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Energis - Home Energy Management Suite


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Energis - Home Energy Management Suite

The 'Energis Home Energy Management Suite' is a combination of drivers for the Control4 system, allowing dealers to program their customer’s homes specifically with Energy efficiency and optimization in mind. 

The key feature of the system is to measure energy generation, grid consumption and usage for all the major energy using appliances & devices in the home. 

You then create programming rules and schedules within Composer Pro to control all the Energis devices & all other connected devices, giving the user more control on how and when they use their energy. The system is designed to be set and forget, putting the home into cruise control mode, allowing the homeowner to run their home as efficiently as possible. 

The 'EHEM Suite' also contains useful programming examples, derived from live data on real homes as a guideline. It is up to the dealer utilizing these drivers to program based on their customer’s devices, lifestyle, system size and needs. Therefore Energis solutions are easily adaptable and scalable to any size building be it residential, commercial or hospitality. 

The 'Energis Home Energy Management suite' is bundled so you only need one licence from Extra Vegetables to utilize all the drivers in this pack. It also contains drivers not available for one off licence purchase. A licence for this suite can be purchased and downloaded from Extra Vegetables. 


  • eGauge EG3000 - This driver enables Control4 to react to live power usage and generation to optimise usage of solar/wind/hydro power generation rather than feeding it back into the grid. 
  • Generic IR Thermostat - This driver enables Control4 to take control of infra red based HVAC split systems. 
  • Hot Water Cylinder - Optimise the temperature of electric hot water cylinders around the residents’ lifestyle and schedule the HWC to heat during times of excessive solar generation. Detect faulty cylinders early and notify the owner before it gets expensive or cold.
  • Heated Towel Rail control - Utilize the Puck to relay driver and a Control4 Puck switch to schedule and control heated towel rails. 
  • Saturn South SS9007 Zigbee Power Meter (Control4 firmware) - This driver will monitor and control the SS9007 Zigbee Power Meter/Relay. 
  • Jetlun RD75615 Zigbee Power Outlet (Control4 firmware) - This driver will control the RD75615 Zigbee Power Outlet and monitor power consumption on the outlet. 
  • Notification Suite - The Chowmain notification driver has also been included, allowing the home to message the customer on energy specific events such as a higher than expected usage, over/under voltage or of a fault. 

Usage Scenarios 

  • Turn off heated towel rails automatically after a set period of time. 
  • Optimise your hot water cylinder's energy usage around your customer's lifestyle. 
  • Warn the customer when they have left the oven and other non controllable heavy duty devices on. 
  • Automatically turn on devices when there is high solar/hydro/wind power generation 
  • Regulate your IR based HVAC split system. 
  • Control your power outlet via zigbee (for australian and new zealand customers only) 
  • Monitor and control your switchboard via zigbee (for australian and new zealand customers only) 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any other cool things we can do with these drivers? 

  • Optimise power by turning on devices when you are generating more than you are using. 
  • Put the house into a holiday mode by turning off all unwanted services such as hot water and outlet controlled devices with high idle power usage. 

How does the customer view usage information 
This driver is designed to primarily work in the background. If you utilise the eGauge hardware you can view current usage in our 4store application or historical data via the hardware's inbuilt web server. 

We are planning to add more to the suite as time goes by. This includes a customer portal which is an online destination enabling you to monitor your household energy use in real time, and providing you with the tools for understanding how to reduce your energy consumption. 

How do I find out more information about the driver? 
Please see the links below for more information about the driver. 

Chowmain Website 

Product Slick 

Download Installation Guide 

How do I buy the driver? 
All of our drivers are distributed solely through extra vegetables. All drivers are sold per project - you only ever need one license per item per project. 

Download Driver / Purchase Licence 

How do I buy the hardware? 
If you live in Australia or New Zealand you can purchase the eGauge, Saturn South and Jetlun hardware through our distribution sister company AVA Pacific

If you are in another country you will need to contact the manufacturer to find out who your local distributor is. 

Who do i contact for technical support? 
Extra Vegetables provides technical support through their website. It is recommended that you view their knowledgebase first to see if there is an answer to your problem listed. 

Do you provide trial licences? 
Our licencing is provided by Extra Vegetables as such their trial licencing system will work with our drivers 



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