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Building an automated house


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I have a thought provoking problem to which the answer eludes me. I am building an automated house. I have settled on Control4 for the whole home audio and media room. The house has no access to a land line phone. I do not have cable so DirectTv will bring in HD TV and HughesNet will bring in high speed internet. I will have a wireless security system and plant to use my current provider with a system from 2GIG. I will have high efficiency 5 zone HVAC firm Carrier who will provide their control system. I also want to integrate lighting. I suppose I could use Lutron but then I will have at least 4 systems which potentially do not talk (Control4, security, lighting and HVAC control. Can't Control4 be the main control panel, can it be the integration platform? I am open to suggestions,particularly the lighting and HVAC. Perhaps someone has some experience they could relate.


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