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Thermostat Fan "On" no longer an option

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I have four C4 Thermostats in my home. Three are used for the A/C units and fourth controls the boiler. We run the fan on the AC units several times per day to circulate and humidify the air. I control the TSTATs through Composer HE and the scheduler function. Nothing sophisticated. Fan on. Fan off.

Shortly before Thanksgiving we updated the system to run latest version of software 2.2.4. I noticed that two of the three units were not coming on at their scheduled time. Upon investigating I noted that two of the three TSTATs no longer had a "FAN ON" option in the "Set Fan Mode..." command. Options were now Auto, Low, Medium & High. The third unit still has Auto & On.

My programming script had "Set Fan Mode On" so I thought if I change it to High all would be good. No dice. I was not getting fan action.

I just switched the fan mode to low and that seems to have kicked them on, but I want to wait and see if the next scheduled event comes on.

My question is 1)Were these options supposed to change as part of the upgrade? If so, I suspect the third TSTAT did not update properly. 2) Any thoughts or ideas on the fan speed? We have the Unico system and my suspicion is that there is only one fan speed. Just not sure why it would matter which speed was selected on the TSTAT.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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