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[FS/eBay/Qty:3] CardAccess/Control4 Wireless Contact Relay/Extender for ZigBee PRO


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Hi guys,


I have 3 brand new relays for sale on eBay, boxes are unsealed but all items are wrapped in their respective, sealed, packaging. See respective descriptions for more info.


2 WCS10-R-EXT-ZP @ 179.99 each http://www.ebay.com/itm/Card-Access-Control4-WCS10-R-EXT-ZP-Wireless-Contact-Relay-Extender-ZigBee-PRO-/331294635576?pt=Home_Automation_Modules&hash=item4d22b2f638


1 WCS10-R-X-ZP @ 129.99 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Card-Access-Control4-WCS10-R-X-ZP-Wireless-Contact-Relay-Extender-ZigBee-PRO-/331294643557?pt=Home_Automation_Modules&hash=item4d22b31565


Contact me on ebay if you have questions. Thanks.


P.s. (off-topic) I also have some AMX stuff up for sale if you look through my profile.

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