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Camera Driver Woes


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This is my first attempt at creating a camera driver utilizing driverworks and the camera template. The camera I'm writing the driver for is from a chinese manufacturer and communication with them has been difficult. I have very little documentation on the camera except for bits I have been given and what I have found online. With that being said, this is where I'm at...


(Fixed lens)

Snapshot - Shows an old image, but works

MPEG - Not working

H.264 - Functions with considerable delay, up to 3 seconds. Network is gigabit, streamed image is 720x576

H.264I - Functions with same issues as above


What I think to be the issue is the camera will only stream from RTSP. Online I found this URL rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//0. That will allow my H.264/FFMPEG to work. When I open composer and use the test URL for MJPEG it uses http://IPADDRESS:PORT//0 it will fail the test. If I replace that url with the RTSP url, the test passes. The next thing I was going to attempt is write the driver to access the MJPEG stream through the same url as H.264. I'm not sure how to achieve this.


Any ideas, questions, or comments would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


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