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Cannot connect to director on HC-1000 after 2.2 upgrade initiated

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So... I figured to day was a good today to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2. Apparently I was wrong...

Initiated upgrade. HC-1000 started upgrade and disconnected Composer like normal. Typically I can reconnect in 10-15 minutes. After an hour of not being able to reconnect I started poking around. Everything appears to be running normally on the HC-1000, but I am still unable to connect to director. Rebooted HC-1000, waited an hour, still can't connect.

I can connect via SSH.

I can connect via System Manager - output of log is below.

Director is enabled.

HC-1000 has outbound sessions established to the following:

UDP ****:123 NTP

UDP ****:123 NTP

UDP ****:123 NTP

UDP ****:123 NTP

TCP ****:33959 HTTPS

The Control4 modules are at 2.2, so it appears the upgrade was installed on the HC-1000. I just don't understand why I can't connect to Director.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.




| Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed

|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)

||/ Name Version Description


ii alsa-lib ALSA Sound Library

ii alsa-utils ALSA Utilities

ii atftpd 0.7-7.14 TFTP Server

ii audioserver Audio Streaming Server

ii base-bradley Base System

ii busybox-bradley 1.15.2-3.7 Busybox

ii c4drivers Control4 Drivers

ii c4firmware Hardware Images

ii c4libs-bradley Control4 Libraries

ii c4libs-hc Control4 Libraries

ii c4lookupserver Control4 Media Look Up Server

ii c4perfd Control4 Performance Monitor

ii c4rmengined Control4 Remote Management Engine Daemon

ii c4server Button Monitor

ii dhcpc 1.3.22pl4-90 DHCP Client

ii director Control4 Director

ii director-libs Director Libraries

ii dpkg 1.13.22-10 DPKG Packaging Utility

ii driverwiz-server Control4 NESP Server

ii dropbear 0.52-10 Secure Shell Server/Client

ii dtserver Control4 I/O Server

ii e2fsprogs 1.41.14-2 Ext2 File System Tools

ii e2fsprogs-bradley 1.41.14-2 Ext2 File System Tools

ii ffmpeg 1.0-7 ffmpeg

ii ficy 1.0.16-4 fIcy Stream Grabber

ii flash-navigator SWF Files For Navigator

ii flash-navigator-addon SWF Files For Navigator

ii glibc 2.9-2 GNU C Library

ii grub 0.97-31 GRUB Linux Loader

ii gsoap 2.8.0-6 GSOAP Library

ii hdparm 7.7-3 hdparm utility

ii hotplug 2004.03.29-8 Hotplug Support

ii id3lib 3.8.3-6 ID3 Tagging Library

ii inspector System Inspection Tool

ii kernel-bradley Operating System

ii kernel-modules-bradley Device Drivers

ii libboost 1.42.0-4 Misc. Boost Libraries Package

ii libcurl 7.19.4-2 Curl Library

ii libflac 1.2.1-4 Library FLAC

ii libjpeg 6b-9 JPEG Library

ii libncurses 5.4-6 Ncurses Library

ii libpng 1.2.16-5 PNG Library

ii libpopt 1.7-6 Popt Library

ii libreadline 5.2-2 Libreadline Library

ii libservercommon Common Server Libraries

ii libxml2 2.7.8-1 XML Library

ii libzcommon Control4 Common ZigBee Library

ii lighttpd 1.4.28-5 Lighttpd Web Server

ii locale .mo files, locale info for our software

ii logrotate 3.7-28 Log Rotation Utility

ii lrzsz 0.12.20-3 xmodem/ymodem/zmodem

ii module-init-tools 3.2-4 Module Init Tools

ii netpbm 10.0-9 Netpbm Graphics Utilities

ii netsnmp 5.5-4

ii nettest Network Testing Utilities

ii netusbserver Control4 Network/USB Auto Mounting Server

ii ntpd 4.2.4p4-17 NTP Server

ii openssl 0.9.8k-4 OpenSSL Library

ii preupgrade preupgrade package

ii remote-access-manager Remote Access Manager

ii resetcheck Network Reset Check Utility

ii rhapserver C4Rhapsody Service

ii rsyslog 5.5.4-release-10 Logging Utility

ii samba-client 3.0.37-6 SAMBA Client Programs

ii samba-server 3.0.37-6 SAMBA Server

ii send-mail Sendmail

ii sipproxy Control4 SipProxy Server

ii sqlite2 2.8.17-5 SQLite App and Library

ii sqlite3 sqlite3 app and Library

ii sysman-bradley System Manager

ii system-version System Version Utility

ii taglib 1.7-3 TagLib Library

ii tzdata 2011i+2011n GNU Timezone Data

ii upman-server Control4 Update Manager

ii upslave Control4 Update Manager Library

ii vpn 2.0-release-62 Virtual Private Network daemon

ii wireless-tools 29-9 Wireless Tools

ii zlib 1.2.3-8 Zlib Compression Library

ii zserver2 Control4 ZigBee Server



audioserver enabled

c4lookup enabled

c4perfd enabled

c4rmengined disabled

c4server enabled

crond enabled

director enabled

driverwizd disabled

dropbear enabled

dtserver enabled

lighttpd enabled

net-watchdog enabled

netusbserver enabled

nmbd enabled

ntpd enabled

openvpn enabled

rhapServer enabled

sipproxy disabled

smbd enabled

snmpd enabled

upmand enabled

upslaved enabled

zserver2 enabled



















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Did your hc-1000 have a Mac with a valid 2 lic?

I've heard that even if you have a lic in my.control4.com, if the hc-1000 doesn't, you can have issues.

Ryan can you confirm?

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Did your hc-1000 have a Mac with a valid 2 lic?

I've heard that even if you have a lic in my.control4.com, if the hc-1000 doesn't, you can have issues.

Ryan can you confirm?

I'm not Ryan :-). But as long as the Mac is a qualifying controller OR there is a software license on the persons my.control4 account and it's registered it will be allowed to update.

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To add my 1000 didn't come with the license, and I've upgraded to probably 10+ different versions of 2.x beta and final releases without a hitch.

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Hey Rob,

So if I'm reading this correctly, everything seems to be working fine, but your Composer is not able to connect to your director? Is that correct? Have you checked your windows firewall on the box that has composer? Had an issue once (not involving an upgrade) where I fired up a new version of composer, was able to see the director once, but then never again. Ended up having to manually edit the windows firewall to allow that exe access to the network.

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Nothing connects to director on the HC-1000. I moved my project over to one of my HC-300s on Sunday and have the system up and running. From there I finished the 2.2 upgrades. Everything else upgraded fine. The HC-1000 is still running as the ZigBee server. It's just director on the HC-1000 that nothing can connect to. It's been reset numerous times.

I have a valid 2.0 license on my.control4.com that has always been used with the HC-1000.

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