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mzc-66 Speakercraft with RS232 module for C4.


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I am trying to get $600 for everything.
I have speaker connections, about 5 pinpads (will document and update later when I can catalogue and take photos of it all) plus I have the power supply and the RS232 (RSA-1.0).

I bought all of the gear used (except for the RSA-1.0, it was new) from various locations because I was going to use it for my audio zones.
Unfortunately, I didn't have access to the software for Speakercraft as I am not a dealer, and I contacted them and they told me to go pound salt.

So because of this, I haven't had the chance to test anything. The actual unit, I got off of Kijiji from an end user that had a giant estate mansion he just purchased and had no idea to use it. He was an old guy that just had it removed, so I am assuming it is all just fine. I did have it turned on though, so I know it is functional in that way.

No idea about the keypads, or even how they work. I just have them in a bag, and I never planned on using them. (I will try to document model numbers and take photos).

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.


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