 2 poe i believe well. 25-50 each. Trades im looking for Shield TV Roku Ultra C4 compatible zigbee Deadbolt v3 touchscreens portable any v2 lighting switches, dimmers, keypads phillips hue lighting mainly need light strips now 94 4runner compatible off road accesories open to any control4.
  10. Looking to add another WX-1 (C if possible) to my system. Anyone have any used ones around?
  11. About to replace a bunch of ceiling fans. Found a deal on some Hunter fans that have "SimpleConnect" feature that is Alexa/Homebridge/WIFI and Bluetooth. Anyone have any experience with these in general? With Control4? The fan gets great reviews, but the SimpleConnect not so much. However, reading the written reviews, I'm thinking the technology was over the reviewers head. Hoping someone here has experience with this? Thanks.
  12. HouseLogix is pleased to announce Control4 drivers for the Honeywell Lyric thermostat and Honeywell WiFi thermostat lines. As usual, we carry the hardware and driver, and offer a discounted combo package. Both products have incredibly small footprints and are considerably thinner than the competition. Drivers support standard HVAC controls such as mode, setpoints, fan, and hold. The Lyric driver provides additional capability to programmatically change adaptive recovery, auto changeover, fine tune, and even the screen's sleep brightness and sound levels. It's also worth taking a look at the rest of our product line, and stay tuned as we continue to roll out exciting new products. We've got a lot in the pipeline, which we hope you'll enjoy.
  13. I'm not sure I understand WHY wifi infrastructure is so important to C4 in a wired home? While debugging my occasional delayed responses out of my wand remote, I turned off all WIFI in the house, with the exception of the HC-250 (which I suppose has WIFI, but don't know). So this left Zigbee, Z-Wave, and the LTE modem on the roof. Everything still worked fine with C4. So why is WIFI so important to C4? Other than my iPhones' communicating with my wireless router and my wife's iPad with no cellular data -- why do I need "rock solid WIFI for Control4?" Or should these people be saying "rock solid network" instead?
  14. Chowmain - Orvibo WiWo S20 Driver Control4 supplies the wireless outlet switch that makes any household plug-in device, like lamps, appliances and electronics part of the Control4 system by turning a standard outlet into a smart outlet. Unfortunately this device is not available to the majority of the world as it only supports 120VAC voltage for US plug type devices. Introducing the Orvibo S20 Smart Socket. It has US/UK/EU/AU/CN plug types and is extremely affordable. This WiFi based power outlet supports up to 10amps (100-240VAC) and can be easily integrated into the Control4 home automation system using the Chowmain Orvibo S20 driver. Features Auto discovery of S20 device on the network Auto update of IP address and port upon change Abilty to connect driver to outlet light or relay device drivers which in turn allows you to view the correct icon on navigator interface or even eliminate standby power on AV based devices. Ability to connect driver to keypad buttons (with LED feedback) to allow for quick on/off/toggle programming On/Off feedback from the device. FAQ Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver? In Australia we do not have access to the Control4 outlet switch. As such we cannot easily integrate floor lamps, bedside table lights, fans, electric heaters, towel rails, etc easily. This driver fills in the gap to integrate these devices into the Control4 system. This driver allows connection to the Control4 outlet light driver and any relay based binding. As such you can get the correct icon on your navigator and also bind it to your AV device to minimise standby power. This driver allows connection to any Control4 keypad for ease of use programming. Why should i use this product over the other outlets on the market? This product is extremely affordable. You could buy 3 to 5 of these of these for the price of one of the competing products (including the cost of the driver). What hardware will this work on? This driver will work with the S20 AU/EU/UK/US/CN smart sockets made by Orvibo. The driver will also work with the following products as it is rebadged. There may be other rebadged S20's out there that we do not know of. Please utilise the built in 48 hour trial first to test prior to purchasing a licence. Arlec PC180 (sold at Bunnings, Australia) Bauhn W2 (sold at Aldi, Australia) Bayit Home Automation BH1810 (sold at Home Depot & WalMart, USA) WiSPP (sold in the UK) Time2 (sold in the UK) ON THE WAY (sold on Amazon) Orvibo, (sold on Aliexpress, Banggood & other online retailers) How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website Download Installation Guide How do I buy the driver? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 48 hour trial. This is activated once you add the driver to the project. No additional steps are necessary.
  15. Hello everyone - Working to resolve an issue with my dealer and trying to get our arms around this. I just moved and had two HC-250's hard wired at the old place that now need to (at least temporarily) be wifi in the new place. When Tom (the dealer) enters the information to connect to the wireless network, it can connect to the wireless, but there seems to be a problem with the IP address. To troubleshoot: - When we connect with a hard coded IP address, it connects to the network just fine but is unable to communicate or identify - When we connect with DHCP, it connects to the network but times out on obtaining an IP address This is happening with both HC250's. There are a number of other devices both hard-wired and DHCP in the house that aren't having any issues at all. The current diagnosis is that both HC250's now have bad wifi cards. Which I doubt completely, given they both have the same issue. Has anyone else seen this before or can maybe lend a little guidance? Thanks as always. Will
  16. Hi, have got a problem with installed abr 4400, xap 1410, xap 310 Now. client has about 60 mega download speed. on WiFi 2.4G I can get 40-45. and it ok, because on 5G I get 60 no problem. But. for some reason after few days, I get internet 2.4 G) dropping to 11 or 10, after I rebooted router it didnt help, so \I reinstalled firmware ig got again 40-45 Recently client cold me again and told he got issue with speed again.... Any thought? Thanks.
  17. Hello greetings to all friends , is presented to me the following, the ethernet port on my controller is bad. there any way to activate the Wifi controllador ? I appreciate any help!
  18. This might be a dumb question but a question none the less, New integrator and still getting my handle on C4. I have a basic EA1 that I have programmed in the composer. Here's my question. The bedroom that I would like to put it in doesn't have any network wiring in it so I am trying to connect the processor to the WIFI and control it that way. I'm pretty sure this is a possibility because it has the antennae on the back for WIFI I've looked in the composer for an option to enable wifi and on the back of the processor and can't seem to find anyway to accomplish this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Has anyone integrated any of the Honeywell Wifi thermostats into the Control4 system yet? How well does it work? Below is one of the articles that mentions the integration. http://www.cepro.com/article/honeywell_announces_cloud-based_open_api_for_wi-fi_thermostats/
  20. Have the Netgear AP and Symmetry True Gain bundle for sale (used). Includes everything outlined in the pdf linked below. http://symmetrywireless.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Symmetry-Control4-Bundle-Intro.pdf Bundle includes: Netgear WNAP320 Access Point [$220 new (B&H)]Symmetry Wireless TrueGain Antenna SGM-2410ID-M2 MIMO 2x2 [$750.00 new (dlinkworks.com)]Comes with mounting bracket, power supply, and both antennas.One part of mounting bracket chipped off during install, doesn't affect performance, will provide pictures tomorrow. This system has been running, wall mounted, for the past 1.5yrs without a hitch. Need more than the 6000sqft of coverage it provides so going to be getting rid of it. Paid $799.00 for it, and saw it's available online still for $799.00 today (compunetwork.com) . I'm asking $400.00; I'll accept paypal +3% and +shipping costs. Open to offers as well . Again, pictures will be provided tomorrow. Feel free to PM here or email at: w.huttnerATgmailDOTcom for an immediate response. Regards, Will
  21. Greeting members Thanks admin for creating this forum. I am nikhil . Me and my company is selling [ 2-way ] wifi based 4 relay control board used for lights/appliance control applications. Works on Wifi TCP/IP based connection between client and server. UART , serial protocol is used for data transmission . SInce Control4 is entering in indian market , we need to integrate our product with control4 HUB. Kindly help us to create suitable drivers for HUB to communicate and send commands to our relay board via WiFi over TCP/IP connection. Any help is highly appreciated . Feel free to contact me anytime for any query. Warm regards nikhil nikhilofec@gmail.com
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