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LED Color - 6 button and Variables - Oh My!

Mark LaBelle

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I've really been struggling with keeping the colors on my keypad "in sync".  It's maddening and I can't seem to see where it is going wrong.  They just change back to blue for some unknown reason, so I thought I would post out here for some insight.  The other night I went to bed and it was correct, woke up in the morning and it was set to blue.  It happens to my garage door status, announcements, everything...  


I have an announcement that is set up on a schedule called Good Morning.  I set up a boolean variable called AM Announcements (this variable will control where I want ANY of the 3 morning announcements to play, since sometimes I don't want them to play).  I programmed the Scheduler that when Good Morning executes - if the variable AM Announcements is True > Execute the Announcement.  I programmed the Variable AM Announcements that when the Variable AM Announcement CHANGES -  If Variable - AM Announcements is True > Set LED: 5 Current Color  to Green on Master Bedroom-> Master Bedroom 6 Button Keypad ....then the If False set current color to Red.  I also programmed the Blue Button on the SR-250 Remote to toggle the variable and also set the LED 5 on the keypad to do the same.  That way, I can toggle it on and off based on when I want them to play from the remote or the keypad.


I have both the keypad managed and the Bound checkboxes unchecked.  There is an on and an off color, but not sure what to do there, since it shouldn't be affected.  Maybe this is doing something to the colors.


Nothing else is programmed to this button on the keypad.  No double tap, triple, tap, release - nothing and nothing else is telling it to change color.  


I did add a 250ms delay before changing colors on the When Variable Changes programming.  I did it for both if true change to green, and if false, change to red.  


Am I missing something?  Is there a more effective way.  I've followed the feedback from everyone on my question on how to execute this back along, but it seems like my keypad is always messed up.



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