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Wireless Music Bridge..any details?


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This is about the only recent review I could find of this product.


I have several Questions on what looks like a great little product to add to a Control4 setup...


What interests me is that it can act as a DLNA renderer to play a music library stored off the Control4 platform. Correct.?


1/ But my question is why do the specs only refer to this as DLNA as Andorid and Windows only??


There are many DLNA applications that run music libraries off NAS drive: most of which run Linux. So is this really a limitation of the DLNA setup on the C4 WMB


2/ What are the file type and resolution type specs of the WMS? 16 bit? 24 Bit? Flac? WAV? DDIFF? AIFF what??? they don't seem to be mentioned anywhere


3/ It must have a DAC in it right?..it's got stereo analog outs, so what is it and it's max capabilities (relates to Q above) 


4/ It's great it is firmware upgradeable.. so what if any are any other music services planned for this device??


5/ If you buy several of these (one for each home member) what sort of cool logic can you use to play that persons airplay (for example) in a particular zone (ie where they might be going to listen)?


6/ Does the AAS mentioned on 2.6 upgrade influence the WMS in any way?





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1- That's what it's been tested on - AFAIK linux units can be used as well. Just like streaming over airplay from an android is possible, jsu tnot specifically supported. What you need to understand here is that the WMB doesn't FETCH music - it gets PUSHED to it by a player (for example DLNA from Windos Media Player using the WMB as endpoint for music stored on a NAS). It is, in DLNA terms a DMR or digital media renderer

2- As a DMR it's codex are/should be whatever the DMP (or digital media player) is able to handle.

3 - No not really - see 2

4- None as such - it doesn't use services. Unless you mean if it'll do Spotify Connect? That sort of thing will largely depend on how THOSE work - in the end if those services require proprietary software - I doubt it. If they require proprietary HARDWARE, not a chance unitll a new version comes out.

5- Lots. For starters you can have "WAP'S WMB" autoplay in certain rooms right from the driver on start (so just start streaming fro your phone, no other user control required), it can also sense which of the three options are in use (BT, Airplay, DLNA) and exposes that for seperate programming. Anything along the lines that you're likely are thinking of requires an outside option. One cool one is using NFC tags with android - allowing you to swipe the phone past the tag in a room('s doorway), and you have programmed that tag to open up an app and start streaming, depending on the program used you'd stream to a specific WMB (think one per room/group of rooms) and that WMB is set to auto-turn on that room/those rooms.

6- No not directly, AAS refers to C4's internal media streaming 0 ie Rhapsody, TuneIn and digitized sources. It only affects the delay you would see if feeding a WMB into a controller first.

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You are a legend man.. LOL! you *are* Control4!


You are awesome...


Sure I know what a dlna renderer is.. 


about time we updated wikipedia :)


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_UPnP_AV_media_servers_and_clients#UPnP_media_render_hardware (it's not in there)



...anyway what's the point of this not having a dac ( BTW It must have a DAC!!! .. surely.. it receives digital and has analog outs.. last I checked)


So what do the analog outs carry?? 



And It renders to what?... A Control4 box at 16/44.1?? 


(P.S.  I'm led to believe Spotify connect just needs a license and a firmware upgrade.. that's precisely why I believe Sonos is so afraid of it LOL!!  ) 


I still kinda don't get it BTW.. why have Rhapsody and TuneIn in one part of the platform, (and Airplay and DLNA and BT in another part of it, in a device like this).. why not have a plug and play "all in one streamer" you can swap out (and upgrade) when the need is required?? 

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2- As a DMR it's codex are/should be whatever the DMP (or digital media player) is able to handle.


 Ok. in this case what digital media player? :)


..edit. oh i get it der... it can receive "push" from anything??? 


you mean even a DSD or 124/192 track>>>???


What "digital media players" push ?? (confused)  :) 

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DMP can be your phone, a computer - anything running the appropriate software. The source of the file can be the player itself (making it a server as well), or a separate server (NAS).


While, yes in the stricktest sense there's a DAC, it only converters whatever signal the server sends it - which is set on the server.


What exact file types the WMB handles I'm unsure and trying to figure out myself. As a standard, you're likely going to get 16bit (possibly 24 bit) LPCM, probably 44.1 to 96k hz - it may well be able to do more, have yet to test or find more exact info.

In the end though, the WMB only outputs stereo (including on it's digital out AFAIK).


What you feed it to is up to you - a receiver, C4 Audio matrix or into a controller input to digitze and stream again...

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I mean am I seriously expected to consider putting in 6 of these at what??..$500 AUD a pop and not know what they are capable of doing?? 


I get the airplay stuff.. Ok I get that. That's pretty cool in programming and all.. 


I mean I kinda know this network streaming stuff, ..and even I am having trouble working out how I'd use the it.. particularly the DLNA stuff..  . Is that kinda my fault? Don't shoot me down. I'm trying to stay positive :)


Just sayin..

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Thanks.. LOL.. so where are the detailed specs!.. Why all the secrecy? Even dealers like you aren't sure?? ..> Well how do you recommend what to do to your clients??


this really is silly. ya gotta admit. Even you :)

We push it as an Airplay/Bluetooth option, not DLNA.

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