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Alarm/Door Lock sync


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First time trying to program without my dealer helping and I am getting stuck, go figure.


My alarm (DSC) gives me 60 seconds when I press stay or away to exit the house.


I want after 61 seconds (give or take) my two Kwikset doors to lock IF they are open/unlocked.  If locked, obviously let it be.


I've removed the default 60 second and auto lock on the doors because sometimes I go outside to do chores or get something from the car and do not need the door to auto lock on me.  So I just want it that when the house enters "stay" or "Away" mode it checks and locks the doors if needed.


I went into the Programming for the Security system, tried it just there with security system events, tried the home state/away state variables, I tried several If logic statements that if doors locked is false (and even tried true too) door would lock, etc. does not work.


The odd thing, I can leave the door unlocked for 5 minutes, with the code I wrote or even without the code I wrote, somewhere around 25-27 seconds in the lock will lock on its own.  I can leave the door unlocked for 5 seconds, hit stay and within 25-27 seconds the door will lock.  The door can be unlocked for 5 minutes, I hit stay and same thing 25-27 seconds in locks.  I want the lock after 60 seconds.  AND I have no idea why its locking on its own when all the programming screens (at least that I know of) are blank


Anyone help out a newbie?  Oh wait, I was able to program User code/unlock door/turn off alarm/send me a text message, so I guess this is my second programming task (though my dealer did show me a trial of how to do the unlock/turn off alarm coding)

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I can only assume that even though you've "turned off" auto lock on the lock, it's still turned on.  That's why it's locking.


I'd suggest trying to turn the option off again.


Also, if you want the doors locked, don't care whether they are or not, just send the 'Lock' command to them.  If they're locked, they won't lock *again*, and if they're unlocked, they'll lock.


Hard to suggest anything else without you showing all your programming.


Good luck with your project, sounds like fun.



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The alarm doesn't arm until technically the delay expires. So you should be able to program based on when the alarm state changes which would give you your delay.


Also check the lock it has DIP switches on it that also do auto lock that has nothing to do with the C4 driver.  It's 30 seconds so that sounds like what could be happening.

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I believe the DIP switches are for a 60 second delay?  Either way, the DIP switches are off.  As I am tying this I have left one of the doors unlocked, and here we are 5 minutes later, and its still unlocked.  Then I hit away and 25 seconds later, the door locked. Somehow I want that 25 seconds to be 60 seconds.


I am seeing if my original dealer but in something, but I do not see anything where I think I should be looking.


I tried simple to start as RyanE suggested and then I got more complex but never seemed to work.


I've attached screen shots the two most basic ones I've tried.  Maybe I am just in the wrong area or something?



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I have the same type of thing setup on my doors.  The simple way I programmed it is by creating a Macro called "Goodbye."  In the macro when the Away button is pushed by a door it triggers the alarm to arm, the lights to turn off, and the doors to lock.  It also sends me a message 3 minutes later to let me know the house is secure. 


In this macro I programmed the door locks with a timer delay of 120 seconds after the macro is executed to lock the doors.  So if you have a 3 button or 6 button pad near the door you go out, this is a great way to do it as you can easily tie other events to it.  


The other upside to programming an away or goodbye macro is that you can use it the same way at multiple doors (if you have keypads at front door, side door, garage door, etc) and don't have to do a bunch of extra work each time.  


Hope that helps, good luck with your project and welcome to the world of C4.

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