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Viper/DEI/Autostart SmartStart


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Hey guys,
I know there are other posts that touch on this but I wanted to separate this out. 

I was in talks with someone that does testing on new products for Viper and in passing mentioned that it would be cool to have a C4 driver.

I am not skilled enough to write the driver, but I maybe able to put someone who is interested in touch with DEI to see if they are open to this.

I will do the legwork and see if they have an API of some kind and be the point of contact if anyone is interested.

I don't know how many of us have smart start but I have it in all of myvehicles and love it. It would be wild to be able to press the wake up button and during my routine auto start my car, and open my garage with my MyQ integration so that it is also safe. SmartStart can give feed back on things like GPS coordinates and if the vehicle is locked/started, etc. This could make for some awesome triggers. 

Anyways, this is a long shot, nothing is solid yet, but I am willing to try, project manage and test if anyone else is interested in the programming and selling the driver (I have no interest in sharing profit).

PM me if you are interested.  

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You could set up a webserver on raspberry pi and use this php script to connect to your smart start.



then you could use one of the many drivers that can send HTTP GET commands to the webserver.


done and done

That is cool!


I am decent enough with PHP, and can set up the GET command but looking at things like the honeywell driver I would imagine there has to be a way to do this right in C4?

This would be awesome. 



Ramorous : You up for trying it?

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I knew about that but wanted to do it natively. Let me give it a go and I'll see what I can do.

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I got the contact direct for DEI so I am going to contact him anyways. 

I am wondering how complex it would be to look through the PHP code and reverse engineer it. It looks quite simple, like the PHP is just sending json requests to SmartStart for status and sending http post commands with authentication for start. 

I am not familiar with C4 at all but I am assuming it has this ability in it's programming as well?

I am just thinking of stuff like the honeywell thermostat driver, or nest. I believe they work in very similar ways?

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has anyone hard wired a relay contact from a controller or io extender to a button on a spare remote out of curiosity? that would be for non smartstart auto start users like myself.

sorta like what people did with their garage door opener switch before there were bridges available like the Chamberlain MyQ.


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So basically, the API is everything that is in the PHP program. 
The information I was able to get back, is just that.

The API is all url based, and requires the username and password as well as vehicle ID as the key. 

So, with the PHP program being URL based, any reason why we couldn't use this with Chowmain's TCP driver?
Seems decently straight forward. I am going to try it right away and see if it works. 


Edit, It was posted earlier but so no one has to do reading. I am referring to this : https://github.com/fiquett/Viper_SmartStart_Control

If I knew even where to start with the driver for C4 I would take a crack at it. It is really quick simplistic and even the PHP program has more features than you really require. I don't really care about the feedback. My phone is going to pop up and tell me it started anyways. I just always FORGET to start my car in enough time before I leave. So I would love to time this with my wake up button. 

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Ok, so this is working. It is really quite simple. THe only issue I had was trying to figure out the device ID for my second vehicle in the list. If you just have one vehicle, it is UBER simple. 
I have it hosted on a public server right now BAD IDEA! as it would be VERY easy to have a bot search for this plugin :)

Anyways, basically uploaded the PHP file and I set my username and password only.
Then, because I wanted it to start the second device in my device list, I changed the variable from getVehicleID(0) to getVehicleID(1) (simple, hey?)

If you want to keep it starting the first vehicle, just leave every instance of this. If you want to change it to the second or third vehicle, then change every instance of this to 1 or 2. (find and replace).

Now, I am just using simple GET commands. You will see through your browser that it starts your vehicle.

THEN... I went and got chowmeins HTTP driver. I then set a custom button for Truck -Start/Stop on the room I wanted. (agent for custom buttons).

I then went into programming and in Chow's driver switch it to "HTTP GET" and then typed in the URL.

For the start, for example. My URL was this : http://www.yourserver.com/viper_control.php?action=remote


For the different vehicles, I created 2 folders. One for my wife's car and one for mine. Now by repeating the steps I can control each vehicle separate. 

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If we could re-write the PHP for LUA (no idea even where to start) then it would be even easier and you would be able to get feedback. 

I have a feeling this would take Mr Chow a few hours to write. It really doesn't seem very complex at all. 

The only variable here, is this is something that DEI can stop at any moment. 

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It is SUPER simple. As long as it is easy to grab a session ID with lua then it is SUPEr simple.

Basically, the script it just browsing the website and sending http commands. The only complicated part (that is simple with php) is that it grabs the session ID for when you are logged in and appends that to the URL string.

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Hey guys,


so I talked with my friend this morning, he told me this is defiantly something they can do. However, he said that they only develop drivers with collaboration from the manufacturer. They do not reverse engineer, so they would need permission from DEI/viper.

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