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New Home: Wanted many C4 Items


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Hello all,

Looking to buy following with part numbers starting with C4- (latest) discounted pricing from dealers or individuals


1. Switches - 20

2. Dimmerrs - 10

3. Faceplates

4. Touch Screen with camera - 2

5. Portable display with camera - 1

6. Door Station - 1


I am in not questioning pricing, Just wondering, since I am new

See link below, Dealer price and MSRP has about 60% markup, I don't think there will be such big margins.

APD: Dealer price $108, MSRP: 180



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Thanks for sharing

No problem. I don't know what the dealers cost is, and until I found this I didn't even know what the recommended retail was.

It's interesting when you see the price of some items on eBay and know they're above retail. Sometimes it's better to establish a relationship with a dealer, get a discount, warranty and peace of mind. There's some great dealers on this forum.

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Dealers likely make a profit selling new stuff on eBay but then with eBay fees control4 shipping fees staff overhead and well the real money is made on integration and it's not allowed by the dealer agreement so there is that.

I agree the WMBs and 250s And 800s with licences are going for a good price.

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