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Found 16 results

  1. Wanted - Yale Zigbee module for Conexis L1. Control4 Part Number: ZYA-MOD-C4-S I would prefer a new one but, would also accept a good condition used module.
  2. Is there any speed difference between CA-1, EA-1, EA-3 and EA-5 when using them as zigbee mesh controllers? I want to move Z-server and ZAP to central locations of each mesh and was wondering whether CA-1's are more than enough to get the job done for multiple meshes.
  3. Will the CA-1 experience signal interference if kept over a gypsum ceiling as a zigbee mesh controller? Will the Z2IO experience the same issue when kept over the ceiling as a zigbee signal extender? The customer wants to hide most of the devices.
  4. My Yale Living Door Lock is not getting identified. Please visit the link given below for images. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wgc8t21hoduk2x7/AADBlUZwaMDpqdgyAuml5KrEa?dl=0
  5. I have a ZCA-ZXT30 zigbee extender and in the move apparently managed to lose the USB cable that connects the extender to its power supply. Anybody happen to have one or know where I could find one? It’s got the standard rectangular USB connector on one side and a cylindrical power supply connector on the other end.
  6. All, I have the following items up for sale. Most rack mounted and in great condition. No boxes or manuals. C4 SR -250 remote and charging cradle - $140 OBO Wireless music bridge - $90 OBO C4 -4 zone Amplifier - $380 OBO HC-800 Controller - $320 OBO Honeywell/House Logic Security Integration Module - $120 OBO Thanks, JP
  7. Building a new home and have a simple home audio requirement. Need some help sorting through dealers quote and suggestions i have 4 sources, including the desire to use my iPhone for Apple Music streams and for content like audio books, etc. i have 4 rooms/zones, one of which I want to double as a home theater room. i want to control all this with my iPhone. would like matrixed control of sound Not interested in other home automation options, like lighting, blinds, or thermostat, etc. the dealer has quote (summarized for brevity): EA3 and an audio matrix Couple network switches 15 keypad zigbee extenders a host of additional nicnacks like cables, etc. 3k to set it all up my questions: why do I need the keypads? They are firm that these are required to control the speakers throughout the house, that a zigbee mesh is required vs controlling the audio from my phone on my home WiFi . This triples the cost of the equipment and install price. is control4 overkill for my basic audio matrix needs?
  8. I am having response time issues with zigbee pro devices on a particular project since upgrading EA5 to 2.10.1. For example, I have a wall switch that will turn on several lamps using contril4 outlet switches. Since upgrading not all lights will turn on with the first try. You will have to push the up button on the switch more than once to get them to come on. Was not a problem prior to 2.10.1. Is anyone hearing of this sort of issue?
  9. I'm looking for a Yale Digital Monoblock Doorlock YDM3168 with Zigbee module driver. Anyone have one?
  10. Is there a way to get notification when a zigbee device falls offline? The Dam-it devices are less than spectacular and fall offline often. Thanks in advance!
  11. Does anyone know if there is a way to integrate the Lowes Harbor Breeze Fans into a Control4 system. Has any third party vendors have the ability to switch out the remotes and/or internal parts of the fan to support both the turning on and off the lights (dimming) as well as variable speed settings. The technology should be wi-fi or ZigBee. Lowes Website: https://www.lowes.com/harborbreeze
  12. Hi, how can I find info about how many zigbee devices can support controller? HC-300, HC-250, EA-3, etc. I tried to find it in datasheets....
  13. Working my sharebridge issues right before ankle surgery was monumentally stupid. We reset both the network and EA-3 in that process. Of course he made sure it was all up to speed before we both left for a long weekend. I returned from the surgery (trippin to pain meds) to find neither wand working. And the C4 app returning Error 500. Unplugging the EA-3 for a cold reboot fixes the wands, but still get Error 500 on the iOS C4 app. Won't be long and wands will fall off again. I can Remote Desktop into Composer if there is an easy fix in there Or obvious Luxul changes, I can do those from bed, too Reading the network KB article references a lot of settings I can't find (yet) in the Luxul router, wireless controller, and the switch so I'd need specific help there. (See my post in remote integrators coming shortly) Thanks
  14. Have seven (7) new C4 motion sensors outside house and two (of seven) periodically go offline (same two locations). Firmware is 02.01.02. Have replaced both sensors and same issue -- they go offline periodically. Installed two zigbee repeaters close by (a few feet from each, but inside) and they still go offline! I and the installer (Diamond) are baffled. Thoughts? We'll call C4 but thought someone on this board might have experienced this.
  15. I have some outdoor lights that I want to control by Control4. Wireless is the only option as my house is already finished. The problem that I am facing is that the old conventional switches are located on the outside and hence they get subjected to rain, dust, sunlight etc. Is there any wireless outdoor switch that can support such high temperatures and weather conditions and allow me to control the lights from my portable touch screen?
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