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flourescent light and incadescent light on same circuit


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On the front door I have a light switch, which is controlling a flourscenet non dimmable light, and a incadescent light which can be dimmed.

I want to put a keypad dimmer on this circuit, as there are no other switches around to make a keypad.


Is it possible to use kp dimmer on a non dimmable flourscent and a dimmable incadescent?

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On the same switch leg? It isn't recommended, even using a dumb "HomeDepot: normal switch.

One or the other is liable to burn out.


As far as putting a C4 dimmer - whatever the type - on a non dimmable load, while better not to any C4 dimmer can be set by a dealer to be locked at a 100% minimum essentially acting like a switch.

The only unknown in particular on fluors (and occasional LED bulbs) is that for any dimmer, 0% is essentailly 0.00x% - in other words there is a miniscule 'leak'. On some bulbs, this can cause flickering on/off as it's just enough to build up to trigger the startup, then dying out again.

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