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Using LED's as Status Lights


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Hello all,

New user here and I had a quick question for all you advanced people out there:

I have a button on my keypad dimmer in my master bedroom that turns off every light in my house (minus bedrooms) through advanced lighting in agents. My question is I am trying to program it so that that led light on that button is red if any light is actually on, and blue if the lights are off (regardless of where it was turned on from)

I can't seem to get the programming to work. Any one able to help here?

(Sorry if an answer was posted about this already, I searched and didn't find anything)

Thanks in advance!

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Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe you can do something like this:


create an advanced lighting scene which contains all lights in the house and has them set to off

attach a colour to the scene for both active and non-active

have your dealer connect the button to the scene - or alternatively add programming to the 'when scene is activated/deactivated' to change the colour.


I know there are different ways to track the scene which need to be set correctly - I'm sure someone else can help with the best option.

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