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Help with programming lighting scene on blu-ray play/pause


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I have a lighting scene that is triggered when the projector is turned on in my theatre.  It takes about a minute for the screen to drop, projector to warm up, etc. and the lighting scene takes approximately a minute to ramp down the lights.  Works great.


I have programmed two additional lighting scenes for the blu-ray player.  When the blue-ray player is paused, a couple of the lights ramp up slightly. When the blue-ray player is resumed (played), the lights ramp back down.  These scenes also work great.


The issue I'm having is when I select Blu-ray as my source (Watch, Blu-ray) when everything is turned off, the resume playing lighting scene for the blu-ray player is executed.  This means the lights get ramped down over a couple of seconds instead of ramped down over a minute.  I assume Control4 must autoplay the blu-ray player or something which is why the resume lighting scene is triggered. 


How do I differentiate in the programming whether its a play command on the blu-ray player from powering it on, or a play command resuming from a pause in the middle of a movie?  





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I'm not sure about the autoplay, that may be an issue that can be resolved and in turn will sort out the lighting issue.


But if you do need to differentiate between the resume and play, use a variable:


If pause is clicked

   set variable BluRayPaused = True




If play is clicked

   if variable BluRayPaused - True

      exec light scene blurayresume_lights

      Set Variable BluRayPaused = False


You'll also want to set the variable to false when room is turned off to ensure turning off while paused does not leave the variable in a true state

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Thanks guys.  The variable idea put me on the right track.  I set a variable to true 30 second after the blu-ray player is turned on.  Then I put a conditional on the 'when play is pushed'.  This allows me to run the blu-ray play lighting scene whenever play is pushed, not just after pausing.  When the blu-ray player is turned off, the variable is set back to false.



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When you bring the lights up on pause put them to a certain number like 28%


When you play put in a conditional

If lights at 28%

   Dim lights 



That way it will only dim quickly if it came from the pause setting


I have used this option but quite often found that in between the pause and play, I may have adjusted the lighting by another means, resulting in nothing happening when I start the movie again.

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Resume on selecting source - the system by default send a "play" command to cd and dvd proxys (on the basc IR drivers at least). This is what's triggering the scene.

The reason is that it forces a source to play the disc instead of 'sitting' there on the base menu - at any rate this aut play IS a slectable otion that can be turned off - though I believe it's locked to pro (due to where this checkbox is). About a 30ms fix though.

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